Aug 16, 2010

Obama's Gulf Swim Was Fake


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Tuesday, August 17, 2010, Diane's P.L.
 Click here: SteveLendmanBlog: Obama's Gulf Swim Was Fake
On August 15, AP reported that Obama gave his "personal assurances of (the) Gulf's safety," saying:
"Beaches all along the Gulf Coast are clean, they are safe, and they are open for business."
He lied.
As for Obama's swim, on August 16, the London Independent reported that Obama and his daughter, Sasha,
swam in a private Panama City Beach, FL beach off Alligator Point in St. Andrew Bay, not part of the Gulf.
Reporters were banned, no TV video permitted. "So....only the White House photographer was allowed to
capture proceedings. The official picture was intended to provide evidence that the region's beaches are back
 to normal."
False. A dangerously toxic oil/dispersant brew contaminates much, perhaps the entire Gulf. It's poisoned and
potentially lethal for decades, maybe generations. Nothing in it should be ingested. Millions in the region are at
 risk. No one should swim in coastal waters or eat any Gulf seafood. Responsible officials should ban it.
 Instead the all-clear's been given.
Obama, his officials, and BP executives are criminally liable. So are state governors, coastal mayors, and.
 regional health authorities.
Excerpted from: Reports & Commentary Worth Reading
IDF soldier posts images of blindfold Palestinians on Facebook, from
'best time of my life'
..."That looks really sexy for you," says a comment posted by one of Abergil's friends on the social
networking site, alongside a picture or the soldier smiling in front of two blindfold men."
#5. A Child Scared- In what became an iconic image from the second intifada, this picture is representative
of a plethora of scenes where children are arrested, mistreated, humiliated and often worse. [snip]
#4. Smile, you're dead- IDF soldiers pose next to a dead Palestinian in what was widely criticized as a 'trophy
shot'. Armed with American made M-16 riffles, the soldiers huddle and smirk above the a lifeless Palestinian body.
[Diane: the 'dead body' looks (again) like a child.]
#3. The 'Non-Existent' Human Shields- The proponents of the 'most moral army in the world' claim often
deny the IDF ever uses human shields. Of course, the Goldstone report found that the opposite was quite true.
#2. One shot, two kills- This now infamous image shows a pregnant Palestinian lady with her
womb in the cross hairs of an Israeli sniper. The caption reads "One Shot, Two Kills."
#1. Point Blank Punishment  Video: 1:50
The letter comes one month after Barack Obama, the US president, warned the Arab world not to use
the 150-nation IAEA forum to single out Israel.
Excerpted from:  Updated Daily
Soldier at WikiLeaks Scene Says No Attack Was Being Planned
Ralph Lopez, Truthout: "The soldier in a now-famous WikiLeaks video, who found a rocket launcher
 at the scene of a controversial 2007 Apache helicopter attack, in Baghdad, said in a radio interview this week
that he did not believe an ambush was imminent. The video shows 12 men, including two Reuters newsmen,
 standing on a street corner before being fired upon by the Apache's 30mm cannon, resulting in what appears
to be an unprovoked massacre." Read Article
Norman Solomon  General Petraeus Goes to Media War
 "It's already history. In mid-August 2010, the US commander in Afghanistan launched a huge media campaign
to prevent any substantial withdrawal of military forces the next summer. The morning after Gen. David Petraeus
appeared in a Sunday interview on NBC's 'Meet the Press' to promote the war effort, The New York Times
front-paged news of its own interview with him - reporting that the general 'suggested that he would resist any
 large-scale or rapid withdrawal of American forces.'" Read Article
Record Summer Heat  Wave a "Sample of What's to Come"
Elizabeth McGowan, SolveClimate: "Oppressive temperatures gripping Southern and Eastern US states this
summer will only worsen if little is done to curb greenhouse gases, according to an August report update from
the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), a conservation group.... This hot summer is a continuation of what
the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says is already the hottest January through June on
record." Read Article
Uncovering the Lies That Are Sinking the Oil  Read Article
A Dictator and the Largest Democracy Read Article
J. Sri Raman, Truthout: "'I see I hear I know; I beat I hit I touch; I kill I kill the monks are dead.' That was the
chant of Than Shwe, Burma's military dictator, as he meditated recently at Bodhgaya, the place in India where
Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment. Or, so says the satirical verse doing the rounds on the Internet."
