Jun 27, 2010

Debating the Holocaust


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Dalton's Holocaust Radio Debate on April 24, 2010:


Michael Santomauro
Editorial Director
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Amazon's: DEBATING THE HOLOCAUST: A New Look At Both Sides by Thomas Dalton

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In New York: Gilad Atzmon Concert Cancelled due to Zionist Pressure


Gilad Atzmon Concert Cancelled due to Zionist Pressure

by Rich Siegel

Action Requested

Gilad Atzmon

I have just been informed that a concert and presentation that was scheduled to be given this coming Tuesday night at First Unitarian Church in Rochester, NY, by jazz saxophonist and noted Israeli Anti-Zionist Gilad Atzmon, and myself, is being canceled due to pressure from a local rabbi.


The concert was organized and promoted by Dan McGowan, founder and chairman of Deir Yassin Remembered, along with a second concert in Geneva, NY, which is going on as scheduled on Wednesday night. Dan was given two reasons for the concert cancellation: 1)that there were going to be activities in adjacent rooms and the noise level of the concert would interfere, and 2)admitted pressure from Rabbi Laurence A. Kotok of Temple B'rith Kodesh to cancel the event. Reason 1 was hardly believable, as the concert has been planned for about two months. Surely someone would have thought of this.


Dan was very smart and gave them the opportunity to have the event at a different venue, or to take the music out of the event and make it just spoken presentations given by the three of us — Dan, Gilad, and myself. He was turned down. So it is clear that the real reason for the cancellation is Zio-pressure.

The parties who are caving to Zio-pressure are as follows:


John Keevert, chair of local Social Justice Council, co-sponsor of the event. He may be contacted at 585-473-0295,


Ron Johnson, representative of First Unitarian Church, co-sponsor and venue for the event. I have two numbers for him at two addresses 585-381-3018 and 585-967-4946, not sure where he will be today.


The First Unitarian Church, Co-Ministers, Scott Taylor and Kaaren Anderson:


Tell them that this event must go on, either at the church or at another venue in Rochester — that they must not let Zio-pressure kick us out of Rochester.

The rabbi who has instigated this cancellation is Rabbi Laurence A. Kotok of Temple B'rith Kodesh. The synagogue phone number is 585-244-7060.

Rabbi Kotok's e mail address

A second rabbi at the same synagogue, Rabbi Rebecca F. Gutterman, may be contacted at

The synagogue's executive director, Joel Elliot, may be contacted at

The synagogue's general e mail address is (however it is clear that I am personally NOT welcome, nor is Gilad.)

Tell them that Jewish Anti-Zionists have the same right to free speech as everyone else, and that their attempt to squash our free speech is a disgrace.

Thank you,
– Rich Siegel


Rich Siegel is a New York area based free-lance pianist/vocalist/songwriter who has starred in the Off-Broadway Sinatra-tribute show "Our Sinatra," and a former accompanist to pop star Laura Branigan, appearing as piano-vocal soloist in various venues including the Carlyle in New York. Siegel is also a former teenage president of a Zionist youth group, turned pro-Palestine activist



Dalton's Holocaust Radio Debate on April 24, 2010:


Michael Santomauro
Editorial Director
Call anytime: 917-974-6367

Amazon's: DEBATING THE HOLOCAUST: A New Look At Both Sides by Thomas Dalton

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From Israel Shamir Study Group: Your Responses in June...


From:  Israel Shamir  <>

Your best responses in June


From Yousef Salem

Re: You've Gotta Fight For Your Right. To PARTY!



It is rather difficult for me to assess this piece to determine if it is a tongue-in-cheek satire and expose of the general feeling that pervades the current American mindset or if the writer is dead bone serious. No matter. Americans must have a designated group of people to hate. First it was the Native Americans who were dubbed redskins and injuns, then the Jews who were hebes, christ killers, kikes, and cheapos. Chinese followed as yellow freaks, Blacks as niggers, spear chuckers and jungle bunnies, Irish as micks and alkies, Italians as dagos, wops, and winos, Polish were polocks, Germans were krauts and jerries, Russians were red commies and rooskies, Philipinos as flips, Vietnamese as slants, Puerto Ricans were spics, Mexicans were beaners and wetbacks.


