Jul 29, 2014

She is a Disgrace. Stopping Wrong & Illegal Actions is a "Tough Choice?"

"Let's Imagine "

        In a simplistic attempt  to justify Israel's Old Testament style slaughter of the Palestinians in Gaza, Israeli apologists always seem to ask the question '' how would the United States respond if a militant group fired thousands of missiles at its population centers from Canada or Mexico ? '' These yammering Zionists seemed to think they score heavily in the arena of public opinion with this childish argument.
        So let me try my own hypothetical question. How would  Americans react if, with the blessings of the great powers, a huge number of heavily armed aliens  from Eastern Europe arrived on our shores and claimed our country as their own by insisting that their god had it bequeathed it to them via their mythical patriarch somewhere back in the Bronze Age? And after defeating an inept American military, they succeeded in driving most of the American people into either Canada or Mexico or west of the Mississippi. And  then not being satisfied with the lands east of the Mississippi,  two decades later, they  initiate another war that results in their successful conquest of all the territory west of the Mississippi to the Pacific. And while promising the Americans west of the Mississippi an eventual state of their own, they nevertheless  begin a program of massive colonization of these territories  and also erect  an apartheid barrier around all  of their settlements. Furthermore, imagine a small enclave in the southwest near the Mexican border where millions of Americans took refuge on some worthless land. Originally the aliens hoped to colonize it, but reluctantly they turn it over to the Americans to run for themselves as a sort of city state/refugee camp/ open air prison with no powers generally associated with a sovereign state and also reserving the right to move in at any time to protect their interests. Further imagine that after the election of an America government deemed hostile to alien interests they proclaim a crippling blockade which reduces the population to abject poverty and near starvation. Not satisfied with the blockade, the aliens then unleash the full force of their modern military on the helpless inhabitants whose only way of striking back is with crude rockets made from sewer pipe that carry a low yield explosive made from sugar and fertilizer. And finally imagine an alien dominated  media that continues to label the Americans as terrorists.

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