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Truth, the key to Freedom, is something that most do not want to hear, yet repeat a lie over and over, it becomes truth..Mostly to get History Textbooks back to the basic example:   How about the  fact on the Korean War?  According to the new History text from  Scott, Foresman & Co,  the American Voice,     "the Korean War  began in 1959 and the "United  States" easily settled the conflict by using the bomb." Of course, the war  (or Police action)  began in 1950, it was not easy, the United  States did not use nuclear weapons, as is implied  by the text's reference  to "the bomb." In  1991 Mel and Norma Gabler of Texas, found nearly 8,000 changes made in books, and feel they failed to find all the errors.
The Jews, who for 2000 or more years were dispersed among the nations of the world, but did not assimilate to their adopted country; but began to infiltrate into the governments, financial institutions, and major industries, even into religious sects, many went as high as Bishops,  to divide, destroy or to takeover...step by step, the changes were silent and gradual- - - who could then understand what was happening...the few who began to sense something wrong, were soon silenced..
From the days of Plato,  the principles which regulate the public life of the morally healthy society, including governments, are also the principles of the great virtues of private life.  He also said that the statesmen of the head of a community must philosophers as well as Kings. The three principles in the structure of such a society must be:
                              1. Statesmen who direct the public life.
                              2. The general civilian population who carry on the business of providing for material needs.
                              3. Executive force ( army or police) whose function is in one rightly ordered society to give effect to the counsels of the statesmen by repressing attacks from without and rebellion from within...
Such a society is a true aristocracy, or rule of the  best. And such rule can only  be found in a Republic form of government which gives limited power to a central government. Therefore, those in Congress and other branches of governing should know better than to keep referring to spreading "Democracy and Freedom, the  two words are in great variance with each other...Democracy is the worst system of government. No attempt is made to connect political power with any special qualifications.   Rule becomes by mob which later become anarchy – disorder and confusion leading to Tyranny, an exercise of irresponsible power by men of criminal will....
The opinion  makers talk about a "changing world."  The world never changes in body, mind and spirit, in spite of its great strides in science, discoveries, and technology...except through the misleading propaganda  of the evil doers who want to make change by convincing an unsuspecting society.         
An informed electorate, who would elect only just men and women,  regardless of their financial power, or lack of it, has become an impossible dream. We have come to where betrayers are idolized and saviors are maligned. The American people have been so seduced by foreign interests, who now have become our rulers and destroying our Constitutional Republic.  The cost of politicking has become so exorbitant that the patriots who get elected owe too many and have become open to bribery.
It is worth repeating, what can the average citizen do to  preserve constitutional government and our system of a truly free enterprise.  There are many things one can do in in his home community, his state, and finally the nation...In the coming 2012 elections,  his main attention should be on those elected to Congress from his own finding the true patriots, prepare them for campaigning and election...If legislation through Congress is wise, it will be wisely administered, but if legislation is against our rights and freedoms it is bad, even the best administration cannot cure the evil.
With a strong Congress an ambitious President, seeking to  usurp power from Congress through unconstitutional  "executive orders" can do little harm, and with a weak or misleading  Congress, a  strong patriotic President can do little good.
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Subject: Fourth of July Lies : Information Clearing House: ICH

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"The obedient folks in the U.S.A. are exposed to hundreds of Hollywood films, after-school specials and school projects that prioritize USA dominance, rabid consumption at the cost of the planet, and the repeated story of "The Jewish Holocaust" with a capital "H" as opposed to the "always forget" truths of indigenous holocausts of North America, Africa, Palestine, Iraq, and soon to be Libya promoting the take-over of as many countries as possible by a very real axis of evil, real dictators, and real gangsters—the corporate-government elites of the USA, Britain and Israel."

either she has tenure or another form of  security... but for saying that alone she deserves great praise...


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