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Re: Israel at the crossroads - Halacha or Zionism

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Subject: Re: Israel at the crossroads - Halacha or Zionism

Reading this I am once again reminded of the anthropologist James Mooney's book, Ghost Dance. In his work--along with Leslie Spier--he outlines how a culture under pressure begins to change and ultimately self-implodes. It turns away from reality and focuses on those aspects of the culture which separate it from others. Fast & loose, it does this by many methods, including re-instituting arcane rituals, cultivating a persona of superiority, and supporting the fantasy of being a people "chosen" by supreme divine forces (god or gods).
Elaborate strategies are devised to make the members of this cult impervious to reality, and in the case of the American Indians, there was the invention of ghost shirts which were said to repell bullets and harmful forces (most likely drawn from Mormon endowment garments, warm by pious Mormons today, including members of the US Senate).
The steps in this process have been described by another anthropologist, Wallace, as:

I. Period of generally satisfactory adaptation to a group's social and natural environment.

II. Period of increased individual stress. While the group as a whole is able to survive through its accustomed cultural behavior, changes in the social or natural environment frustrate efforts of many people to obtain normal satisfactions of their needs.

III. Period of cultural distortion. Changes in the group's social or natural environment drastically reduce the capacity of accustomed cultural behavior to satisfy most persons' physical and emotional needs.

IV. Period of revitalization: (1) reformulation of the cultural pattern; (2) its communication; (3) organization of a reformulated cultural pattern; (4) adaptation of the reformulated pattern to better meet the needs and preferences of the group; (5) cultural transformation; (6) routinization-the adapted reformulated cultural pattern becomes the standard cultural behavior for the group.

V. New period of generally satisfactory adaptation to the group's changed social and/or natural environment.

When one looks at Israel today the similarities are truly frightening. The Ghost Dance movement ended with a holocaust of destruction at Wounded Knee and the fragmentation of belief which only now--more than a century later--is being repaired. Israel has over 250 very, very high yield atomic bombs. And more and more Israeli politicians are saying they have missiles which can reach London, or Paris or Berlin.(Not to note, Iran.) 

One can only shudder when one considers this evidence from anthropology as it is combined with the Masada myth--a misunderstood belief which is still prevalent in Israeli society. In this fantasy, the criminal Jewish zealots holed up in Herod's former palace (who were raping and robbing fellow Jews as well as others) are said to have committed mass suicide rather than surrender to the Romans. This was based on an uncritical reading of an ancient text and a bad excavation of the site--not formally published at the time--and I suspect not published due to political reasons. The IDF swore an oath to these "martyrs" for decades.

However, this specious reading couldn't hold water. When the weight of the pig bones found among the human remains became too much to explain away--offerings to the Roman dead most probably & no DNA analysis has been done on these remains---the IDF swearing ceremony was abandoned. But the Samson Solution--to destroy everything--is still very strong in Israeli society. Which of course, makes the whole idea of Islamic suicide bombs moot.

So "Israel at the Crossroads" might just be the whole planet being held hostage. JHS

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While many of my recent writings have focused on the Christian roots of antisemitism and the Holocaust, my real subject is the future survival of the Jewish people, Zionism. And while I believe that our survival depends upon understanding of the place of Judaism within Christian theology, and how that theology impacted on our experience of persecution in the Diaspora, I also fear that Israel, the Diaspora's creation as refuge for our threatened, is compromised by Israeli politics. This article addresses one such concern.


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Antisemitism and Jewish Survival



Israel at the crossroads: Halacha or Zionism?


"…in a few decades most of the Jews in Israel will be religious… So to really join the Israeli society will entail real conversion."

Coalition chairman Ze'ev Elkin (Likud)



Before statehood orthodoxy worldwide, including within Eretz Israel, was generally opposed to Zionism and the creation of a secular homeland and refuge for Diaspora Jewry.  Faced with the 1948 fait accompli Israel's orthodox minority redirected their challenge to the secular character of the Zionist state. To even begin to understand why Diaspora Jewry are offended by what coalition chairman Elkin derisively refers to as the "so-called conversion bill;" to understand why the Diaspora might feel it a "slap in the face" for Israel to even consider such legislation, it is necessary to recognize just how far Israel has, over the decades, drifted away from its Zionist roots.