These days those folks who were identified with the heroes of every child in the 40s through the sixties - such as Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sinbad the Sailor, Scheherazade, and others out of the Tales of the One thousand and One Arabian Nights (misnomer since Aladdin was Chinese) are the most hated of Americans and they are better know as ragheads, towel heads, camel jockies, sand niggers, terrorists, and ayrabs. History guarantees that this, too, will be a relatively short-lived phenomenon. Shall we vote on who the next demonized, reviled, repulsed, vilified villains will be? Here are a few options: Hindus, Janists, or Buddhists.  My father, an immigrant from Lebanon in the 30s, used to say that white Americans just love to hate, but today there are no color boundaries for hatred of others.


When I hear zionazi Jews proclaim at public gatherings that they are the chosen people of God I respond that we Muslims agree that they are God's chosen people, but that they are chosen as an example of how decent folks ought not behave. When I attend those gatherings of hypchrishuns who proclaim their profound love for (zionazi) Jews and hatred of Arabs and Muslims I remind them that their forebears used to express their deepest hatred of Jews and that today their children and grandchildren cannot get down far enough on their knees to beg Jews to forgive them for the sins of their fathers. I follow up by telling them  that inevitably the children and grandchildren of today's hypocritical Christians (hypochrishuns) will, too, be far down on their knees begging Arabs and Muslims to forgive them for the sins of their forebears.


Oy vay!!!


Yousef Salem

Sunnyvale, California


From Ian Buckley

Re: The Death of the WASP, by Paul Gottfried


Very interesting.

"If there's anything WASPs should feel inexpressibly guilty about, it is this Jacobin fervor that causes them to unleash wars on other societies in order to bring them the gift of American democracy." This quote isn't clearly attributed to anyone, though there is a reference to Kevin MacDonald in the next paragraph. Is it by MacDonald?    And as to 'delineating the nastiness', a book with plenty of anecdotal evidence on this topic is Neal Gabler's 'A Empire of Their Own'.

best wishes,




From Caul Sella

Re: Gottfried on the WASPS


Easy to tell that Gottfried is Jewish. He gets his inflated 2 cents in re Arabs and slavery. Never mentions the predominance of Jews in that business.


caul sella


From Dr Mitch Medina


I can't say that I know every WASP in the USA.  However, I did live with my Episcopalian ex-wife in one of the few lily-white enclaves left in the New York area (1980's-2000).  The Country Club there did not admit Jews.  I was tempted to try to join, to see if Christian Jews qualified.  But the fee was $10,000, and I don't play golf.  So I passed, as it was simply not worthwhile to make the experiment, in my view.


In my experience, all of the adults are alcoholics, though mostly they only start drinking at 5:00 p.m.  I think that fully explains why they have been overtaken by other ethnic groups.



From Gordon Arnaut


Dear Ken,


Thanks for passing along two very good articles, the piece by Atzmon on the flotilla raid and the Chossudovsky piece on the Iran sanctions.


Atzmon is truly a Mensch in every sense of the word. I think a lot of people have been struggling to figure out why this latest Israeli outrage is so despicable, when there have been so many. But he is right and this outrage is special. It is really a turning point in how the world views Israel and that is what makes this time different.


The Chussodovsky piece is interesting because I think a lot of people are scratching their heads as to why Russia and China suddenly went along with US-led sanctions in the Security Council.


However, I have to disagree with his conclusion that Russia and China are now both just "appendages" to the US and have given up their independence in foreign policy. 


I think there is much more nuance to this story. Both Russia and China have problems with muslim separatists within their borders. It is also very likely that the US has a hand in covertly propping up these troublemakers. Could it be that some kind of secret quid pro quo was reached on these issues? 


Iran itself has been somewhat frustrating for both Russia and China. The fact that Iran agreed to a deal brokered by relative nobodies Brazil and Turkey, while passing on a Russian-brokered deal speaks volumes about Iran's determination for an independent course.


