Apr 24, 2015

They call it a "gate tour", but it's nothing a tour of racism, incitemen...

From Brandon Martinez:
During a monthly march called "Tour of the Gates" which goes through the Arab sections of the Old City of Jerusalem, these religious settlers (most of whom emigrated to Israel/Palestine) proudly chant “mavet la’aravim” (Death to Arabs)! 
You don't see this on any of our news outlets and that is what saddens me most. By definition this is also anti-semitism as well, but this form of anti-semitism (towards Arabs) is the kind that US media turns a blind eye to. The fact that they are escorted by Israeli police, and Arabs have no choice but to close up shops and businesses, and have an enforced curfew keeping them inside during the 1 kilometer long route of the march is sickening.