Unbelievable: White House Likely to Lift Deepwater Oil Drilling Ban Sooner Rather Than Later
Read the Article at The Associated Press
Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Scalia (RATS) Are Protecting the Oligarchy and Rewriting the Constitution
Read the Article at BuzzFlash


Excerpted from:
 The Daily Chimp
Robert Becker | Leaning Republican: Gibbs' Gaffe Tips Off Conversion
The tirade from Press Secretary Gibbs, nicknamed "Bozo the spokesman" by Rep. Grayson, is a boon to all
those who favor reality over wishful thinking, or delusion. This White House invective settles it: the president isn't
a liberal, barely campaigned as one, and picked only a smattering of senior liberal advisers. Nor do they have a
clue why liberals and...
Tom Engelhardt | What If...? Five Absurd Things That Simply Can't Happen in Wartime Washington
The other day I visited a website I check regularly for all things military, Noah Shachtman's Danger Room
blog at Wired magazine. One of its correspondents, Spencer Ackerman, was just then at Bagram Air Base in
 Afghanistan, the sort of place that -- with its multiple bus routes, more than 30,000 inhabitants, PXes, Internet ...

The weapons inspector's body was found after he was unmasked as the source of a damaging BBC news report
questioning the grounds for the Iraq war.
The hasbara industry is in full swing at the moment as Benjamin Netanyahu's government pulls out all the
stops to create a smokescreen to cover its crimes.  Leading from the front Mr Netanyahu sat in front of the
 Turkel Commission for four hours on Monday, although anyone hoping to hear anything of interest would
 have been disappointed. Mr Netanyahu only spoke in front of the public for ninety minutes of that time during
which he regaled the committee with complaints about Hamas, Sderot and Gilad Shalit. He told the committee
 that Israel had a right to search for weapons on board the flotilla. (Israel has since announced that it found
 no weapons for Hamas. Did nine people really have to die so that Israel could confirm the certification the flotilla
 already had?) He further told them that there was no humanitarian crisis in Gaza as a result of the blockade
 it was just a 'bogus rationale […] to break the blockade'. So there we are. The International Committee of
the Red Cross was lying on 14 June when it said:
That Judge Turkel allowed him to drone on in this way bodes ill for the end result. As though nine dead (and
 it could yet turn to eleven), fifty-five injured and the rest of the 700 people abducted, abused, humiliated and
subjected to cruel and sadistic behaviour was not important enough for the committee to concentrate on.
The was no mention of course that San Remo takes six articles to explain that any maritime attack should be
 solely against military targets for the purpose of gaining a military advantage. That precautions must be taken
to ensure that civilians are not harmed. That merchant vessels are civilian objects. That vessels engaged in
humanitarian missions are exempt from attack. Article 102 states absolutely, that a blockade is prohibited if the
damage to the civilian population is excessive in relation to the military advantage of the blockade. Article 103
allows the right of passage, subject to search (but not murder) if the civilian population is inadequately provided
with food and other objects essential for its survival. Article 119 declares that a neutral merchant vessel may be
diverted 'with its consent'. Article 124 encourages certification (exactly as the flotilla had done) to avoid the
necessity for visit and search. None of this gets a mention in the professor's assessment. Mr Netanyahu behaves
as though it does not exist.
President Obama of course is in on the scam too. Refusing to condemn Israel on 31 May until he knew the
facts, he is now doing his best to see that they are not revealed.
