Nov 23, 2010

Roosevelt's 'Secret Map' Speech


Roosevelt's 'Secret Map' Speech
Mark Weber 

... Roosevelt was not the first or the last American president to lie to the people. But rarely has a major American political figure given a speech as loaded with brazen falsehood as Franklin Roosevelt did in his Navy Day address of October 27, 1941 ... Roosevelt went on to reveal that he also had in his possession "another document made in Germany by Hitler's government. It is a detailed plan to abolish all existing religions -- Catholic, Protestant, Mohammedan, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jewish alike" which Germany will impose "on a dominated world, if Hitler wins." 

President Roosevelt's Campaign To Incite War in Europe
Mark Weber 

This essay focuses on Roosevelt's secret campaign to provoke war in Europe prior to the outbreak of hostilities in September 1939. It deals particularly with his efforts to pressure Britain, France and Poland into war against Germany in 1938 and 1939. Franklin Roosevelt not only criminally involved America in a war that had already engulfed Europe, he bears a grave responsibility for the outbreak of the most destructive war of all time. This paper relies heavily on a little-known collection of secret Polish documents that fell into German hands when Warsaw was captured in September 1939. These revealing docu ments also confirm the crucial role of Jewish power and in fluence on US foreign policy during these years. 

Hitler's Declaration of War Against the United States

... The increasingly hostile attacks by the American President Roosevelt have reached the point that he has ordered the U.S. navy, in complete violation of international law, to immediately and everywhere attack, fire upon and sink German and Italian ships. American officials have even boasted about destroying German submarines in this criminal manner ...The American President and his plutocratic clique have called us the "have not" nations. That is correct! But the "have nots" also want to live, and they will certainly make sure that what little they have to live on is not stolen from them by the "haves." 

New Accusations Against AIPAC Israel Lobby Group in Legal Fight 
The Washington Post 

The latest episode of the AIPAC spy scandal turned sordid last week, with the pro-Israeli lobby releasing its deposition of fired official Steven J. Rosen in which he confesses he engaged in extra-marital sex and watched pornography on his office computer ... Rosen says his actions were common practice at the organization. He said his next move is to show that AIPAC, Washington's major pro-Israeli lobbying group by far, regularly traffics in sensitive U.S. government information, especially material related to the Middle East. 

The Tea Party Disconnect
Philip Giraldi 

... Palin is something quite different, and a good deal more dangerous than the lumpish and frequently strident Gingrich. She knows nothing of foreign policy and even less of security and defense related issues and is basically a neocon creation being promoted by them as a national candidate ... Tea partiers must begin to understand that accepting the calls of leaders like Palin and Gingrich for smaller and more sensible government and a return to constitutionalism without also understanding that they stand for an incoherent foreign policy, perpetual war, and ballooning deficits is self defeating. They are both traditional Republicans who want nothing more than to return the GOP to power. 

Williamson Hires `Neo-Nazi' Lawyer in German `Holocaust Denial' Case 
DPA (Germany) 

British Bishop Richard Williamson has appointed a radical right-wing lawyer to defend him in a German trial over his denial of scope of the Holocaust, Spiegel news magazine reported Saturday. The lawyer, Wolfram Nahrath, is a member of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), the magazine wrote. He also led the Viking Youth, a neo-Nazi organization modeled on the Hitler Youth, until it was banned in 1994. ... Williamson, of the ultra-orthodox Catholic Society of St Pius X (SSPX), denied in a television interview last year that the Nazis had systematically murdered millions of Jews. The interview, for a Swedish television channel, took place in Germany, where Holocaust denial is a criminal offence. 

Energetic Spirit Marks IHR Meeting in San Diego
Institute for Historical Review 

Lively discussions, an energetic spirit, and a timely, well-received address marked the IHR meeting in San Diego on Saturday evening, Nov. 13. This gathering at a large hotel -- the first IHR meeting outside of Orange Country in more than a year -- was an opportunity to reach out to new people, including an encouraging number of younger people, and to renew and strengthen ties with local supporters. Both attendees and organizers were impressed with the intensity of the discussions, both during the lively Q and A session and in the many one-on-one conservations. 

America In Decline: A Society In Denial 
Mark Weber 

... America today is a society in denial. The country's political, cultural and intellectual leadership -- both liberal and conservative -- denies social reality and ignores the historical record, and therefore inevitably betrays the interests of the people, leading America down a path that means ever greater anxiety and ever more rapid decline ... The crying need in our nation today is candor, courage and truthfulness -- not childish slogans, simplistic nostrums, or wishful thinking about a mythologized past or a utopian future -- presented by media personalities who are little more than entertainers. 

