Aug 10, 2014


Guest Column by Vladimir Putin


Aug 10, 2014 
Oh the Humanity

       During the Gulf War we destroyed Baghdad's sewage treatment facility and in the subsequent blockade refused to allow Iraq to import the necessary machinery to get it back online. The disease infused water that Iraqis were forced to drink as a result was a major factor in causing the more than 1.5 million Iraqi civilian deaths, 500,000 of them children under five…the ones that Madelene Albright felt '' was worth it '' when asked about it by Leslie Stalh's of Sixty minutes. Now suddenly the United States is showing a humanitarian concern for a few thousand refugees stranded on a mountainside in northern Iraq.

       The Islamic World is undergoing a tectonic upheaval…to think we can impact events short of occupation by hundreds of thousands if not millions of troops is pure fantasy. If the current Iraqi government, that purportedly represents a nation of  some thirty million people can't muster a military force to repel an insurgent army of a mere 15 thousand then that government i.e. the one we support has some serious legitimacy problems.

       Should we decide to take on ISIS, would not that put us on the same side as Iran and Assad's Syria?

       Should we support Kurdish separatists whose territorial claims extend deep into Turkey a major US ally?

      We are told that  ISIS is evil because they cut off the heads of their enemies…how many Palestinians have had their heads severed by Israeli weapons…weapons which the US supplies.

The War on Whites

Jewish Power

Only Jewish power can get the media to NOT say "captured" instead major media reported:

'The soldier was "kidnapped" ( or sometimes "abducted”) by Palestinian militants during an attack in Gaza.'


Everything is religious, everything is political.

Justice Matthew F. Cooper:  Sending me this about "The Fucking Jews"
Mr. Santomauro: No, actually, it was the opposite of that. It was "Fuck the Arabs" in the essay.
Sandra Schpoont (Attorney for my 11 year old son): Oh, that's better.
Madelyn Jaye:(Attorney for my ex-wife): Oh, that's better.
Steven Mandel (Attorney for my ex-wife): That's better.
Justice Matthew F. Cooper: Oh, that's better.

Letter from The Mandel Law Firm (Steven J. Mandel) 12-9-13

Justice Matthew F. Cooper: "Is that [Jewish] agenda to dilute the Aryan race?" On page 20: 


My essay in question:

+The Myth of the Innocent Civilian

"Justice Matthew F. Cooper has distorted, invented or misremembered almost every significant claim and phrase. In particular, 'Jewish conspiracy' is completely false, in spirit and in word.

"It is serious and upsetting. Rather than correct a smear, Justice Cooper has attempted, perhaps not surprisingly, to justify one smear with another in the same direction.

"Michael Santomauro promotes the ideal of "scientific journalism" – where the underlaying evidence of all articles is available to the reader precisely in order to avoid these type of distortions. Michael Santomauro treasurse his strong Jewish support  just as he treasures the support from pan-Arab democracy activists and others who share the hope for a just world." --I.S.

Michael Santomauro

An open Letter to Israeli academics- the slaughter of the innocents in Gaza by the IDF

 An open Letter to Israeli academics- the slaughter of the innocents in Gaza by the IDF.

Despite Growing International Condemnation, No End to Gaza Violence in S...

The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

August 9, 2014

The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist
J. Scahill, R. Devereaux - The Intercept
The Obama administration has quietly approved a substantial expansion of the terrorist watchlist system, authorizing a secret process that requires neither "concrete facts" nor "irrefutable evidence" to designate an American or foreigner as a terrorist, according to a key government document obtained by The Intercept ... The new guidelines allow individuals to be designated as representatives of terror organizations without any evidence they are actually connected to such organizations, and it gives a single White House official the unilateral authority to place entire "categories" of people the government is tracking onto the no fly and selectee lists.

The Myth of the Innocent Civilian

New Leaker Disclosing U.S. Secrets, Government Concludes
E. Perez - CNN
The federal government has concluded there's a new leaker exposing national security documents in the aftermath of surveillance disclosures by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, U.S. officials tell CNN. Proof of the newest leak comes from national security documents that formed the basis of a news story published Tuesday by the Intercept, the news site launched by Glenn Greenwald, who also published Snowden's leaks.