In the sub-heading to its article discussing the conversion "impasse" JPost writes, "Insiders to unity talks between Orthodox MKs, non-Orthodox movements and Jewish Agency say they are not bearing any real fruit." Except to these "unity" talks one of the parties, Israel's Orthodoxy as represented by Shas and United Torah Judaism, chose not to participate.


In fact Binyamin Netanyahu had promised passage of the bill during coalition negotiations with the religious parties. And except for the unfortunate timing of the vote, "[a period] of particular tension between Netanyahu and the administration of US President Barack Obama, and voices from the North American Jewish communities subtly insinuated that their support and efforts for Israel on Capitol Hill would be made more difficult if such a bill… became law," it is very likely that the "conversion bill," only a stalking horse for "Who is a Jew," would today be law of the land. 


Elkin's remarks were made before an audience of Orthodox rabbis and, as chairman of the governing coalition, his comments must be taken to represent official government policy. I discussed in some detail the process by which Israeli politics have drifted towards Halacha as state law in an earlier submission. Although Ben-Gurion was the first to open coalition politics to Orthodox influence, the process speeded up considerably with the 1977 election victory of Menachem Begin. "It was public knowledge that Begin had promised the Orthodox leadership in Israel that, if elected, he would endeavor to change the Law of Return to insert the controversial phrase, 'conversion in accordance with Halacha' in the definition of Jewish identity." In the end both Begin and Netanyahu both were forced to step back from their commitment because of American Jewish opinion, and Halacha has so far remained distinct from state law.


Israel's drift from Zionism is perhaps not surprising since the term "Zionism" itself has all but lost its original meaning in Israel and the Diaspora. Conceived as a response to the relatively "tame" threat of 19th century pogroms, Pinsker and Herzl could not imagine the radical solution to the West's Jewish Problem that would be attempted merely four decades in the future. Yet today, six decades following that event, the Holocaust's implications for future Jewish survival are all but overlooked. According to conventional wisdom from Israel to California Zionism culminated in the creation of the State of Israel. Today's Zionist shell has, with rare exceptions, become a domesticated Diaspora "pride" focused on Israel; and for Israelis the designation for Israeli nationalism.


But is 19th century Zionism's radical vision of the risks facing Jewish survival no longer applicable? Is the purpose of building a Jewish homeland to serve as refuge for our Diaspora fulfilled? That certainly appears the case according to the machinations of Israeli politics!


In 2009 the Jewish Agency released results of a survey stating that, "Anti-Semitic incidents in western Europe peaked to a level not seen since the close of World War II." And perhaps not surprising there has also been a resurgence of right-wing political parties with an antisemitic agenda. While evidence that another Holocaust is imminent is not present, neither is there the comfort of knowing that the antisemitism that inspired the Holocaust has itself vanished. In fact all evidence indicates that not only were the pioneers of Zionism correct in their analysis of the dangers to our Diaspora, but the threat continues…  and will continue so long as Jews choose to live in the Diaspora.


Israel's political institutions and leadership have lost contact with the state's Zionist mission, its Zionist roots. The Diaspora created the state not as a home for its current residents, but for the entire Jewish people regardless of degree of adherence to Halacha. In 1970 Ben-Gurion commented that the new "Grandchild" amendment to The Law of Return is Israel's response to Hitler, that the Law and its Amendment "are the heart of what defines Israel."


If our Diaspora believes that the present state of relative calm and acceptance it finds itself in represents its eternal future, well that is just the human condition. German Jewry also believed that their fatherland was "exceptional." Was not German Jewry the most assimilated, intermarried and accepted Jewish community at that time? How many foresaw what awaited their community and every Jew within reach of Germany's inspired dream?