China to the US: Stop With the Monopoly Money 
Eric S. Margolis 

... Washington is flooding financial markets with $600 billion of worthless dollars, hoping a rising tide of Monopoly money will somehow lift America out of recession. The Fed's first QE effort was a fizzle. The US government is stoking worldwide inflation in order to lower its outstanding debt by repaying creditors with depreciated dollars. The rest of the world is boiling angry at Washington ... So it seems the US will stagger along under a mountain of unsustainable debt while the world economy suffers widening shocks and turmoil. More empires have been undone by financial collapse than invasion or battlefield defeats. The once mighty United States is staggering in this direction. 

Hajo Herrmann, Luftwaffe Hero and Postwar Freedom Fighter 

Hajo Herrmann (1913-2010) was an outstanding German Luftwaffe pilot who also distinguished himself during the Second World War as a courageous air force commander and innovative air defense tactician. After the war he built a new career as an attorney, and became known for his role in civil rights cases, defending patriots and "Holocaust deniers" accused of violating German laws against free speech. Until his recent death at the age of 97, he remained steadfastly loyal to his people, his heritage, and the ideals of his youth. 

In Slovenia, Hundreds of Mass Graves of Communist-Era Victims 
The Associated Press 

Below Slovenia's cornfields, ski slopes and school yards lie skulls, bones and teeth -- the remains of thousands of people whose fates have been lost for decades. In 1945, enraged anti-Nazi fighters slaughtered suspected collaborators, fascists and panicked civilians who tried to flee through the region to the West, leaving graves scattered from a spree of vengeance that turned the tiny country into what historians call the biggest post-WWII killing site in Europe. Slovenian officials have a list of about 600 suspected graves, at least one in each community, daunting in its sheer scope and amounting to perhaps 100,000 bodies. 

Israeli Town Gains Reputation as the Country's Most Racist
The Washington Post 

... The town rabbi, Shmuel Eliahu, who along with other area rabbis issued a religious ruling several months ago forbidding residents to rent apartments to Israeli Arab students from the local community college. The rabbi has warned that the Jewish character of Safed, long revered as sacred, is at risk and that intermarriages could follow if the students mingle with the locals. Last month, Eliahu called a public meeting to sound the alarm ... In a city park next to a college building on a recent afternoon, "Death to Arabs" was scrawled on a gatepost. The park is a hangout for the Arab students, who were scattered on benches during a break between classes. 

Britain Rejects Pardon For Executed Soldier Breaker Morant 
The Telegraph (Britain) 

The British government has rejected pleas to grant a royal pardon to Boer War soldier Harry Breaker Morant ... In 1901 his unit, the Bushveldt Carbineers, killed 12 prisoners of war and one German witness. The men admitted the shooting but it was not clear whether they had been ordered to kill the prisoners or not. Commander Unkles said that a double standard was applied because soldiers of other nationalities had done the same thing without similar punishment. Morant's story was made into the film Breaker Morant in 1980 starring the late Edward Woodward. 

US Military Personnel Undergo Holocaust Indoctrination
Fox News - LiveShots Blog 

... The Mass Atrocity Prevention in Military Practice course is the brainchild of Fred Schwartz, founder of the Auschwitz Institute and its director Tibi Galis who felt strongly that military officers would benefit from participating in a genocide prevention course. They secured a congressional grant to develop this course, which they plan to offer for five years. Working with retired U.S. Army Col Charles Heller, a professor at the General Staff and Command College, they developed a curriculum around a week long trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. 

Mafia Attacked French Liner in 1942 To Support US Politician, Mob Boss Luciano Said
David Martin 

... In February of 1942 it caught fire, officially as the result of a welding accident, sank, and was deemed unsalvageable. According to Luciano, in his 1974 memoir, The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano, dictated to Martin A. Gosch and finished off by Richard Hammer after Gosch's 1973 death, the Normandie's sinking was pivotal to his release from prison after serving ten years, and the sinking was definitely not accidental. 

