Mar 19, 2015

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Susan Budney

Mr. Steven Mandel,

I want to avoid making the Susan Budney vs Michael  Santomauro the poster case for divorce reform. The first thing Dr. Susan Budney must do is apologize to my son for claiming I am a man of hate and not a good father.

If I am forced by Justice Cooper (or any other venue or other judge) to continue to be forced by Dr. Susan Budney, because of her dishonest claim that I am a man of hate, to pay child support  with the threat of imprisonment  then I have no choice but  to abide because I have no interest being in jail. But my son will have to know that he will never have a father in his life because of Dr. Susan Budney claiming I am a man of hate. 

I will await for her decision on the apology and new terms. This will be posted on the World Wide Web for my son to Google.

I will agree to the sale of the house with the monies reimbursed from her unethical behavior taking funds from my IRS account and to be applied to the purchase price of the car.

Peace and love to my son who will never know what it is like to have a great father in his life.


Michael Santomauro


The Myth of the Innocent Civilian

Michael Santomauro