Aug 4, 2014

Dr. Toben vs Fritz Berg of interest to Holocaust Revisionists:

From: Fredrick Toben 
Date: Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 9:13 PM
Subject: The Enemy within - lessons for the future generation; follow-up:
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1. Your claim of the high moral ground is interesting because according to the local police –  to whom you made a written report stating that Carto was stealing money – had sent 120 agents to raid the Cartos’ home …and found nothing with which to lay a charge against Carto! So, your lies did not bear fruit this time, nor in later years.

2. Did you initiate this raid as a trade-off because around this time you were involved in a New Jersey traffic incident where you bit a policeman? Dare I ask you now: Have you recently done any more biting?

3. It is so clear to me that the 1993 period was a time when the gassing story, especially through the 1985 and 1988 Zündel trials, had within the official Holocaust narrative reached crisis point. Note how David Cole in his book attempts to discredit Zündel, Leuchter, Faurisson, et al., who had broken the back of the Holocaust-Shoah-lies.

4. Hayward’s thesis was the Revisionists’ crowning glory – and had things worked out, then it would have been Jews who were responsible for breaking the Auschwitz gassing lie – Hayward and Cole. And the IHR needed to be destroyed, something that some prominent Revisionists could not foresee because they lacked the larger political picture – and who were also fearful of being labeled “Nazi”, et al.

4. That Revisionist victory was not to be because the 5-year embargoed thesis turned up as evidence in my 1998 case, which then would have made a non-Jew the messenger of the good news on matters Holocaust fraud.

5. So, Fritz, the fact that Revisionists legally destroyed Carto’s IHR is simply a fact that so pleased the Holocaust believers – and you were a part of this, which indicates to me that you will continue to bite people because that is in your very nature to do…

Best wishes.

Fredrick Toben

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Fritz –
1. Willis has always been a trusting person, and it must have been a mistake that you were made a director even for half a year – Weber’s appointment was then already part of the Untergang.
Did you ever build up an enterprise and deal with employees?

2. The Carto-IHR conflict is so typical of opportunistic behaviour among those who have nothing but just a dream of making quick money – David Cole is my current example of such behaviour. The IHR and The Spotlight were enterprises that also needed idealism to see the battle through to the end - and the AFP and TBR are still there – and that’s not a bad record.

3. By the way I like your sophistry as to the legal standing matter – generally as citizens we have moral, social and legal duties and you know very well that the purely legal focus causes injustices. In Australia we now have so-called overarching principles that imbue the legal fraternity with moral matters!

Best wishes.


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Dear Fredrick Toben,

Not only do you not know the "full details"--you know nothing about what really happened at the IHR.  John Bennett knew nothing either except for what Willis Carto told him.  He was not there--and neither were you.  I was there.  I was a director for the legitimate IHR for approximately a year until 1996. I had been a revisionist author over many years already as well as a major financial contributor and fundraiser of well over one hundred thousand dollars--much of that money had been my own. I resigned as a director as soon as  he Board of Directors foolishly appointed Mark Weber, against my vote and advice, as chairman of the board of directors for the IHR.

Willis Carto had no legal standing within the IHR throughout his entire period.  He was never a director or an employee or shareholder, ever.  But when a descendant of Thaoms Edison died, Carto pretended to be "an agent" for the IHR and tried to grab the multi-million dollar estate entirely for himself alone even though most of it had been clearly marked for the IHR.  Nothing went to the IHR--and that was the trigger, the RED flag, for the revolt which occurred among the entire IHR staff.  ALL of them joinmed in, including Tom Marcellus who had been the closest to Willis Carto.  Carto had even created an "international Legion for the Survival of Freedom" setup in the Caribbean to hide his stolen assets from the IHR. I knew about that because he had earlier tried to get me to send my biggest contribution ever to that obvious slush fund instead of to the IHR account.

You are obviously drunk on something just as you were when I participated by telephone in a revisionist conference you held many years ago.  Ease off on whatever it is you are taking..  Learn to walk before you try to run.

Friedrich Paul Berg
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From: Fredrick Toben
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Subject: The Enemy within - lessons for the future generation -
Briefly, Fritz

1. I don’t know what you mean by “booz and revisionism” - but just think who initiated the Carto-IHR matter. In Australia the IHR representative, John Bennett, much later and before he died, informed me what had happened – I did not know the full details until well into the middle-late 2000’s how a bunch of individuals, who never had anything, made a grab for the millions, thereby literally and legally stealing the IHR from its founder. The mindset behind this grab for the IHR is currently expressed in the “limited gassing” theory held by Cole, Irving, Weber, which is the safe cop-out position that has no legal consequences.  

2. The 1993 analysis of events coming together is my own reflection on what happened – I see this from the Hayward thesis matter and how it impacted on the case brought against me in Australia in 1998 and following.