Both Russia and China would like to see Iran in the SCO, but I think Iran is not serious about this. They have been playing along only to get the goodies they want, like advanced weapons (S-300) and protection in the Security Council. But I don't believe they intend to give up the independence that joining this kind of alliance entails.


Russia and China are therefore saying to Tehran, "If you don't want to play ball, then we will not hold the wolves at the gate for you."


Bottom line is Tehran has been dealing with Russia and China like they need Iran more than the other way around. This is an Iranian mistake and in time they will realize that and bend appropriately. If not, then they will be isolated more and more.


This development is far from a sign of weakening Russian and Chinese influence on the world stage. In fact it is just the opposite. It is a signal to Tehran that it must recognize the growing power of the Russia-China bloc and start behaving appropriately.


From Mitch Medina

Re John Kozy: The Collapsing Western Way of Life


I agree that the earth has a dim future, which can only be resolved by the return of Jesus.


But Kozy's economic argument about capitalism is wrong, I think.  If you get the world addicted to a fiat dollar (for which it is no longer necessary to buy paper and ink to create), then consumption can always be financed.


I've thought that the artificial dollar must collapse for a long time, and have always been wrong.  Now that I live primarily in the Third World, I know what caused my mistake.  The real economy outside the First World runs on $100 bills -- as do large segments of the economy even in the First World.


So they cannot lose value, because there is nothing else that people around the world will take.  And since there is no limit to the number of digital dollars that can be created, the paper which is backed by bytes will continue to circulate and be used to buy things.


Ultimately, all of this artificial stuff is backed by all of the goods and services in the United States of America.  State ownership of everything has already been implemented -- de facto communism.  It's preposterous to talk about the demise of capitalism when it's already dead.


You wanna buy gold at $1250?  Be my guest.  But you can't buy food with it anywhere.


In theory, if Europe were not protectionist, the Euro could and should take the dollar's place.  But since Europe is and always will be protectionist, the Euro will never find its way into people's mattresses.  If, as a non-European, you can't buy a farm in France with it, it is useless as a world standard of value.


The current Euro crisis will be solved by the creation of dollars that are made to look like Euros.  Buy Greece now!






Re: One State by Roger Tucker

From Katherine Mukhar


So eloquent, Mr. Tucker, and so very true unfortunately for all of us who live here in the center of the political hurricane that continues to tear us apart over here in the Middle East.

Your words hit the mark.


Katherine Mukhar

Amman, Jordan


From Salah Sanjak


OSS solution is the most pragmatic and wisest solution for the conflict in Palestine and the most beneficial to the region over all.  The PLO called for OSS solution from the beginning, but Arafat was persuaded by Israel to accept the illusionary TSS.  I see the possibility of OSS, and I wish many more will be able to see it as will.  The Zionist state has to go; OSS is a peaceful mean.  If the Jews care about their future in Palestine, they need to propose TSS.      

Best regards,
Salah Sanjak


From Norm Kurland

Roger Tucker's thoughtful analysis of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
over what all three of the Abrahamic religions consider to be "Holy
Land" soundly rejects the two-state solution.  This leaves him with a
"one-state solution," expressed in the following words:

    "All of which brings us to the third alternative, the only one that
    is not only actually possible in the long term, but is the only
    proposal that actually solves the problem - the replacement of the
    existing political configuration by a single democratic, pluralistic
    state. "

But his approach to the one-state solution contains the seeds of
continuing conflict for Palestinians, all-none Jews, and even most
Israeli Jewish workers, almost all of whom are propertyless
"wage-slaves" or "welfare-slaves."  The flaw in his version of a
one-state solution is an attempt in one of the most volatile territories
on the globe to merge political democracy, a social good, with economic
plutocracy, an inherently unstable social bad.   Here are Roger's words:

