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Re: Benjamin H. Freedman (1890-1984)


Pennzoil vs Texaco
The trial took place in Texas, not in New York, where a different set of values prevails and where every contract must be carefully examined for "gotcha" provisions. 

The verbal agreement was enforced because of Texas law. I am not sure if the verbal contract would have been enforceable over a written one in New York. Interestingly it was Texaco, a Harrison, New York, headquartered company, that requested the trial take place in Texas. 

For those who are not acquainted with this case, Pennzoil (a Texas oil company whose CEO had been a long time partner with G.H.W. Bush) entered into a hand-shake agreement to purchase Getty Oil. Then Texaco (with lawyers and investment advisors counselling) tendered a much higher offer and bought Getty Oil. Pennzoil sued Texaco for interfering in a done deal. They claimed 3 billion actual and some 7.5 billion punitive and won. Texaco's legalistic arguments were trumped by the down-home arguments of the Texans. 

Texaco never disputed the absurd amounts claimed and therefore lost the opportunity in court to challenge the overblown claim. They then made another blunder by filing a failed appeal in Federal Court. 

The after-bankruptcy settlement, four years later was agreed on 3 billion. A rump Texaco (has to sell assets to pay the judgement) was subsequently swallowed by ("merged into") Shell.

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Tikun Olam : U.S. Defense Secretary Admits U.S. Cannot Prevent Israeli Attack on Iran


Tikun Olam-תקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place
November 28, 2010 6:20 PM

Much of great interest in the Wikileaks documents dump as recounted by the N.Y. Times.  One especially interesting tidbit concerns a lunch meeting between the French defense minister and Robert Gates, U.S. defense secretary.  When the Frenchman asks if Israel could attack Iran without U.S. approval, Gates replies:

Mr. Gates responded "that he didn't know if



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Re: Benjamin H. Freedman (1890-1984)


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In going through an old file recently I discovered a reference in a clipping from 1986 that jumped out at me. I wouldn't have reacted to the names at the time (although I would have a year or so later), because they didn't mean anything to me. However, it appears that I filed the article for reference without reading it, because it wasn't marked with underlinings and notes (an annoying habit I have).
Benjamin H. Freedman (1890-1984) was an anti-Communist, anti-Zionist Jew and convert to Roman Catholicism. He funded Conde McGinley's "notoriously anti-Semitic" magazine Common Sense and was otherwise active in righteous causes. Late J&E member Robert John included an acknowledgement of Freedman's assistance in providing material for his book Behind the Balfour Declaration (IHR, 1988). Jews routinely refer to Freedman as a "self-hating Jew."
Issa Nakhleh is (or was--I don't know if he's still alive) a longtime champion of the Palestinian cause, a Barnes Review board member, and author of Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem.
So the two names jumped out at me. Here's the passage:
"If you are dealing in such intangibles as consulting and brokerage services, the courts argue, you must protect yourself with a written agreement. For industrial consultant Benjamin Freedman, that turned out to be a $2.05-million lesson.
Freedman had pitched David Fulton, an officer of Chemical Construction Corp., in New York City, on the idea of building a plant in Saudi Arabia to convert flared-off natural gas to fertilizer. The deal would be worth $41 million to Chemical, and, for acting as broker, Freedman would be entitled to a 5% fee. The two men met several times; Freedman brought his Syrian associate, Issa Nakhleh, into the deal, and Nakhleh negotiated directly with the Saudi government at Chemical's request. Chemical won the contract, and finished construction of the plant four years later, but refused to pay Freedman's fee. Despite interoffice memos signed by Fulton acknowledging that Freedman was involved in the transaction, Freedman lost his lawsuit to force Fulton to pay. There was no written agreement." 
-"Let's Shake on That," INC. magazine, June 1986, 131.
Now, the question that immediately jumps into one's mind is whether organized Jewry (and Jews and Gentiles they'd have enlisted, including, probably, officers at Chemical, which saved a bundle by not paying) illegally stuck their nose into this private transaction in order to prevent $2 million from falling into Freedman's hands. That possibility strikes me as being enormous.
For sure it was Jewish judges who ruled against Freedman. It also turns out that Nakleh had to sue separately in an attempt to obtain his own 5% fee. Whether he was successful or not I don't know, but Jews would have had the same incentive to interfere in his case.
(Kevin, I'm cc'ing you because I know you are interested in and knowledgeable about Freedman, have written about him, reprinted some of his work, and posted an audio speech by him.)