3. The global legal connection is there legally –  the current Canadian and Australian legislation is being modified – the pattern is clearly visible. The US matter was decided by having a court take judicial of matters Holocaust – I think it was the Mermelstein case –  which has as yet not been done in Canada, Australia and UK.

4. I still say that had things worked out the way it should have the IHR would by now have been a fully functioning tertiary institution ... but life goes on ...and at least TBR and AFP is still there, and this is an achievement in itself. The fact that Carto was bankrupted through these legal proceedings indicates to me, as I stated clearly, it was the enemy within that did the job and pleased the enemy of Revisionism. Remember, I don’t blanket condemn any group, and hence my maxim remains valid: Don’t only blame the Jews, also blame those that bend to their pressure.

5. You didn’t end your sentence, so I don’t know what happened there – and I shall not assume too much...

6. Here endeth the lesson for the younger generation –

I wish you well Fritz in your endeavours.

Fredrick Toben

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Subject: Re: Your interview with Fritz and Veronica - The Enemy within - lessons for the future generation -

Dear Readers.

Fredrick Toben's rant below merely shows that booz and revisionism do not mix well at all.  Toben's rant is NOT merely "unbalanced," it is as thoroughly stupid as anything I have seen in many years.  The last thing I saw to match this was Willis Cartro's own lying rants and even lawsuits against me while he was at the same time trying to get to me to join Carto's side in the legal battles with the IHR.  Willis Carto is a lying thief--it is really that simple.  ALL of his lawsuits against me and Weber and the legiitmate IHR failed totally in the courts--because they and Carto had NO merit whatsoever.  It was NOT the Jews; it was Carto's utter stupidity and obvious mendacity that undermined his foul attempts to regain what was never his legitimately to begin with.  Shame on Toben and all the others who refuse to recognize that.

Toben's rant about what supposedly "came together in 1993" is pure Carto fantasy.  Toben was never there; I was--I was an intimate part of it.  The IHR blew up when a multi-million dollar estate from one of Thomas Edison's descendants suddenly disappeared after the lady descendant died in Switzerland  The estate papers had designated the IHR as the beneficiary oif nearly the entire estate.  But nothing came to the IHR even though Carto had promised people at the IHR that ultimately it would--and that the st

Friedrich Paul Berg
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From: Fredrick Toben
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Subject: Your interview with Fritz and Veronica - The Enemy within - lessons for the future generation -

The Realist Report - July 29, 2014:

Well done, John – except that Fritz got it wrong about Willis Carto who didn’t enrich himself as Fritz stated. That’s an unbalanced-envious, and ignorant viewpoint because Carto built a publishing enterprise, and if you have ever built up something, then you know how difficult it is to keep things going – and Fritz is still a lone walker; just like traitors Weber, Tom Metzger, and Paul Grubach – the latter two enjoyed getting the Carto’s bankrupted, which is typical of the enemy within who have never created anything. And what about Hoffman taking the subscription list, etc.
I recall much was made of Carto’s palatial home in California – nothing of the sort because I stayed there a few times – the move against Carto was done by those who had nothing and hoped to get something without working for it. No-one can dispute the Carto track record. It would be good if the AFP/TBR became the Carto Institute.

What came together in 1993 was the Jewish fear of the Holocaust lies breaking down – and so the powerhouse of Revisionism needed to be crushed, and they almost succeeded by breaking up The Spotlight/IHR enterprise and there are always willing helpers – that legendary enemy within.

1. 1993 Hayward’s MA thesis = no gassings – but embargoed for five years; I was able to submit it as my defence in court against the allegation that Revisionism was not academic, so in 1999 and 2000 we had Hayward recant, and Canterbury University, Christchurch, New Zealand, holding an enquiry into how the thesis was supervised – the two supervisors did not recant! When it came to my case the thesis/recanting had become a non-issue in my defence. Hayward had secretly written to the Commissioner, HREOC, to state that I had misused his thesis. Privately Hayward informed me – I visited him at his home and at work – that he had  received death threats to self/wife/children, etc.
2. Ernst Zündel’s appeal before Canadian Supreme Court threw out his two previous convictions-1985 and 1988;
3. Cole getting the statement from Piper in 1992 about no gassings at Auschwitz, Krema I;
4. The Rudolf Report confirming results of the 1988 Leuchter Report;
5. David Irving issues a video claiming he will single-handedly sink the Auschwitz;
6. Mark Weber initiating legal action against Carto’s enterprise.

That’s only my view of things...............



Michael Santomauro
Cell: 917-974-6367

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Teutonsuet said...

Who is telling the truth here, Fritz Berg or Fredrich Toben? Has an unbiased history of the demise of the IHR (before the Mark Weber period) been written up somewhere?