    "Realistically, *the Jews*, after eventually becoming a minority of
    the population, but a very substantial minority, *would largely
    retain economic control, as well as dominance in many other ways.
    *South Africa stands as just such an example of "the more things
    change, the more they remain the same." And a Jewish culture, with
    its multifarious institutions, customs and traditions would coexist
    with its Palestinian counterpart, enriching both but threatening

There is a "Just Third Way" version of the single-nation solution that
transcends the power-concentrating tendencis of both Capitalism and
Socialism. (  It would
offer equal access to future money power and ownership power to every
citizen, turning have-nots into haves, without turning today's haves
into have-nots.  Since power follows property, the Just Third Way would
make the government  economically dependent on all its citizen-owners,
the ultimate check on the potential abuses and corruption by whatever
elite wields State power, the only monopoly any just and free society
should tolerate.

Here are two articles on "The Abraham Federation" posted in the ezine
The American Muslim by Dr. Robert Crane at
This strategy, starting with a structured economic democracy supported
by all nations seeking Peace with Justice in the Holy Land, could be
implemented in phases with massive foreign development grant funds
flowing first to majority-Palestinian-held land, or in a single step, if
supported by the majority of Israeli citizens.  Please note that these
ideas were first published in World Citizen News in 1978, after a series
of meeting with Palestinians and Israelis, and is gaining traction among
a growing number of justice-oriented people and publications since,
including the International Quranic Center at

I hope Roger Tucker and his supporters will be open-minded to the
advantages of the Abraham Federation and its Just Third Way approach to
lasting Peace, Prosperity and Freedom, only through Justice for all.

Norm Kurland
Center for Economic and Social Justice
Washington, D.C.


From: beduin <>
Re: The One State Solution sounds like a good idea, but...
Hi Roger,

Not good enough - I support Helen Thomas who said, they should go home.


How about this solution?

I will never change this position. Then if they want to come back, they come back with visas granted to them at the whim of the Palestinian.


Being Born in land your parents stole and continue to kill, victimise and maim to keep, is not a reason to stay there. Indeed it the sole reason to leave, even by swimming and take everything you built with with you....that is my position.


I am a believer in "He who does the wrong and hides the wrong he does, does the wrong thing still"


The Occupiers Must Pay, for all they have done and they will pay somewhere when the accounts have been weighed and what a payment!! and for so many centuries, from the time they found a way to create a Talmud, aye even before that until now, so much to pay.



Finallly, I have heard the use of the term "jewmail" a form of an activity so macabre that it defines description - except that only Jews/Jewish do it.

Problem Reaction Solution

I wonder who is the real author of Roger's Mail to the list.


Seems to me that this writer is saying to the readers: accept this position that is called "win win win" or the occupiers will start a Nuclear WAR, which will be the JEW of all Wars and may very well wipe us all from the face of the Earth.!!!!


Well this reader has no such belief, that is balderdash and this Problem Reaction Solution is Transparent.


On the contrary, the Zionist experiment is dead - what we are seeing is the rigor mortis reflected in the spectre of military activities of Zionism Past.


It was unsustainable from the beginning, the clock was ticking from the beginning....

Now the clock is all ticked out....

And no one needs to lift a finger it unravel the tissue of lies embedded in the Zionist fabric of deception.

It has been caught in the wash and the colour cant last.


The actions of Occupiers clothed in their washed out fabric is undoing what they have done and there is so little cloth left to cover their nakedness in the strong light of day, that they will leave the land one by one on their own volition, swimming, walking, flying and they will apologise too.


One of the irony in all of this is that the Palestinian population is growing even with their  largesse of less and nothing and the Occupiers are dwindling with their more...


There is a God and there is Justice and Nature has a hand in this and has lent this hand to the Palestinian


Re: Israel Shamir's Much-Ado-about-Helen-Thomas

From Jim Dean

This was simply wonderful :-)  You were doing such a good job of indirectly saying they were full of crap, I did not think you would actually say it. But, alas, those who missed the artistic beauty of the delivery, did not miss the punch line.