New Turkish Action Film Highlights Israeli Crimes 
The Associated Press 

Cinemas across Turkey are showing a trailer for an upcoming Turkish action movie based on a true event: the Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound, blockade-busting flotilla that killed nine activists in May. And if the trailer of the film is any indication, the movie, "The Valley of the Wolves - Palestine," could worsen tense relations between Turkey and Israel when it is released Jan. 28. The anti-Israel melodrama is a spinoff of the controversial but popular Turkish TV series "Valley of the Wolves," about a nationalist undercover agent -- Turkey's answer to James Bond and Rambo -- who takes on Turkey's enemies. 

The Valley of the Wolves: Palestine 
Trailer - Video 

Trailer, with English subtitles, of forthcoming Turkish action film based in part on Israel's May 2010 attack on a humanitarian aid ship. "The Valley of the Wolves - Palestine," is set for release on Jan. 28, 2011. 

Latino Kids Now Majority In California Public Schools
San Francisco Chronicle 

Latinos now make up a majority of California's public school students, cracking the 50 percent barrier for the first time in the state's history, according to data released Friday by the state Department of Education. Almost 50.4 percent of the state's students in the 2009-10 school year identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino, up 1.36 percent from the previous year. In comparison, 27 percent of California's 6.2 million students identified themselves as white, 9 percent as Asian and 7 percent as black. Students calling themselves Filipino, Pacific Islander, Native American or other total almost 7 percent. 

US Taxpayers Help Fund Israel's West Bank Occupation 
Haaretz (Israel) 

Travelers along the "original" West Bank roads, the ones enabling drivers to bypass Palestinian villages, can see signs declaring "USAID from the American People." The roads are one of the initiatives of the United States Agency for International Development for building infrastructure in underdeveloped countries ... According to a June 2010 fact sheet on the USAID Internet site, last year American taxpayers funded the paving of 63 kilometers of asphalt roads in the West Bank ... This is not the only occupation-perpetuating road funded by American money. 

Eric Cantor's Pledge of Allegiance
Glenn Greenwald -- Salon 

Soon-to-be GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor met on Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- the same day when the actual U.S. Secretary of State met with Netanyahu -- and vowed that he and his GOP colleagues would protect and defend Israeli interests against his own Government. According to a statement proudly issued by Cantor's own office: Regarding the midterms, Cantor may have given Netanyahu some reason to stand firm against the American administration. "Eric stressed that the new Republican majority will serve as a check on the Administration and what has been, up until this point, one party rule in Washington," the readout continued. 

Israel Shahak Speaks on Zionism, Israel and Judaism 

Interview with Israel Shahak, author of the book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years, published in 1994. Israel Shahak (1933-2001),was a Polish-born Israeli professor of chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was also a Holocaust survivor. During World War II he was in the Warsaw ghetto, and was later a prisoner at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. He was a critic of the Israeli government, and his writings on Judaism and Zionism have been controversial. Runtime: 59 mins. 

French National Railway Apologizes For Wartime Role in Jewish Deportations 
BBC News 

France's state rail company has for the first time publicly expressed regret for its role in transporting Jews to Nazi death camps in World War II. Until now, SNCF has said its workers were forced to assist in deportations by the occupying German army. The change of language is clearly linked to the lucrative market for high-speed rail contracts in the US. The company has been criticised in the US for failing to apologise for its involvement. French state-owned trains and state-paid rail workers were responsible for carrying some 76,000 Jews from France to Germany and the east in World War II. Only a few of them returned. 

Our Banana Republic 
Nicholas D. Kristof - The New York Times 

... The richest one percent of Americans now take home almost 24 percent of income, up from almost 9 percent in 1976. ... The United States now arguably has a more unequal distribution of wealth than traditional banana republics like Nicaragua, Venezuela and Guyana. C.E.O.'s of the largest American companies earned an average of 42 times as much as the average worker in 1980, but 531 times as much in 2001 ... We've reached a banana republic point where our inequality has become both economically unhealthy and morally repugnant. 

Our Failed National Economy 
David Stockman 

Tuesday night's election result was a victory for deep partisan stalemate, polarization, dysfunction, and acrimony throughout the halls of government ... It's now guaranteed that the hapless soul who succeeds to the White House in January 2013 will preside over a nation with $15 trillion of reported public debt, that is, debt at 100% of GDP and counting ... The fact is, the Social Security trust fund has $3 trillion of paper IOUs issued by the Treasury Department over the last 70 years, but not one dime of real money ... The world's leading central bank is now dispensing pure monetary heroin. And, ironically, that's likely to kill the patient before the fiscal question is even addressed. 

