Apr 3, 2009

Working as a smart cleaning woman almost sent her to the gas chamber...


Working as a smart cleaning woman almost sent her to the gas chamber...

A friend of my mother, who survived the Holocaust by posing as a Pole, came close to inadvertently revealing herself by the way she mopped the floor. Working as a cleaning woman in Nazi headquarters, she would mop the room from the far corner to the door so that she would not have to walk back over the newly cleaned floor. When her fellow cleaning women, who were used to mopping themselves into a corner, noticed this, they exclaimed,
``Oh Wanda, you work just like a Jew."

From Jonathan Rosenblum
Jerusalem Post Int'l Edition
January 11, 2002


What sort of Truth is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth?

Professor F. Littell has said: "You can't discuss the truth of the holocaust. That is a distortion of the concept of free speech. The United States should emulate West Germany, which outlaws such exercises." 

--Mind-boggling! Don't you think?


Where's My Foreskin?

* Circumcision is unhygienic and unhealthy: One of the most common myths about circumcision is that it makes the penis cleaner and easier to take care of. This is not true. Eyes without eyelids would not be cleaner; neither would a penis without its foreskin. The artificially externalized glans and meatus of the circumcised penis are constantly exposed to abrasion and dirt, making the circumcised penis, in fact, more unclean. The loss of the protective foreskin leaves the urinary tract vulnerable to invasion by bacterial and viral pathogens.
--Paul M. Fleiss, MD



Actually, it is safe to say that virtually every mainstream publication or or other type of media organ is "nothing more than a screen to present chosen views." The great battle over the last century has been a battle for the mind of the Western peoples, i.e., non-Jewish Euros. The chosen won it by acquiring control over essentially the complete mainstream news, information, education and entertainment media of every type, and using that control to infuse and disseminate their message, agenda and worldview, their way of thinking, or rather the way they want us to think. Since at least the 1960s this campaign has been effectively complete. Since then they have shaped and controlled the minds of all but a seeming few of us in varying degree with almost no opposition or competition from any alternative worldview. So now most of us are mentally trapped in the box the chosen have made for us, which we have lived in all our lives. Only a few have managed to avoid it or escape it, or to even sometimes see outside of it, and so actually "think outside of the (Jewish) box." --Michael Santomauro

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