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Texaco vs. Pennzoil case

Samuel Goldwyn said, "An oral contract is as good as the paper it's written on," but this is not always the case. For example, In 1984 after Getty Oil was sold to Pennzoil in a handshake deal, Texaco made a higher offer, and the company was sold to Texaco. Pennzoil filed a lawsuit alleging tortious interference with this oral contract, which the court upheld and awarded $11.1 billion in damages, later reduced to $9.1 billion, but increased again by interest and penalties.

J. Hugh Liedtke, 81, Oilman Who Bested Texaco in Court

Published: April 01, 2003

J. Hugh Liedtke, the longtime head of the Pennzoil Company who began his career by drilling scores of consecutive successful oil wells with his partner, George H. W. Bush, and went on to win billions of dollars from Texaco in a dramatic legal battle, died on Friday in Houston. He was 81.

His son Blake said that he had suffered from several maladies for a long time.

Mr. Liedtke was a leading member of a generation of Texas oilmen who turned their jackpots from wildcat wells into large public companies. Like his fellow oilman, T. Boone Pickens, his specialty was buying assets for less than he thought they were worth and repackaging them to make them more attractive to investors.

Early in his career, he engineered one of the first major hostile takeovers when Pennzoil acquired the United Gas Pipeline Company, which was nearly eight times the size of Pennzoil. It was described at the time as a minnow swallowing a whale.

But his biggest triumph came in the courtroom where his legal team convinced a jury in 1988 that Texaco had illegally usurped his handshake deal to acquire an interest in the Getty Oil Company. He ended up with $3 billion that he used to acquire Chevron stock, only to trade that back to the company for lucrative oil and gas properties.

He had earlier turned down a $2 billion settlement offer from Texaco, causing Fortune magazine to ask him if he was the greediest man in the world or needed psychiatric help.

''Maybe both,'' he answered in the slow, gravelly voice that perhaps deliberately belied his extensive education. He then showed his famous teeth, saying he was prepared to wait for years for more money.

''Maybe now we should sit back a while and see how they like bankruptcy,'' he told Fortune. Texaco was indeed forced to seek bankruptcy protection.

When he finally got the $3 billion that he considered adequate from Texaco, Mr. Liedtke celebrated with a double cheeseburger and two bottles of beer at a Houston hamburger emporium he favored.

John Hugh Liedtke was born on Feb. 10, 1922, in Tulsa, where his father was a lawyer for the Gulf Oil Corporation. He majored in philosophy and won departmental honors at Amherst College. His thesis was titled ''Religion and the Limits of Knowledge in the Philosophies of Hume, Santayana and Dewey,'' according to the book ''Oil and Honor: The Texaco-Pennzoil Wars'' by Thomas Petzinger Jr. (Beard Books, 1999).


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Hi Michael

Issa Nakhleh passed away on March 29, 2003. He was a Palestinian from a village on the outskirts of Bethlehem.



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Is anyone out there aware of where Ben Freedman's son is now so that we might inquire as to what happened to his archives. In the Willard hotel speech once I believe he mentioned that he had 'a lot' of written archives to support his positions.
I have never seen a shred of these. I had talked to Dr. Robert John in New York City once, before he died, and he told me that Freedman's son had been in investment banking on Long Island and if I remember right, that Ben had been living with him his last few years. And Dr. John only mentioned one son.
So he probably got all of his father's stuff. But being an investment banker in the NY area I would suspect he was very low key about what he might have had. He might even have destroyed his father's stuff. But either way I sure wish we could make family contact some how to find out for sure. He must have had some wonderful stuff.
Was surprised to hear about this verbal contract being ignored by the courts as there is a long history of them being backed up. Of course you need an honest judge who has not been bought off. This court basically ruled that Freedman was just donating his time to this big corporation.
Jim Dean
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“I’ll never forgive the Bush administration” for “destroying the last vestige of fiscal responsibility that we had in the Republican Party.”



Stockman: Bush Administration and Paulson Destroyed Last Vestige of Fiscal Responsibility We Had in the Republican Party

As William Cohen noted, David Stockman continues to make the rounds after bucking with the Republicans on tax cuts for the rich last summer.