In California, Estimated State Budget Deficit Reaches $25.4 Billion
Los Angeles Times 

The economy, new restrictions approved by voters, phantom savings in the budget and the end of temporary taxes add to gloomy forecast by Legislative Analyst's Office for the next 18 months. / As Jerry Brown prepares to take over as governor, California faces a $25.4-billion deficit -- far larger than state officials were projecting only days ago -- the state's chief budget analyst said Wednesday ... The report shows $20-billion annual shortfalls in future years as well. "There is no good news," said Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor. Simply keeping K-12 public schools funded at their current level would expand the deficit, Taylor said. 

The US Is Not The Greatest Country Ever
Michael Kinsley -- Politico 

... The theory that Americans are better than everybody else is endorsed by an overwhelming majority of U.S. voters and approximately 100 percent of all U.S. politicians, although there is less and less evidence to support it. A recent Yahoo poll (and I resist the obvious joke here) found that 75 percent of Americans believe that the United States is "the greatest country in the world." ... The 2010 elections, for all their passion and vitriol, are basically irrelevant. Some people are voting Tuesday for calorie-free chocolate cake, and some are voting for fat-free ice cream. Neither option is actually available. Neither party's candidates seriously addressed the national debt, except with proposals to make it even worse. 

Secrets by the Thousands: The Great US Theft of German Technology 
C. Lester Walker -- Harper's -- October 1946 

... Tens of thousands of tons of material are involved. It is estimated that over a million separate items must be handled, and that they are, very likely, practically all the scientific, industrial and military secrets of Nazi Germany. One Washington official has called it "the greatest single source of this type of material in the world, the first orderly exploitation of an entire country's brain-power." ... This one war secret alone, many American steel men believe, will revolutionize dozens of our metal fabrication industries. In textiles the war secrets collection has produced so many revelations that American textile men are a little dizzy ... Army Air Force experts declare publicly that in rocket power and guided missiles the Nazis were ahead of us by at least ten years. 

Sarrazin's Truths: In Germany, Political Correctness Stifles Debate
Matthias Matussek - Der Spiegel (Germany) 

German central banker Thilo Sarrazin is being pilloried over his polemic chastising of Muslims, but there are a few things his critics clearly fail to understand. You can't cast away what the man embodies: The anger of a German people who are tired of being cursed at when they offer to help foreigners to integrate. Nothing is as it used to be. In this season of public outrage, the case of Thilo Sarrazin has grown far bigger than Sarrazin. It's much bigger than the man or the Islam-critical book he wrote ... Germans are not only demographically working towards their own demise, but also that they are bidding farewell to their cultural and educational background. 

Israel High Court Approves Jews-Only Housing 
Haaretz (Israel) 

The Supreme Court [of Israel] rejected an appeal on Sunday opposing the leasing of land in Jaffa's Ajami neighborhood for the exclusive use of members of the religious Zionist community. The appeal was brought by Jaffa residents along with human rights groups, in an effort to challenge a decision by the Israel Lands Administration and the Tel Aviv municipality to lease the land in question to B'Emuna, a company specializing in housing complexes for the religious Zionist community. The Tel Aviv District Court rejected the same appeal earlier this year. 

Israel Is Proud To Present: The Aggressor-Victim
Gideon Levy - Haaretz (Israel) 

... We've always loved victimization, not only when we were real victims, as often was the case in our history, but also when we were the aggressors, occupiers and abusers. And we don't only cast ourselves as victims, but as the only victims. But observe our perception of our wrongdoing. It started with denial, then changed to suppression, then to shamelessness, then to dehumanization and demonization, until we arrived at the current stage: A pride parade. 

In Germany, Grave Robbers Targeting World War II Fallen For Memorabilia 
The Scotsman (Britain) 

... Thousands of German and Russian corpses recovered from the battlefields around Berlin have been stripped of medals, papers, rank badges, ID discs and other items to feed a worldwide multi-million pound military souvenir industry.... Nazi-era insignia and papers are much sought after. Medals, particularly Iron Crosses, are torn off to fetch up to £500 a time. 

In U.S., 14 Percent Rely on Food Stamps
The Wall Street Journal 

A huge number of American households are still relying on government assistance to buy food as the recession continues to batter families. Food stamp recipients ticked up in August, children consumed millions of free lunches and nearly five million low-income mothers tapped into a government nutrition program for women and young children. Some 42,389,619 Americans received food stamps in August, a 17% rise from the same time a year ago, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which tracks the data. That number is up 58.5% from August 2007, before the recession began. By population, Washington, D.C. had the largest share of residents receiving food stamps. 