I have often preached that the best way to stand up to power that is slinging a lot of crap around is not to get into an intellectual discussion with them about it...but use ridicule to focus attention on their ulterior motives. But what I might have learned today is to carry around a roll of toilet paper in my car, or a pack of hand wipes in my briefcase for such occasions, and maybe a one time enema bottle for the big wheels...a first aid kit of sorts.


Pardon me if this question seems rude Dr. Shamir...but into which end should I suggest the enema be used for maximum effectiveness?...or should I suggest two?


Jim Dean

Heritage TV...Atlanta


From Urs Eugster-Demetriades


hi adam israel - in your recent Helen Thomas note you mentioned one of my "zionist friends" from the past - as a matter of fact from before I knew of you and your interesting 'otherness'. The man you failed to praise is one Mortimer Zuckerman. I dared take rather strong objection about some utter nonsense he had published over his name in the context of the successful zionist blackmail of some Swiss banks, who's vests were less than clean in the sad story of Swiss bank accounts of Jewish victims of the shoah, which hadn't been claimed with watertight titles. You adopted the matter in your "Bankers & Robbers"

Zuckerman - no doubt inspired to find a wonderful opportunity to stomp a few obviously nazi-friendly Swiss bankers into the pig-shit they amply deserved, got carried way beyond a target I might have been able to agree on - as he came up with a wholesale condemnation of my country and all its inhabitants, which was entirely out-of-context.

To that I objected in words I must have lost somewhere along the way, but which I'm sure fell way short of the reverence he feels accustomed & entitled to.

Of course, billionaire captains of corporations, such as Mort Zuckerman never reply unless through their lawyers, if there is something to be gained. That definitely not being the case with me, his secretary merely informed me that 'everyman is entitled to his opinion' - I agree -

A. Urs Eugster-Demetriades - Cyprus

You may have seen also Alison Weir's insightful: "the outrage of Helen Thomas" in Counterpunch, which prompted me to a rather a-typical response, which you should understand is essentially meant for zionists & any other colonizers:

I most sincerely wish to congratulate you for an excellent analysis of Helen Thomas' slip-up, if indeed circumstances allow it to be called that. I have over the years come to see her as the only MAN (as in MAN-kind) in a bunch of all those sissy-journalists constituting the WH press corps.


I am now just a few months from my 80th birthday & still cannot understand how the zionist lobby has managed so totally to emasculate - virtually everyone in US-main-stream media, but also in your so-called congress - a term more familiar to me in the realm of intercourse, both social & sexual.


In the context of what I would rather call the US-national assembly or the federal US-parliament, the use of the term 'congress' is amply legitimised by the reality of every-body, excluding only loyal zionists & neo-cons, but obviously including the president, who looks more like a kept (wo)-man, getting royally f...cked all around the clock, which was my initial and most lasting understanding of the term.


Today, I see most of the leaders of Europe compete as to who can most effectively brown-nose themselves into the above orgy - all on behalf of people whom less kind souls than Helen Thomas might have wished to hell.

From Sam

That sentiments may have been right maybe 100 years ago before the mass migration following the Balfour Declaration. But now the majority of the Israelis are born there. What is wrong with a peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians have the full right for return and treated the same as Israeli Jews. I loved Helen Thomas for her frankness, but the problem needs more humanistic, peaceful and urgent solution.  


From Roger Tucker
Well, Sam, of course you're absolutely right. My little piece was meant to mirror her state of mind when she responded the way she did. It's emotional truth, not a reasoned argument. One of the principal arguments for the One State Solution, as opposed to something more drastic, is precisely the point that you make. However, it's interesting that the same thing was true of the majority of the French colons in Algeria - and they were sent packing.

Thomas's apology following the uproar was very disheartening, but the woman is something like 85 yrs old. After a lifetime of knowing exactly how far one can go in public, I think a momentary lapse is understandable. She said what goes through the minds of many people in Washington, DC and elsewhere, like on this list, but it's the sort of thing one only says in private to people one trusts. It would have been so much better if she had stood her ground at the end but one can understand the pressure she was under. More's the pity.


Roger Tucker

Freedom Gaza Flotilla

Hi, I'm Dan Bull, a UK musician. My viral political videos have been seen by over a million people.