Which brings us back to the "conversion law" and its significance as an issue of Zionism: Israeli secular parties are voluntary hostage to Orthodoxy for coalition creation. And the reason is clearly that it is politically cheaper to buy religious support on the backs of our Diaspora than to compromise ideological "principles" with secular parties ideologically hardly distinguishable from themselves. And so "Jewish identity according to Halacha" becomes an internal matter for the state without regard to its impact on our nation beyond.


Which is the real message delivered by the coalition chairman before his audience of orthodox rabbis: the government lost this round in the debate over Who is a Jew. But not to worry, "[victory] will come, but in the next generation… [because] in a few decades most of the Jews in Israel will be religious… So [for future "Jewish" immigrants] to really join the Israeli society will entail real conversion."



Other writings on this topic:


1. The abandonment of the Diaspora: Israel and 'Who is a Jew'

2. Conversion, Kulturkampf and the future of Israel

3. The Jewish Problem and the Diaspora

4. Is Israel still Zionist?


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August 28, 2011
Dear Michael,
Please announce that the Fall 2011 issue of the online Revisionist journal, Inconvenient History, is now posted online.  See 
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"He said the prelude to the establishment of [Israel] was lies and deception. 'one of the big lies is the Holocaust fable.'"

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Steve JOBS after he resigns as CEO of Apple

Steve JOBS resigns from Apple due to S-t-a-r-v-a-t-i-o-n ! The images to the left—click images to enlarge—were taken within just a few days of his resignation due to "ill health." Jobs is clearly being reduced to skin and bone just as many concentration inmates were before they died at the end of WW2. The simple facts are that in spite his great wealth and access to the best medical care and nutrition in the world, Jobs is dying of starvation—and it is happening (shock, horror, awe) in America today! Is some Nazi version of Dr. Frankenstein to blame for all this? Of course, not! The best food is passing through his system without leaving anything at all.

Is Jobs the victim of fiendish medical experiments? One would certainly expect him to have undergone many procedures with medications that are far from "proven"—but that does NOT suggest anything "fiendish" at all. It is merely good medical practice in a near hopeless situation. There are millions of cases similar to Jobs' case every year throughout the world. A high proportion of us will look no better than Jobs when we die. What is extraordinary about these images is that they have become public. Normally, the dying person is treated without improvement in his condition and tucked away in a hospital until the undertaker takes him to be restored to some kind of normal appearance for display in a funeral parlor. That is normally the case unless the images can be used to make holocaust propaganda. Some people have no shame at all. Please read the discussion below on this homepage with even more images. That Jobs is alive at all in spite of his obvious deterioration is a tribute to the good care he is receiving. If his care had been of poor quality, he would have died long before his body had been reduced as it is. That simple fact suggests that victims in Belsen and other German concentration camps at the end of WW2 were treated well under the impossible circumstances imposed by the western Allies. If any kinds of "exterminations" had been occurring, those "victims" would have been disposed of long before they could have ever looked like Steve Jobs.

Josef Kramer (the commandant of Bergen-Belsen), Dr. Fritz Klein (Belsen's chief medical officer), Dr. Josef Mengele, Rudolf Hoess (the commandant of Auschwitz) and many, many other Germans were thoroughly decent men who were totally innocent of the obscene charges made against them by Allied prosecutors and, of course, the Jews who are still at it to this day. The Allied prosecutors should have looked at themselves in the mirror. It was the cowardly but victorious western Allies who had brought about the horrible conditions far from any ground fighting that caused the catastrophe in the German concentration camps at the end of WW2. Regarding Dr. Josef Mengele, although there has been enormous attention on him including the revelation recently of five thousand pages of his personal correspondence, there is not one shred of any real evidence such as medical records that he ever did anything atrocious. The r-e-a-l mass murderers were--and still are--the USA and Britain. driven, of course, by the Jews who are without any doubt in this author's mind--the greatest liars and hatemongers of all.

Friedrich Paul Berg

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