Proficiency of Black Students Is Far Lower Than Expected
The New York Times 

An achievement gap separating black from white students has long been documented -- a social divide extremely vexing to policy makers and the target of one blast of school reform after another. But a new report focusing on black males suggests that the picture is even bleaker than generally known. Only 12 percent of black fourth-grade boys are proficient in reading, compared with 38 percent of white boys, and only 12 percent of black eighth-grade boys are proficient in math, compared with 44 percent of white boys. Poverty alone does not seem to explain the differences: poor white boys do just as well as African-American boys who do not live in poverty ...

Hajo Herrmann, Luftwaffe Hero and Postwar Freedom Fighter, Is Dead 

Hajo Hermann, a World War II Luftwaffe hero and a courageous postwar civil rights attorney, is dead. Aged 97, he died on Friday, Nov. 5. During World War II he flew 320 missions as a bomber pilot, and more than 50 night fighter missions. He played a major role in strengthening his homeland's wartime air defenses. In later years he was a defense attorney for such "thought criminals" as Otto Ernst Remer and David Irving. He addressed an IHR meeting in California on Nov. 8, 1998, where he provided fascinating details about his remarkable life, and insights into the climate of intellectual repression in Germany. 

History's Little Known Naval Disasters
Institute for Historical Review 

Many of those who view "Titanic," the blockbuster motion picture, may leave the movie theater believing that the April 15, 1912, sinking of the great British liner, with the loss of 1,523 men, women and children, was history's greatest maritime disaster ... But these disasters are dwarfed by the sinkings of the Wilhelm Gustloff, the General Steuben and the Goya, three German ships crowded with evacuated refugees and wounded soldiers that were struck by Soviet submarines during the final months of the Second World War. 

The Nobleman and the Horse: Israel and the US Elections 
Uri Avnery (Israel) 

... The big winner of the American election is none other than Binyamin Netanyahu ... As to the Congress: as far as Israel is concerned, there is no change. The senators and congressmen dance to the tune of the Israel lobby, and in this respect there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. It "crosses party lines", as one of the leaders of the lobby recently boasted ... Both in the State Department and in the Pentagon, the experts know that the present Israeli policy is contrary to the American national interest. 

US Charges 17 With $42 Million Theft of Holocaust Funds
BBC News 

Seventeen people have been charged in the US with the theft of $42 million of Holocaust compensation funds provided by the German government. Prosecutors alleged the 17 fooled a non-profit-making group that distributes the funds into making 5,500 false payments. Six of those charged work for the group - the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. The chairman of the group said it was "outraged" at the alleged thefts. It had detected the matter itself and contacted the FBI. If convicted, the defendants could face up to 20 years in jail. 

George Bush `Not Telling Truth.' Says Ex-Chancellor Schroeder 
The Telegraph (Britain) 

... Mr Schroeder responded to Mr Bush's claims, accusing him of "not telling the truth." In a statement, he confirmed that he had told Mr Bush he would "stand reliably on the side of the US" if it was confirmed that Iraq was sheltering those responsible for the September 11 terrorist attacks. "But this link, as it became clear during 2002, was false and contrived..." .... "We noticed that the intellectual reach of the president of the most important nation at the time was exceptionally low," said Uwe-Karsten Heye, Mr Schroeder's spokesman at the time told German news channel N24. "For this reason it was difficult to communicate with him. He had no idea what was happening in the world. He was so fixated on being a Texan. I think he knew every longhorn in Texas." 

US Must Support Israel `Forever,' Says VP Biden 
The Jerusalem Post (Israel) 

US Vice President Joe Biden delivered an impassioned speech in support of Israel at the Jewish Federations of North American's General Assembly in New Orleans on Sunday, saying whatever differences have recently existed between the White House and Jerusalem these were tactical rather than fundamental. ... "When it comes to Israel's security there can be no daylight - no daylight - between Israel and the US," he said. ... "All these years later I still feel that our support for Israel must continue forever." 

In Israel, Rabbis' Edict Bars Renting to Arabs
Jonathan Cook 

... In the past few weeks, Safed -- one of Judaism's four holy cities -- has been making headlines of a very different kind. Gideon Levy, a columnist for the Israeli daily Haaretz, last week declared it "the most racist city in the country" The unflattering, and hotly contested, epithet follows an edict from Safed's senior rabbis ordering residents not to sell or rent homes to "non-Jews" - a reference to the country's Palestinian Arab citizens, who comprise a fifth of Israel's population. 