I've made a new protest anthem about the flotilla, based on the current summer hit "Nothing On You" by B.o.B.
I hope you enjoy it, would love to hear your thoughts.
Many thanks :)
Dan Bull


THE FREEDOM FLOTILLA MASSACRE, a landmark of awareness about Zionism.


© 2010, Peter Edel.


No two ways about it. It was what it looked like: downright piracy. The sudden character and fierceness took us by surprise, true. But did it really come unexpected? Isn't this what Zionism is about? After the Gaza-war and all the other massacres. Not to mention the shameful deceit and blatant media lies in order to justify crimes, was anything else to be expected from these people? We witnessed it on TV. Could it be more clear than: this is Zionism?


Funny, especially on the political left there is often some kind of contract assumed. Like Zionism solemnly swore to follow human values in its policies. So each time Israel passionately answers to its urge to kill, it is blamed with much outrage by the left for having violated the conditions of the contract. "Naughty Israel, we did not expect this from you!" At least that what it sounds like to me, when I hear leftish people about Israel's crimes.


Let it be clear, this contract is an exclusive moral illusion of the left in Western-Europe. Personally I don't expect anything else from Zionism than what we know of it. Hate, murder and lies are at its core. Recently, but also in the previous six decades. Zionist crimes happened because that's what Zionism does: it hates, murders and lies. And there will not come an end to these atrocities. At least not in the framework of Zionism. As long Zionism is around somewhere, evil will continue.


You don't come to terms with Zionism. You find ways to get rid of it. Gone from the planet, entirely. No two-state-solution with a way out for Zionism, nothing of the kind. Only a total abolishment of segregation, replaced by full rights to all inhabitants. There is no other solution. And it will surely happen that way eventually. Believe me, not even in such a far future Zionism will disappear like a bad nightmare. Vanished from memory before lunchtime. That's how we should think back of it then- whenever it needs remembrance to begin with.   


Presently, Zionists don't feel limited by what others think of their aims and actions. No need to be concerned about such minor matters for them. The unique ideological structure assures them everything is permitted in confrontation with the gojim, whether they're Christians, Muslim or whatever.


Murder, crimes against humanity, cute deals with organised crime, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, straightforward deceit and misleading propaganda - even against their own people - you name it. From a Zionist point of view nothing is prohibited when it comes to serve and protect the Jewish state and its interests. Or is it a bit easier? Are the supposed threats towards Israel used to justify crimes against humanity, stemming from a degenerated tribal desire? From a remnant of desire to kill in order of the tribe's survival. A pre-historical notion, whereas presently only the tribe of humanism counts. That's where Zionism stinks in the 21th century. And that's why it will pay for its crimes eventually.


There are some essential aspects of Zionism at work. It's not just a nationalistic ideology, we're talking about. There's more at stake here. Such as the connection with Judaism. Contrary to universalistic Christianity and Islam, Judaism is based on tribalism. That's where the chosen people concept comes in. Problem, big time, since only few fulfil to manage this high risk precept, without ending up in an evil way.


It's not entirely impossible to apply this element of exclusivity responsibly, don't get me wrong here. I mean there are those who are interpret choseness free from Zionism. In their tradition the chosen ones are expected to be guides for mankind, going towards unity of mankind. For them, the awareness of being chosen comes with enormous responsibility. Zionism deviated from this point of view and manipulated the element of choseness into an incentive to dominate others  in a violent manner. Only therefore Zionism is the master of all misinterpretations. What it comes down to is that Judaism is too much for most Jews.  


The chosen people myth reached high level danger in an encounter with nineteenth century nationalism. For Judaism itself it implicated destruction from within; it lead the Jews away from faith. Consequently Jewry had to absorb a variety of nineteenth century racial fantasies to survive as a distinctive social group. Racial segregation became the new version of the chosen people identity.