So what is the invertebrate in the White House trying to palm us off with instead? A committee chaired
by a law professor who was prime minister of New Zealand for thirteen months, and representative to
the International Whaling Commission. Alongside him will be a man whose period of rule in Columbia was
 strongly criticised for its abuses of human rights, democracy and the rule of law; and whose main arms supplier
was the state of Israel. This Panel will receive reports from Israel and Turkey. But it will not be able to
subpoena witnesses (and Mr Netanyahu has made it clear that it will not be able to subpoena anyone from the
IDF). Neither will it venture out of New York (to go to Iskenderun for example to look over the three Turkish
ships that have been released).
So we must hope that Sir Geoffrey Palmer is his own man, and that he is a man of courage and imagination.
We must hope that he is a man able to appreciate that it was not self defence to shoot Cevdet Kiliclar through
 the forehead from a helicopter before a single Israeli had even started to descend from a helicopter or disembark
 from a zodiac. (Mr Kiliclar was taking a photograph at the time of his assassination.) Let us hope that Sir Geoffrey
 will ask for proof of the Israeli allegation that their commandos were shot at, and that he will wonder why the infra
red footage from the helicopters have not picked up the flashes from the passenger's guns. Come to that why have
we seen so little of the enormous amount of footage that Israel stole from press and passengers on the flotilla?
  Click here: Russia: Iran's nuclear program peaceful
Besides holding Afghanistan and Iraq hostage, the Pentagon today is holding American
 civilization itself hostage to its imperial designs.
 In the American Warfare State that prevails today most of every tax dollar collected goes to wage war
and the Pentagon spends more for war than all 50 states combined spend for peace. No better example
 exists than the protest of 750 scientists at the National Institutes of Health who said their basic infectious
disease research had been subverted by spending on bioterror research. War interrupts everything: rebuilding
our cities, public schools and community colleges, water-works and sewerage systems, housing, mass transit,
 hospitals, new business start-ups, parks and playgrounds,and the funding of the fine arts.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the Tehran Declaration provides solutions
 to the world's nuclear problems by transforming confrontational attitudes.
Desperate Israeli politicians, watching opposition to their apartheid state mount, have proposed a perverted
form of what they term "the one-state solution." It is the latest tool to thwart a Palestinian state and allow Israel
 to retain its huge settlement complexes and land seizures in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.
 Submitted by:
"Israelis fall apart and sue for peace whenever the casualty count climbs above "light."  They only invest
in sure things and always withdraw when they see they have miscalculated and overplayed their hand. 
Don't mistake willingness to inflict pain and damage on those they view as sub-human as indicative of their
toughness in a fair fight. They are cowardly bullies. When the world starts playing "Cowboys and Israelis"
the Israelis will immediately sue for terms and try to convince us that they really didn't mean it, that it was all
a misunderstanding. It is ingrained in their myths that if they don't have easy and overwhelming victory at the
outset that God (or a true prophet) is not with them and catastrophe is sure, which turns out to be self-
fulfilling prophecy."  --  Elmer Lane #
They Can't Cage A Song
Punishing the WikiLeaker Misses the Point
By Eric Margolis
A true journalist's job is to expose government wrongdoing and propaganda, skewer hypocrites, and speak for
 those with no voice. And wage war against mankind's two worst scourges: Nationalism and religious bigotry.
100 US attacks in Pak in 18 months under Obama compared to 45 in entire Bush term:
Over 700 people have been killed in such attacks under Obama, compared to 200 under, George W. Bush.
Extrajudicial Killing ---
US attack kills 18 people in Pakistan:
Two separate US attacks in one day in North and South Waziristan have killed 18 people, Geo News reported
Costumes and makeup by Bin Laden Studios, Tel Aviv
Here is some interesting information that shows that Adnan Shukrijumah is probably a patsy and not an evil terrorist.