A Republican for Higher Taxes:

David Stockman has never been one to shy away from a roaring economic-policy debate. The former boy-wonder budget director in the first Reagan administration and the architect of Reagan's supply-side economic policies, Stockman has been very busy lately rejecting the tax-cutting recommendations of Republicans in Washington and arguing that we must get our fiscal house in order or watch our way of life continue its decline. As an "imperialist power," he says, America is in danger of being at "sundown." Stockman, who turned 64 on Wednesday, has always been ahead of the curve on tax and fiscal issues, and it appears that he is ahead of it again this time, too. Read on...

Stockman continued his media appearances with CNN's Fareed Zakaria and went after the GOP for their single minded devotion to tax cuts.

Reagan Budget Director: GOP Has Abandoned Fiscal Responsibility By Adopting 'Theology' Of Tax Cuts:

As Congress prepares to take up extension of the Bush tax cuts during its lame duck session, Republican lawmakers have been unanimous in demanding that the cuts for the richest two percent of Americans be extended, claiming they are necessary for economic growth and that tax cuts (miraculously) pay for themselves.

While independent economists have shown these arguments to be false, today on CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS, President Reagan's former budget director took on his own party for pushing this faulty logic. David Stockman, who led the all-important Office of Management and Budget under Reagan and was a chief architect of his fiscal policy, criticized today's GOP for misreading Reagan's legacy by adopting a "theology" of tax cuts. Stockman has spoken out before, but took perhaps his strongest stance yet against his own party today, saying "I'll never forgive the Bush administration" for "destroying the last vestige of fiscal responsibility that we had in the Republican Party."

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new article by petras - cutting the deficit - see attached - [1 Attachment]

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Could shut down alternative health websites, all sites with word FACE except FACEBOOK, etc.

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Strange they haven't blocked WIKILEAKS! Is it because it leaks pro-zionist propaganda?

Take Action: US Gov Censorship of internet begun: DHS takes over 76 websites without due process or trial, could shut down alternative health websites, all sites with word FACE except FACEBOOK, etc. 


One of Satan's BEST techniques is to portray his team as God's team, like Goldman Sachs saying they're doing God's work 

Today it's the Arabs / Avnery on the mutation of Judaism/ Peace lobbying by Rabin's son / Keller on patriotism 

Inequality in Israel begins with Law of Return, which allows every Jewish person no matter from where he/she comes but does not allow Palestinians and demolishes their homes 

one individual dies every week after having contact with British Police; EMILIO MASSERA - ONE OF THE SECRET RULERS OF THE WORLD and more bad news 

Deception: Zionist National Network circulating letter liberal on all topics except Palestine 

Cabalists Instigated the English Revolution, using Zionist go-fer Oliver Cromwell 

A real American hero, Charles A. Limbergh Sr., father of the famous aviator, opponent of the Banksters 

Muslims not the enemy, didn't extort like Banksters, not making population reduction vaccines/GMO seeds, didn't make US Abortion laws, didn't create DHS/TSA/PATRIOT ACTS, etc. etc. 

World Banksters/Controllers Are Making The Planet Insane; Obama was recruited over 25 years ago by Zbigniew Brzezinski 

The Whole Creation Groans in Travail - Part IV, serving the Zionist Master Banksters 

Lawsuits for TSA - Class action, Federal, Civil Rights, Fourth Amendment the lists increases 

JP Morgan (Rothschild front) selling many times over the same silver, i.e. another creating money from nothing scheme...... 

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video: 8 yr old Kashmiri child killed by Indian "Police" zionist style: no NGO protesting? Why? because these people are pro-Palestine 

Behold their Unworthy Cause -- Mankind's enemy exposed -- and a sure defense against their economic weapons, vote for a third party not owned by Banksters 

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U.S./U.K./Israel: Can't find enough bad guys, Had to Fabricate another 2 this week to keep Public in fear and begging for Masters' Protection 

Free Book: Enslaving Politics CAPITAL AS POWER: Banksters experiencing "systemic fear" fearing the loss of vassal and serf obedience. 

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, George Washington University on November 29 

Satanic subversion of U.S. Military: Paul A. Bonacci v. Lawrence E. King, plaintiff charged that he had been ritualistically abused by defendant as part of nationwide pedophile ring linked to powerful political figures in Washington U.S./S Korean Attack - Know the Facts & take action 

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Can you tell which of these government spending projects are real or fake? you'd be surprised! 