That's also when the real shit started. Zionism came to grow on the same tree as bore fruit to Germany's national socialism. It must have been a peculiar tree, since the Nazi's, with Adolf Hitler as their Messiah, were obviously breathing the myth of the chosen people as well. Nothing new however, because so did western colonialism and the crusades long before that. In each case chosen people claimed what was supposedly theirs, whether it was in the Middle East, Asia or Africa. That these crimes were perpetrated by Christians and not by Jews, makes little difference. Because, yes, the chosen people syndrome appears to be contagious. A very difficult item to resist apparently, in many ways segments of Islam have not remained immune to it either.


Now, let's not be cheap. Despite all the resemblances, let's agree not to compare the crimes of Zionism to those of the Nazi's in the Forties. We will not give Zionism the credit. Besides, there are differences. Yes, really, differences. Not in nature, but in time. Currently Zionism is like national socialism in its pre-genocidal condition. It has all the qualities to grow into an even more effective racist mass murderer than it has made manifest already. Again, like  national socialism in the thirties. In the days when it still had to commit its major crimes, while the essential characteristics to perform genocide were present in all degrees. The point was that few at the time could imagine the unimaginable. Now we can, just because of history. There, exactly there, we come eye to eye with the racial madness of Zionism ands its meaning for our near future.


The attack on the Freedom flotilla came as a landmark of new political awareness in the world. A world where Washington en Tel Aviv have difficulties ruling the world as they used too, among other reasons because of upcoming countries like Brazil and Turkey. Apart from that it's to our amusement suddenly very cool to be pro-Palestine. Not so unexplainable that the crisis of Zionism is so deep right now. Besides, in the international community Israel is losing credit, while even Washington is in doubt. Certainly, several indications that it may be over and done with soon for Zionism. The clock is ticking and the Zionists know it. That's what their recent stupidities - such as in Dubai - tell us.


That Zionists are in panic, won't make them less dangerous however. The prospect of Zionism  entering in last days, will not cause them to be meek in any way. In the contrary. Zionism may very well be one of those ideologies being most dangerous in its last days. So, unfortunately the final stage of Zionism is probably also going to be its most terrible one. No happy end to Zionism, there does not seem to be another way of it. The only comfort is that eventually we will do much better without.


Israel's nuclear doomsday machines are giving a significant edge to this bad weather forecast. The slumbering alternative of a nuclear holocaust, feeds the Zionist consciousness with evil energy. These weapons are not meant to deter like those in other countries. Instead, the essence of Israel's ambiguity implicates the possibility that the most gruesome of weapons will be used. For the time being, this spell of nuclear witchcraft can only be averted by balance, i.e. a situation comparable to the Cold War. Based on that experience, the world would be a lot saver with Israel's enemies having nuclear weapons as well.


As long Iran has to do without such means, we can only hope and pray for the safety of its people. For they are in danger of becoming Israel's next prey. But also bear in mind nuclear warheads in Israel are also aimed at major European cities. For anyone can be an enemy in Zionist paranoia, while its urge to kill can never be underestimated. The hunger simply never seizes. Still, as we saw Zionism has still to reach its ultimate evil. It can only be stopped  of performing its evil masterpiece by abolishment, which occurs to as the only alternative.


A better world lures around the corner. Let that be the epitaph of Zionism.



Dalton's Holocaust Radio Debate on April 24, 2010:


Michael Santomauro
Editorial Director
Call anytime: 917-974-6367

Amazon's: DEBATING THE HOLOCAUST: A New Look At Both Sides by Thomas Dalton

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A chilling warning by Fidel - have to be read now