 It seems he is being set up to be accused of the dirty bomb or nuclear bomb the Mossad is going to explode in the
U.S. military aid to Israel has increased markedly this year. Top-ranking U.S. and Israeli soldiers have shuttled
between Tel Aviv and Washington with unusual frequency in recent months. A series of joint military exercises
in Israel over the past months has included a record number of American troops.
....Only the Israeli Ambassador was not invited for dinner.
Boehner  Dubs New Stimulus Bill 'Cash for Flunkers'
Liz: You gotta have a good laugh this! Mr. Golftan Boehner, (181 golf days this year already,) calling
 people who lost their jobs because greedy corporations profits over people, bankster-gangster CEOS 
whose salaries are up 450%,.people who lost their job, FLUNKERS! I think we need to tell the
republican party their voodoo economics flunked royally, their wars for the military industrial complex,
destroyed America while the C-student cheerleader from Yale, George War Bush was Presidunce.
 Republicans want to continue giving the wealthiest billionaires more tax cuts while the middle class
 continue to fall into the roles of working-non working poor. GOP~ Flunked Party.
There never were plans for a mosque at "ground zero."  The entire story is made up by a public relations
agency working with the Israeli government and the GOP.  There are plans for an Islamic center in an old
Burlington Coat Factory store blocks away.  That far down the island of Manhattan, a couple blocks away
 is "across town."
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 Submitted by:
"The president has said to Erdogan that some of the actions that Turkey has taken have caused questions
to be raised on the Hill (Congress)," a senior administration official was quoted as saying in the daily paper.
Obama called on Turkey to cool its rhetoric about the raid when he met Erdogan at the G20 summit in
Toronto in June, said the FT.
Michael Knights  Major U.S.-Saudi Arms Deal :: Bolstering Riyadh against Iran
When Congress returns from its summer recess after Labor Day, the Department of Defense will provide
informal notification of the U.S. intention to sell up to $30 billion in military equipment to Saudi Arabia. The
 likely deal is part of a U.S. commitment predating the Obama administration to strengthen regional allies in the
 face of a growing threat from Iran. For the Saudis, the transaction represents a clear return to considering the
United States as its principal arms supplier, a position the Americans risked losing to France as recently as 2006>>>
Israel to purchase F-35I fighter jets from US
Israel's defense minister approves multibillion dollar purchase of F-35I fighter jets from US
Theory suggests that a world warming up because of those gases will feature heavier rainstorms in summer,
bigger snowstorms in winter, more intense droughts in at least some places and more record-breaking heat waves.
Scientists and government reports say the statistical evidence shows that much of this is starting to happen.
(NaturalNews) We already know that cloned beef has entered the food supply both in the United States ( and the UK ( Now,
 thanks to revelations from JR Simplot, a U.S. company specializing in the cloning of cows for beef production,
we're learning that dead cows are cloned to produce the next generation of beef cattle. Here's how it works: ...
Allen L Roland, Ph.D.
 Japanese Spacecraft Approaches Venus :: NASA Science News
A Japanese spacecraft named "Akatsuki" is approaching Venus on a mission that planetary
 scientists say could end up teaching us a great deal about our own planet Earth.
 A novel way to control your computer
We humans have complex patterns of communication. We have a language in which to speak and write. We can
also garner meaning from social cues. But the most basic method of communication just may be gesturing. And it
can be very effective. Point at something, and people generally know what you're talking about. So, why aren't
we using gestures with our computers? For example, a simple mouse gesture could trigger a series of events on
the PC. This may sound farfetched. But developers are constantly looking for new ways to interact with machines.
StrokeIt is a cool little program that will help you use gestures with your computer. Those gestures can open
programs, minimize windows and navigate the Web.  Many gestures are included. But you can also customize
your own.  StrokeIt is free for personal use and non-profits. Business users must pay $10.
Submitted by:
Things my Mother taught me
6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT.
"Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident."
7. My mother taught me IRONY.
"Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about."
8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS.
"Shut your mouth and eat your supper."

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