Jul 24, 2014

Thomas Dalton « Inconvenient History

Thomas Dalton « Inconvenient History

The 'Holocaust Denial' Debate

How Israel Uses Twitter, Facebook & Tinder to Legitimize Murder | Brainw...

It's bad enough that Americans receive their news about the current Israeli / Palestinian conflict from media outlets owned or dominated by Jews, but in addition most of the panel discussions and interviews consist of one Jew talking to another Jew(s). I just saw the Jew, Wolf Blitzer ( who is an Israeli national ) talking about the Middle East Conflict with Gloria Borger ( Jew ) and Jane Harmen (Jew ). Last night I saw Charlie Rose interviewing Martin Indyk ( Jew ) and earlier in the afternoon it was Andrea Mitchell interviewing Israeli government spokesman, Mark Regev. Earlier in the week it was Dana Bash (Jew ) interviewing some Jew whose name for the moment escapes me.
This would not be a problem if they placed the conflict in its proper context and asked honest questions. They should tell viewers that Hamas did not fire a single rocket into Israel until after Israel had rounded up some 600 Palestinian suspects and hauled them off to Israeli dungeons where they languish to this day or that the Israelis blew up the homes of their principle suspects and killed seven Palestinians in the process. They should also remind viewers of the Israeli blockade of Gaza that has be straggling that open air prison for the past seven years. They should also explain why their are 1.7 million people crammed into Gaza making it ,according to the UN ,the most densely packed political entity on the planet…these unfortunate Palestinians once lived in what is now Israel but were driven out to fulfill the Zionist dream of a Jewish state.
I will not raise issue of '' dual loyalty'' since that would imply that these media moguls and pundits have at least some loyalty to the United States.