June 2010

How I wish I was wrong
by Fidel Castro
WHEN these lines are published tomorrow, Friday, in Granma newspaper, the 26th of July, a date on which we always recall with pride the honor of having resisted the onslaughts of the empire, will still be in the distance, despite it being only 32 days away.
Those who determine every step of the worst enemy of humanity – United States imperialism, a mixture of ignoble material interests, disdain and underestimation for other people inhabiting the planet – have calculated everything with mathematical precision.
In the Reflection of June 16 I wrote: "Diabolical news is filtering little by little between games and games in the World Cup, in a way that nobody is paying much attention to it."
The famous sports event has entered its most emotional moments. For 14 days, the teams made up of the best footballers from 32 countries have been competing to advance toward the second round; afterward the phases of quarter finals, semifinals and the final of the event come in successive stages.
Fanaticism for sport is growing incessantly, captivating hundreds or millions and possibly billions of people all over the planet.
On the other hand, one would have to ask how many of them know that, since June 20, U.S. military vessels, including the Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier, escorted by one or more nuclear submarines and other warships with missiles and cannons that are more powerful that those of the old battleships utilized in the last world war from 1939 to 1945, have been navigating toward Iranian coasts via the Suez Canal.
The yanki naval forces are accompanied by Israeli military boats, with equally sophisticated armaments, to inspect every vessel that leaves to export and import commercial products required for the functioning of the Iranian economy.
At the proposal of the United States, with support from the United Kingdom, France and Germany, the UN Security Council approved a harsh resolution that was not vetoed by any of the five countries which hold that right.
Another harsher resolution was approved with the agreement of the United States Senate
Subsequently, a third, even harsher one was passed by the countries of the European Union. All of this took place before June 20, which prompted an urgent trip to Russia by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, according to the news, to meet with the head of state of that powerful country, Dmitry Medvedev, in the hope of negotiating with Iran and avoiding the worst.
Now it is about calculating when the naval forces of the United States and Israel will be deployed facing the Iranian coasts, and joining up there with aircraft carriers and other U.S. military boats which mount guard in this region.
The worst part is that, just like the United States, Israel, its gendarme in the Middle East, possesses extremely modern bomber aircraft and sophisticated weapons supplied by the United States, which has converted it into the sixth nuclear power on the planet given its firepower, among the eight recognized as such, including India and Pakistan.
The Shah of Iran had been defeated by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979 without using a single weapon. The United States imposed the Shah after the war on that nation with the use of chemical weapons, whose components it supplied to Iraq together with the information needed by its combat units and which were deployed by them against the Revolutionary Guards. Cuba knows that because, at that time, as we have explained on other occasions, it was president of the Non-Aligned Movement. We know very well the devastation that it caused among the population. Mahmud Ahmadinejad, now head of state in Iran, was chief of the sixth army of the Revolutionary Guards and chief of the Guard Corps in the western provinces of that country, which bore the brunt of that war.
Today, in 2010, after 31 years, both the United States and Israel are underestimating the one million soldiers in the Iranian Armed Forces and their capacity for fighting on land, and the air, sea and land forces of the Revolutionary Guards.
In addition to these, there are the 20 million men and women, aged from 12 to 60, selected and systematically trained by its diverse military institutions, from out of the 70 million people who inhabit the country.
The government of the United States drew up a plan to instigate a political movement that, supporting itself on capitalist consumerism, would divide Iranians and defeat the regime.
That hope has become innocuous. It is laughable to think that with U.S. warships plus those of Israel, that they can arouse the sympathies of one sole Iranian citizen.
Analyzing the current situation, I initially believed that the battle would begin in the Korean peninsula, and that that area would be the detonator of the second Korean war which, in its turn, would immediately lead to the second war that the United States would impose on Iran.
Now, reality is changing things in an inverse sense: that of Iran will immediately unleash that of Korea.
The leadership of North Korea, which was accused of the sinking of the Cheonan, and is all too well aware that it was sunk by a mine that the yanki intelligence services succeeded in placing in the hull of that corvette, will not hesitate for one second to act as soon as the attack is initiated on Iran.
It is quite right that the football fans should enjoy their craving for the World Cup competitions. I am only fulfilling the duty of exhorting our people, thinking above all of our youth, full of life and hope, and especially our marvelous children, in order that events do not catch us completely unawares.
It pains me to think of so many dreams conceived of by human beings and the astounding creations of which they have been capable in just a few thousand years.
At a time when the most revolutionary dreams are being fulfilled and the homeland is firmly recovering, how I wish I was wrong!


Dalton's Holocaust Radio Debate on April 24, 2010:


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