Feb 27, 2011

Bernard Madoff To NY Magazine: 'I Destroyed Our Family'


Bernard Madoff To NY Magazine: 'I Destroyed Our Family'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- In a new bombshell interview from prison, Bernard Madoff opened up about his crimes – and the fallout for his family.

The exclusive confessions appear in New York Magazine, hitting newsstands Monday. CBS 2's Dave Carlin has some of the just-released excerpts.

Disgraced Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff told New York Magazine that banks and hedge funds should have done a better job of watching him as his $65 billion fraud played out.

"Look these banks and these funds had to know there were problems," Madoff said. "There was complicity, in my view."

In the New York Magazine feature, called The Madoff Tapes, he maintains that his family did not know about his massive fraud.

Madoff's wife, Ruth, moved to Florida. Friends say she dyed her hair and lives a humble life, and has not spoken to her husband since the suicide of their son, 46-year-old Mark, in November.

"Let me tell you, I cried for well over two weeks," Madoff said of his son's death. "I cried and cried."

Madoff also said that he understood his wife's reasons for not wanting to speak with him.

"She's angry at me. She tries not to be, but it's hard not to be," he said. "I mean, you know, I destroyed our family."

Madoff knows that if banks are found to be complicit, lawsuits against them could result in their paying out the money he still owes his victims.

One of those victims is George Neirenberg, who lost his life savings in Madoff's scheme.

"If they had some sort of awareness and had reported it, a lot of people would have been spared undue hardship in their lives," Neirenberg said.

Madoff said all of his investors knew there were risks involved.

"These people probably would've lost all that money in the market," he said. "I'm not trying to justify what I did for one minute – I'm not."

"He wants other people around him to share the guilt and culpability," Columbia Law School professor John Coffee said. "He's a man who has to rationalize the suicide of his child."

As for his life behind bars, the 72-year-old said he is in therapy as he serves his 150-year sentence.

In the tapes, he recalls tearfully asking his prison therapist if she considers him a sociopath, and she said no – because he shows some remorse.

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Frank Scott: Iran plans to rape all women and kill all Jews!


From: frank scott <> 

News From Lox TV

Iran plans to rape all women and kill all Jews!

New revelations from an Iranian dissident code-named "screwball" reveal shocking plans on the part of that fiendish nation. The former New York hot dog vendor claims he sold one (with mustard and sauerkraut) to an Iranian agent who told him the true story of Islamic fundamentalist plans to take over churches, synagogues and mosques and turn them into falafel stands and sex orgy headquarters. There, women would be sliced and diced after being ravaged by horny Muslims, then sold to unsuspecting Americans as tasty middle eastern treats. The White House, CIA, FBI, congress and the judiciary all found "screwball's" stories to be based on sound and solid factually verifiable information. "He's no curveball type of guy, this is legitimate. The fact that he was wearing a propeller beanie and picking his nose while talking to us is no indication that his information is anything but based on sound story telling skills. We should attack Iran immediately, before Israel has to waste all its nukes" said Obama spokesperson, Moishe Giveashitz.

New program for Instant Citizenship

Inspired by the leadership of the president and supportive of America's desperate search for cheaper labor, a new program of bipartisan Obamanomics will enable immigrants who enter the country illegally to become immediate citizens and begin shopping at upscale Nordmart or downscale Wallstrom stores using new "Welcome Wetback" cards issued by a private non-profit organization dedicated to democratic capitalism and humanitarian usury.

"These newcomers will be able to go into debt as soon as they enter our glorious mall, er, nation, and thereby become equal participants in the patriotic drive to mortgage our future to corporate capital." said a representative of Yes We Can Buy Now and Maybe Pay Later, a private non-profit formed by the Wall Street triad of Goldwoman Sachs, Bank of Americus and La Raza del Dinero. 

Having already replaced much government activity with privately focused and more marketable commodities, the firm will next sponsor a program to offer medical degrees to functional illiterates and former war criminals in order to bring the wages paid to surgeons down to five dollars an hour.

"We will finally solve America's crisis in health care by making it affordable to all." said group spokesperson, Dr. Consuelo Mishigass.

Twits Won't Have to Tweet Anymore

AmaZoogle, universal leader in new uses of the Internet through marketing other people's ideas, and following its genius twelve-year-old multi billionaire owner, has created a new social networking service. The system, called Litter, will allow pouting, whining, kvetching and verbal threatening via instant complaints of no more than 20 words. These will be transmitted at previously unavailable speeds with use of the new IGD system (Internet Garbage Disposal) which allows venting and ridding of boring or otherwise uninteresting viewpoints, opinions, gripes, attitudes and desperately meaningless outrage in a fashion much quicker, more pointless and with greater energy conservation than any that has existed before.

"Tweeting will become outmoded about thirty seconds after this hits the ozone, or the cloud, or whatever it is our lab nerds call it, " said company CEO and billionaire copycat, Pilfer K. Crapowitz.

New Lox TV Asian market philosopher debuts.

