Nov 19, 2010

President Karzai Says Withdraw NOW! but Obama and the military is sending tanks to Afghanistan!


Marine Corps sends tanks to Afghanistan to support troops, including 10,000 from Camp Pendleton

November 19, 2010 |  9:11 am


The U.S. Marines are sending tanks to Afghanistan to support ground troops, including 10,000 Camp Pendleton Marines that are in Helmand province, officials announced Friday.

A company of M1-A1 tanks is set to arrive in Helmand in mid-December. It marks the first use of tanks by Marines in the nine-year war in Afghanistan.

Tanks can be used to destroy roadside bombs, the enemy's weapon of choice against NATO and Afghan forces. The tanks can also guard key population centers and roads, and can move quickly across vast desert regions.

"Tanks provide us with a deadly-accurate weapons system that can be used very effectively against the enemy even as he tries to use the Afghan people as his shield," said Maj. Gen. Richard Mills, the top Marine in Afghanistan.


Mock Afghan village at Camp Pendleton aims to prepare troops for combat

-- Tony Perry in San Diego

Photo: A role-player poses as an Afghan security officer in front of a building lined with cameras at the Marines' new faux-Afghan village at Camp Pendleton. Credit: Lance Cpl. John Robbart III

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Parents To Be Fined for Circumcision


Top headlines from United States.

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Today's Top Stories

1. Those Silenced Catholic Nuns
The Economist has a very interesting review on a new incredibly amusing book on the lives of Catholic nuns in the early years of the Italian Renaissance. Nuns, you'll learn in Craig Monson's Nuns Behaving Badly (the title says it all), were...
submitted by - Marco Villa from Connecticut

2. Parents To Be Fined for Circumcision
I've written about this yesterday about how some idiot in San Francisco, the most deranged leftist town in America perhaps, is proposing a law to ban circumcision within city parameters. It very may well be an attempt to keep Muslims and Jewish away..
submitted by - Marco Villa from Connecticut

3. Texas To Present Bill To Prohibit Presidents Born in Kenya
This is, after all, Texas where the execute retard people and minors so it's best to have a sense of perspective. But recently in America there has been the appearance of laws to ban nonexistent "threats". Texas' neighbor, Oklahoma, recently...
submitted by - Marco Villa from Connecticut

4. The AIPAC Trial In A Cartoon
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, is being sued by a disgruntled ex-employee and how! For $21million! Back in 2005, Steven Rosen (along with another employee) was fired by AIPAC after he was indicted by the F.B.I. for espionage..
submitted by - Marco Villa from Connecticut

5. Pope Attacks the Internet
Thank you Pope for your wisdom and insight. We all await what new revelation you'll bestow on the world. If only we are to be so blessed and worthy. Thank you Pope for going to AIDS-stricken sub-Saharan Africa and telling people who do not know...
submitted by - Marco Villa from Connecticut

Top Headlines around the Globe

North America
1. The AIPAC Trial In A Cartoon
2. Pope Attacks the Internet
3. Those Silenced Catholic Nuns
4. Texas To Present Bill To Prohibit Presidents Born in Kenya
5. Parents To Be Fined for Circumcision

Latin America
1. Nepali peacekeepers not responsible for cholera in Haiti: UN
2. Once-outlawed Peruvian dance now world heritage
3. Cholera, fear spread beyond the border
4. Mexican Drug Cartels Tied to U.S. White Supremacists
5. Want to commit murder? Going to Mexico could help

Middle East
1. Gaza militants fire long-range Grad rocket into western Negev
2. PM insists he'll win support for freeze; no J'lem deal yet
3. Redux: Torture of Maids In Mideast
4. Iraq president refuses to sign death order for ex-official
5. 'PA detains Hamas members planning J'lem bombing'

1. Liam Fox attacks Ministry of Defence 'culture of leaks'
2. Fini, Berlusconi May Reconcile Before Key Vote, Menia Says
3. Cumbria floods resulted in £276m bill
4. Polar bear gets rid of Putin's satellite collar - TV
5. Sweden orders arrest of WikiLeaks founder

1. N. Korea Seen Working on New Reactor
2. Corruption in Public Life: National Integration Day
3. Korean flags burned as Taiwan rages over Asian Games incident
4. Family waits to see if mother, accused of blasphemy, will be hanged
5. Why do we need a Positive media?

1. For Mugabe, The Chimurenga Continues
2. France rejects Bin Laden talks call
3. Mass break-out at Congolese jail
4. S.Africa could halve new HIV infections: report
5. Madagascar tells families to leave rebel barracks

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