Was the Holocaust Inevitable? 
Patrick J. Buchanan 

... What of World War II? Surely, it was necessary to declare war to stop Adolf Hitler from conquering the world and conducting the Holocaust. Yet consider ... The Holocaust was not a cause of the war, but a consequence of the war. No war, no Holocaust. Britain went to war with Germany to save Poland. She did not save Poland. She did lose the empire. And Josef Stalin, whose victims outnumbered those of Hitler 1,000 to one as of September 1939, and who joined Hitler in the rape of Poland, wound up with all of Poland, and all the Christian nations from the Urals to the Elbe. 


Being happy–is it good for the Jews? "Before Professor Dershowitz accused me of being an anti-Semite (news to me), I was a happy person. Since then, I'm still a happy person". –Michael Santomauro

An antisemite condemns people for being Jews, I am not an antisemite.--Michael Santomauro

Most of us are mentally trapped to think Jewish. Actually, it is safe to say that virtually every mainstream publication or or other type of media organ is "nothing more than a screen to present chosen views." The great battle over the last century has been a battle for the mind of the Western peoples, i.e., non-Jewish Euros. The chosen won it by acquiring control over essentially the complete mainstream news, information, education and entertainment media of every type, and using that control to infuse and disseminate their message, agenda and worldview, their way of thinking, or rather the way they want us to think. Since at least the 1960s this campaign has been effectively complete. Since then they have shaped and controlled the minds of all but a seeming few of us in varying degree with almost no opposition or competition from any alternative worldview. So now most of us are mentally trapped in the box the chosen have made for us, which we have lived in all our lives. Only a few have managed to avoid it or escape it, or to even sometimes see outside of it, and so actually "think outside of the (Jewish) box." --Michael Santomauro

Thank you and remember: 

Peace is patriotic!

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American Third Position / Nov. 23, 2010


American Third Position

U.N. Calls for More Legal Immigration, as U.S. Jobs are Increasingly Shipped Overseas

Posted: 22 Nov 2010 10:05 PM PST

Continuing its campaign to destroy Western Civilization, the U.N. has called on Western nations to lower barriers to legal immigration, at a five-day conference concerning the movement of Third World peoples into First World nations.

Held in Vallarto, Mexico, the meeting was clearly meant as an attack on the sovereignty and identity of the United States and as a defense of the displacement of millions of whites from the southwestern United States.

"Although states have legitimate interests in securing their borders and exercising immigration controls, such concerns do not trump the obligations of the state to respect the internationally guaranteed rights of all persons," said Navi Pillay, ANC insider and U.N. high commissioner of human rights.

Even as America has lost 3M manufacturing and 850,000 professional service and information jobs to the Third World since 2001, and with the rate of legal immigration already at about 1.2M annually, Pillay thought it reasonable to call on Americans and the West to take in 214M "international migrants".

The South-African born Tamil who relied on America for her education was quick to imply that it was prejudice, not the pursuit of maintaining our economy, identity, culture, and way of life, that motivated the vast majority of Americans to oppose a mass migration of Third World peoples into a country that took hundreds of years to build, as if it were lack of experience with multiculturalism that shaped American opinion.

Confusing the absence of discrimination –something used by employers and schools to weed out candidates– with treating people fairly, she threatened Americans as being outside compliance with international law, stating that "The principle of non-discrimination is fundamental in international human rights law."

What Pillay, whose opinions are adopted by both Republicans and Democrats here in the United States, doesn't recognize is the fact that European peoples, especially in America,  have always recognized certain rights as being beyond the authority of man to grant or deny.

The right to associate freely and to come together by consensus, instead of by real or implied threat of violence, imprisonment, or death, is a gift from Providence, and Western man has and will always be ready to fight for it.

If you're ready to fight for it, and if you're ready to stand up against international thugs like Pillay, consider joining the American Third Position today.