Wikileaks: Access to info. only AIPAC had? AIPAC routinely receives masses of classified information makes them suspect #1 for being the source of Wikileaks 

only 2 flags were permitted in Nazi Germany. the Swastika and the blue/white banner of Zionism. : Accepting The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion: 




List of 125 Israeli spies arrested by 9/11 (There were 200): Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert interceded twice with Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to have them released 


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Alexander Solzhenitsyn: ......created a famine causing SIX MILLION PERSONS to die in the Ukraine between 1932 and 1933.....and Europe didn't even notice it........ 

Like many other countries, This December 2010, Philippine Government is expected to pay $billion of interest as final for year to IMF, WB, for foreign and domestic debts. 

BOOK: "The Coming World Government: Tragedy and Hope?" by Adrian Salbuchi (Argentina) 

VIDEO: Human Resources - Social Engineering/PSYWAR: Terrifying in its implications..Human Resources is a must see for those who still take democracy seriously." 

1994 Book by Murray N. Rothbard (deceased): The Case Against The Fed: Congressman Gonzales tried to open up Fed for in-depth audit but no such luck.... 

Surprise because many of these same senators have been speaking AGAINST censorship but voted for censoring the internet.... Orwellian double-talk? 

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Video: Bernard Freedman telling truth for decades: This is what Zionist don't want you to know 

THOMAS JEFFERSON, American Hero, warned against Banksters; INSTRUCTIONS 0.6: How IRS traps you into liability by making you a fiduciary for dead "strawman" 

Crooks and Liars: Zionists not only consume our senators/congressmen...they are eating away at higher education keep out any discussion on horror being inflicted on Palestinians. 

South Korea Vows 1,000 fold retaliation against North Korea (WW lll ?) 

Prince Philip: "If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels" 

"End the Fed" video: Banksters creation of money from nothing creates a shadow tax on all working Americans and the rest of the World 

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Upcoming WikiLeaks could ruffle US/Israel Zionist feathers? 

Memories and maps keep alive Palestinian hopes of return 

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Video explains what would happen If London was Occupied by Zionists like creatures 

THE NAMELESS WAR by Captain A.H.M. Ramsay: Crypto Jews are Linked to all major revolutions from King Charles I to WWI to downfall of Ottoman Empire to SPAIN 1936 to Italy to WWII...... 

United Nations Conference on Holocaust Denial denies Holocaust Truth Researchers the permission to attend 

27 questions about what's happening with TSA and the Economy: Nothing has changed on Wall Street...waiting for the next collapse or is it here. 

Russian Parliament Admits Soviet Responsibility for WW II's Katyn Massacre: we said it all along it was the Communist Jews who massacres the Polish Officers and not Germans 

SENTENCED TO BE VACCINATINATED or FACE JAILTIME: i.e. rot in jail or take the risk of rotting your body with harmful chemicals in some vaccinations 

Fascist/Communist Bill C-36 in Canada will take away food freedom 

What Can We Do to stop FRANKENFOOD bill that will take away Food Freedom? OPEN this! We Can Persevere and Prevail! S.510 Showdown 11.29 

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UK Guardian reports on past Forced Sterilization in Scandinavia to purify Nordic race; Kissinger: Depopulation highest priority towards 3rd World 






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Dave Lefcourt: Rich Get Richer, Poor Get Poorer, Middle Class Gets Decimated but collective passivity exhibited by the majority of people 

OBAMA LEADS WAR ON WORKING CLASS: proposal to raise retirement age to 69 but its only the workers with good healthcare plans who are living longer, not the others! 

The meaning of Thanksgiving is Holocaust denial about what really happened 

Movie MONEY NEVER SLEEPS,Oliver Stone on 2008 Wall Street Fraud lacks focus on crimes, that's why Rupert Murdoch News Corpse released it comfortable 

US Zionist Jews who are ruling the land are more Israelis than Americans 

MAJOR FELONY 18 U.S.C. 2332h. Radiological dispersal devices such as naked scanners: "it shall be unlawful for any person to use any device intended to endanger human life through the release of radiation" 

VDARE Article-America's Devolution Into Dictatorship by Paul Craig Roberts 

Free Edgar Steele update message 

CFR roster: Judas Goats Richard Land (SBC), Newt "NWO" Gingrich (Sean Hannity's buddy), GEN John Abizaid (Ret.), 


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Flashback Feb 2009: Let Banks Fail says Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz, who was fired from World Bank for revealing Rothschild Dynasties Plans for devastating Nations 

