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Date: June 28, 2011 10:44:25 AM EDT
Subject: Clownistan....

1. Nabih Saleh Clownistan! (video)

Every friday there is a peacefull demonstration in Nabih saleh. Last friday, it was a colourfull chrildrenday with clowns, spidermans, kites and... Teargass.

2. The Portland BDS Coalition: They Are Young and Determined (video)

The Portland BDS Coalition Mobs New Seasons Grocery demanding a total Boycott of Israeli Products

3. I Certainly Do Not Want To Wake Up Next To This Joker (video)

Israel's latest hasbara schtick falls flat in days

A couple of days ago, a Youtube video of some guy calling himself Mark popped up. Mark claimed to be an American gay rights activist who decided to broaden his horizons and, going all hog, decided to join the Gaza flotilla, representing the gay rights group of which he is a member. He sent an email to the flotilla organizers, but – alas! – after waiting for quite a while, received a negative reply. Upon which Mark experienced a Road to Damascus moment, the scales fell from his eyes, and he saw the bright, shining light of truth: The flotilla is organized by Hamas-supporting Islamists, all of whom are good friends with Ismail Hanyieh.

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4. US Embassy in TelAviv: Israelis, Dont Break Our Immigration Laws (video)


A week ago US Embassy in Tel Aviv posted the following video and statement on Youtube:

"Over the past few years, some Israelis wanting to work in the U.S. have been saying during visa interviews that they want to go to the U.S. only as tourist travelers. After their arrival at a U.S. airport and questioning by immigration inspectors, the true purpose of their U.S. trip is then discovered. What can follow is detention, possibly a court hearing, and then an immediate return to Israel along with a multi-year ban on future travels to the United States.

This video features Israelis speaking honestly about their negative experience, resulting from an attempt to break the law, go around the system, and act illegally."

I guess that America starts to show some clear signs of fatigue.

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Fw: Important Cancer Treatment Information


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A must see for everybody.  I met this doctor probably still in the 1990s.  The Feds tried to close him down.  But his success with adults and children was so overwhelming and support for him nationwide that they got off his case and allowed to continue his work.

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