Overweight bodies and undernourished minds will savor the eastern wisdom and cuisine ads of Lox TV's new advice personality, Confuse-Us.
The philosopher chef and martial arts expert, mysteriously imported by Lox TV either from Tibet, Mongolia or San Francisco's Chinatown, will prognosticate on the same subjects covered by other Lox analysts who reside at mental health crisis centers, but with one major difference. His perspective promises more wisdom for consumption by the growing Asian-American market, said to represent the most highly educated and lowly respected in the nation.

Confuse-Us will finally offer an antidote to the cheap, trivial and derisive characters of Asian people perpetuated by main stream media, with ponderous and probing perspectives offered on subjects as varied as the price of new cars, the waistlines of young women or comparisons between brown and white rice, to the meaning of meaning and the possibility of war with Tibet, Mongolia or San Francisco's Chinatown. A Lox TV biracial multicultural transsexual affirmative action communications and diversity marketing director says "You be sure tune in, even if you no Asian Amelican. We likee you money no matta wha you lookee like".

Gossip Whistle Blower Makes Shocking Find

Leakywinks claims sordid affair going on between already married Israeli Knesset member and not yet divorced American State Dept. official.

Israelis deny any such relationship, claim more general intimate bonds with total American government with no individual love necessary.

An Israeli spokesperson who lives at the White House said " why should we need to have love affairs with any specific American leaders when they are all so passionately devoted to us?"

New Demands Made By Falsers

In their continuing battle with Truthers, Falsers have announced a series of support groups to counter those which claim controlled demolition of the twin towers was behind the 911-terror attack.

"We strongly support the continued controlled demolition of the American mind, and while we appreciate the Truthers help in this area, we need to go much further, to the American political economy itself. In that spirit, we offer new self-help, identity and rehab groups to our fellow citizens that can help hasten the day we bring on complete mental, physical and emotional breakdown of the American people and their system.

To that end, we need an ILF to create respect and self esteem for morons (Imbecile Liberation Front), an IAA to enable us to further befriend our neighbors in nature (Insect Adoption Agency)and an AHSR to enable us to even more intimately befriend our pets (Animal Human Sexual Relations). These groups will help us move beyond ridiculous tendencies toward logic, rationality and humanity which threaten to engulf us in a sick malaise of democratic people centered spiritually focused materially based shaping of reality. Just thinking that makes me want to vomit. We need a PLF (pukers liberation front)."

Disclaimer from Legalienate:

We are not saying any of this stuff is true, but we saw it on  Lox TV and therefore it probably makes as much sense as anything else on TV.
Or in the press.
Or online.


Michael Santomauro 
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What sort of TRUTH is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth?

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Joachim Prinz, a German refugee and influential Newark rabbi, was a Civil Rights leader and confidante of Martin Luther King. But after he denounced Jewish leaders for abandoning the cause, he’s been all but ignored by history. The Plot for America - by Allan Nadler > Tablet Magazine - A New Read on Jewish Life


Joachim Prinz, a German refugee and influential Newark rabbi, was a Civil Rights leader and confidante of Martin Luther King. But after he denounced Jewish leaders for abandoning the cause, he's been all but ignored by history.


Michael Santomauro 
@ 917-974-6367 

What sort of TRUTH is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth?

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A Jim Dean POST....


"Uri Avnery" "After kidnapping attempt, 1955"
Dear folks, Many of you know my attraction to the remaining 80+ year old walking historians among us.
Uri Avnery is in my top ten...leaving Nazi Germany as a boy...joining the Irgun at 14, and leaving them a few years later over their terrorist tactics and colonialism goals.
To get into the Knesset he started a new political party which won two seats the first time out. What motivated him??? The Knesset had passed a law specifically banning his opposition newspaper. His revenge was getting into the Knesset and torturing them with a 1000 speeches...a wonderful example of working from the inside. He has also paid a great personal price, and it a sterling example of both leadership and courage.
With Heritage TV initially, and now with VT...spotlighting, leveraging the great work of others has always been a top goal. I learn from them in the process and will hopefully be in their league one day.
I put some time in hunting down the historical photos and found some gems. Multimedia is here to stay. The competition for eyeballs on the Net is intense. Readers want help in digging into the
behind the scenes stuff.
 "Ben-Gurion" "Uri Avnery" "first day in the Knesset
Ben-Gurion and Uri...first day in the Knesset...1967
The other reason I choose Uri is he pretty much has a media ban on him in America as he is such a devastating critic of the Radical Zionists...colonialist, imperialists...Jewish supremacists to the bone.
Uri is a member of what was called in the early years, a cultural Zionist...the folks who wanted to live in Palestine but had not desire or interest in kicking the Arabs out and taking over the place. But alas, they are a definite minority over there...despite the ruling elite they have dominating the country. About 20 families own most of the business capital, and the country have become a base for huge international crime syndicates of every shape and color...drugs, human trafficking, money laundering, weapons sales, contact espionage work, etc. The list goes on and on.
"Uri Avnery" "Assassination attempt - 1975"
Uri...assassination atempt - 1975
"Uri Avnery" "still protesting in his 80's"
Still ducking water cannons at 84 in Belin


Michael Santomauro 
@ 917-974-6367 

What sort of TRUTH is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth?

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