Documentary: 9/11 The Birth of Treason 







From: alex james []
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Subject: TTS Nov 25: Must Watch 9/11 Truth Videos: FLIR Infrared Camera proves NIST and 9/11 Commission Lied: Multitude of Coincidences means inside job


Must Watch 9/11 Truth Videos: FLIR Infrared Camera proves NIST and 9 11 Commission Lied: Multitude of Coincidences means inside job

CFR says new food crisis looming 

The Airborne Holographic Projector and Project Blue Beam 

Objections to Emanuel Candidacy-How about that Dual-Citizenship Thing? Official Objections to Emanuel Candidacy - 

Evidence of High-Level Government Complicity in the Events Of 9/11 

new articles on APFN: Is the TSA ramping up to a National ID card? 

nation's workers may be struggling but Corporate Profits Were Highest on Record Last Quarter 

Israeli forces raised more Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem/West bank 

Must Watch Video: NY activists confront Hebron Fund nutcase Yossi Baumol 

Israel First, America's National Security Second: 39 Congresscritters want Traitor Pollard released 

Israeli military court keeps West Bank protester in jail after end of sentence;Jewish settlers move into house after Israeli police evict Palestinian family 

Kathleen Christison: The "Peace Process" Hits New Low in Grim Absurdity 

JerusalemPost: Four Jewish men tortured children, feeding them feces and locking them in suitcases 

'Israelis confiscate another Palestinian home' 

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"Public Disclosure": From Palestine to Afghanistan: Fighting Occupation and Disinformation 

Reader Comment on AFP: Canadian Social Crediter Yves Jacques "Money Belongs to the People, Not the International Banker", the government is only the steward...... 

ADL'S TWISTED HATE CRIMES DEFINITIONS: A DICTIONARY: ADL recently boasted of having masterminded the whole idea of hate, particularly in US 

The National Security State and the Assassination of JFKennedy, The CIA, the Pentagon, and the `Peace President`; Eisenhower speech on military-industrial-congressional-complex 

What happened after Thanksgiving? the rest of the story 

Must Watch Chris Hedges Video: US Gov Deadline Silence Over Israel's Genocide In Palestine: The Silence of a Nation 

Articles from x-Jew that infuriate Zionists: Yashua-Jesus-Issa's name changed in Israel, WHY? but Hitler's name wasn't changed! 

German Government Publication Promotes Incestuous Pedophilia as Healthy Sex Ed 

latest info on Gulf oil spill coverup:Project Gulf Impact: "Scientists Paid To Cover Up Toxic Dispersant" (VIDEO) 

Andrew Napolitano, Fox Business Host, Reveals He Is A 9/11 Truther and a JFK truther 

Gordon Duff of Veterans Today on The Kevin Barrett Show: There is no credible proof that any Muslims staged 9/11 

Lee Rogers: TSA-Transportation Security Agency. Two years ago, I correctly identified the TSA as a terrorist organization. 

AFP: Canadian Social Crediter Yves Jacques "Money Belongs to the People, Not the International Banker", the government is only the steward...... 

10 Things You Can Do to Starve Wall St. BEAST; All the Devils are Here: federal agents raid offices of 3 major hedge funds amidst news of sweeping probe of insider trading at Wall Street firms 

BP's Legacy: Flesh Eating Bacteria 

Paul Craig Roberts: The TSA Gestapo Empire

Half of Americans Potentially Facing Diabetes by 2020: Report 

Why do Zionist Christians help satanic rabbis kill, torture, rape their neighbors/steal their land to build up an earthly kingdom of the Jews? 

Israeli war crimes suspects: warning that every Israeli is liable for state crimes; Squalid Sarah Palin 

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Congressman D. Kucinich: Afghanistan [imperial] War[Occupation], Nightmare without End for Troops & Innocent Civilians 

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"rBGH free": The Label All Milk Drinkers Should Look Out For (Unless You Like Cancer) 

Do you have the write stuff to stop federal groping? 500,000 TSA protest letters on their way: Join the party! End airport abuse! 

Oil cartels sponsored Prohibition until US automakers had tooled engines for petroleum based fuels 

MarketWatch: Sex and The Frequent Flyer (sex by naked scanners): government will grope you, or unwanted radiation will kill you? 

Cruise ship was disabled same time that Missile was fired off California coast! Was that missile an EMP weapon?