Being happy–is it good for the Jews? "Before Professor Dershowitz accused me of being an anti-Semite (news to me), I was a happy person. Since then, I'm still a happy person". –Michael Santomauro

An antisemite condemns people for being Jews, I am not an antisemite.--Michael Santomauro

Most of us are mentally trapped to think Jewish. Actually, it is safe to say that virtually every mainstream publication or or other type of media organ is "nothing more than a screen to present chosen views." The great battle over the last century has been a battle for the mind of the Western peoples, i.e., non-Jewish Euros. The chosen won it by acquiring control over essentially the complete mainstream news, information, education and entertainment media of every type, and using that control to infuse and disseminate their message, agenda and worldview, their way of thinking, or rather the way they want us to think. Since at least the 1960s this campaign has been effectively complete. Since then they have shaped and controlled the minds of all but a seeming few of us in varying degree with almost no opposition or competition from any alternative worldview. So now most of us are mentally trapped in the box the chosen have made for us, which we have lived in all our lives. Only a few have managed to avoid it or escape it, or to even sometimes see outside of it, and so actually "think outside of the (Jewish) box." --Michael Santomauro

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Peace is patriotic!

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Truvada, a daily pill containing two anti-HIV drugs, may cut the risk of infection in gay men by more than 70%.


HIV-prevention pill's success rekindles AIDS researchers' optimism

Truvada, a daily pill containing two anti-HIV drugs, may cut the risk of infection in gay men by more than 70%. While new studies examine its effectiveness in other groups, its high cost looms as the next big challenge.


Tuesday's announcement that a once-daily pill containing two anti- HIV drugs could reduce the risk of infection by more than 70% in gay men stirred great excitement in the AIDS-prevention world because most previous efforts have failed so abysmally.

"This is a tremendous biomedical, biological success," said Mitchell Warren, executive director of the New York-based AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition. "But we are going to have huge challenges in finding out how to translate it into some sort of public health impact."

Dr. Robert M. Grant of the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology at UC San Francisco, who co-chaired the study, has been working in the field since 1983, shortly after AIDS was identified.

"We knew killing the virus was going to be hard, but we thought preventing HIV transmission was going to be easy," he said. "We thought the first vaccine was going to be easy. We thought the first microbicide was going to be effective. We were all very optimistic."

That optimism was not justified because the virus proved much trickier than expected, mutating frequently to evade the best weapons science could throw at it.

To date, there have been 37 completed randomized clinical trials looking at ways to slow the spread of HIV, and almost all have been negative. The only positive trials are three male circumcision trials that showed a mild benefit, a vaccine study last year that showed a small possible benefit, and a study in July that showed that a microbicidal gel used in women could block transmission of the virus by as much as 54% when used faithfully.

"We had to go through a phase where we tried all the easy things," Grant said. "We had to embolden ourselves to consider something like a pill a day, even though it is expensive and requires medical monitoring."

Moreover, antiretroviral drugs that can be given once a day and that are generally well tolerated have been available only in the last 10 years. Truvada, the drug used in the trial, is a combination of tenofovir, approved in 2001, and emtricitabine, approved in 2002. It then took Grant and his colleagues three years to negotiate the final protocol of the study with communities and sponsors, and then a few years more to enroll all the participants.

The trial involved 2,499 gay men and transgender women, groups chosen because they have a high risk of contracting HIV. Gay men account for 53% of all new HIV infections in the United States and a high proportion even in developing countries, so controlling transmission in that group could put a major dent in the epidemic.

"There is a real role for the federal government in taking this study to the next step … a demonstration project in the U.S. and other countries with major HIV epidemics in men having sex with men," said Chris Collins, vice president and director of public policy for amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research. "They should take these results and find out how pre-exposure prophylaxis would play out in the real world."

At least half a dozen other studies are underway around the world looking at Truvada and other drugs in more than 100,000 heterosexual men and women and intravenous drug users. Grant is extending the current study to look at long-term effects and is beginning other studies to examine alternative dosing schedules, such as twice a week or before and after sex.

There is no information about effectiveness of the treatment in other groups, but no reason to believe that it will be different than in gay men. "There is no biological reason why it shouldn't work in other groups, but that is not the same as knowing that it does," Grant said.

There have been anecdotal reports that some gay men have been seeking prescriptions for Truvada from their doctors already, but little evidence that that is the case, said Dr. Thomas J. Coates, an infectious diseases specialist at UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine. "I would expect that to change, but the major impediment is going to be cost."

The drug costs $7,000 to $10,000 per year in the U.S., Coates said, and is not available in generic form. Insurance is not likely to pay for it because prevention is an off-label use now, and most people would not like their medical records to note that they are participating in high-risk sexual activities, he added.

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