Israeli Extermination In Gaza
Ali Jarbawi - The New York Times
... The rise in Israeli racism and extremism against Palestinians would not have happened without the unconditional support that Israel receives from its allies, most significantly the United States. Israel cannot continue to be the exception to the rule of international law and human rights. The international community must hold it accountable for its rhetoric and its actions, and begin to treat it like all other countries. It should not be allowed to continue to enjoy its state of exceptionalism and to use this to wreak destruction on the Palestinian people.

Israel: Winning the Battle, Losing the War
The Economist (Britain)
... But as the occupation of Palestinian territory has dragged on, sympathy has seeped away. In a poll published in June, before the destruction of Gaza, the citizens of 23 countries put the balance of those who think Israel is a good or bad influence on the world at minus 26%, ranking it below Russia and above only North Korea, Pakistan and Iran ... Time is not on Israel's side. Palestinians may already outnumber Israelis in the lands they share. Without two states, Israelis and Palestinians will be left with one that contains them both. The risk for Israel is of either a permanent, non-democratic occupation that disenfranchises Palestinians, or a democracy in which Jews are in a minority.

Millennials Are Over Israel: A New Generation Rejects Washington's Reflexive Support
D. Palumbo-Liu - Salon
... Americans are used to having Israel and the issue of the Palestinians framed by two heretofore closely intertwined narratives: that of the Holocaust and that of the founding of the state of Israel ... International support for Israel is ebbing because the Holocaust narrative can no longer offer an omnipotent shield against a critique of the second narrative regarding the founding of the state of Israel ... More and more younger Americans, growing up well past the postwar era, find the Holocaust narrative to be less than absolutely and unquestionably a good reason to support the horrible killings in Gaza. And as they learn more, their support will wane further.

Ebbing Support for Israel Among Young Americans Worries Zionist Groups
R. Kampeas - JTA
If the results of a recent focus group and polls are any indication, the gap is growing between the US Congress and young Americans when it comes to support for Israel ... Support for Israel is weaker among younger Americans and Democrats than among Americans generally. Add to that the results of a recent focus group culled from twelve congressional staffers - a small but very influential cohort - and pro-Israel activists are worried about the long-term sustainability of broad US support for Israel in Congress. Last Friday, a select group of Jewish institutions was sent a confidential summary of the staffers discussing the recent Gaza conflict. The tone of the summary, which was obtained by JTA, was one of alarm.

As Jews Unite, is US Youth Moving to Anti-Semitism?
The Times of Israel
... From a 2,200-strong rally in Colorado to Manhattan's mega event, politicians of all stripes and religious persuasions are speaking in defense of Israel alongside Jewish community representatives. However, there is another narrative being voiced as well. A recent Pew poll highlights an age group that is less than "supportive." Instead of standing with Israel, the poll finds that a third of all young Americans aged 18-29 (Jews and non) in fact blame Israel for the Gaza conflict ... So, The Times of Israel wonders: is this a watershed moment of pro-Israel support for the US Jewish communities - or just another notch in the belt of an ever-encroaching anti-Semitism?

Israel's Propaganda Machine Is Finally Starting To Misfire
Patrick Cockburn - The Independent (Britain)
... Frank Luntz, the Republican strategist who produced a confidential booklet in 2009, promptly leaked, advising Israeli spokesmen how best to manipulate American and European public opinion. "Don't confuse messages with facts," Dr Luntz advises the spokesmen as he explains how facts should be selected and best presented to make Israel's case ... For all the good advice of Dr Luntz there are signs of Israeli leaders getting rattled. Mr Netanyahu complained on CNN that Hamas wants "to pile up as many civilian dead as they can" and "to use telegenically dead Palestinians for their cause." Even the best propaganda machine cannot explain away massacres of civilians as happened in Lebanon at Sabra and Shatila in 1982 and at Qana in 1996 and 2006.

Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza Debunked
Noura Erakat - The Nation
... Israel's propaganda machine, however, insists that these Palestinians wanted to die ("culture of martyrdom"), staged their own death ("telegenically dead") or were the tragic victims of Hamas's use of civilian infrastructure for military purposes ("human shielding"). In all instances, the military power is blaming the victims for their own deaths, accusing them of devaluing life and attributing this disregard to cultural bankruptcy ... Below I address five of Israel's recurring talking points.

Israel is Losing Support Among Evangelical Christians
Haaretz (Israel)
Support for Israel is weakening among evangelical Christians, prompting a new struggle for the hearts and minds of younger members of America's largest pro-Israel demographic group. While hard numbers are not available, evangelical leaders on both sides of the divide on Israel agree that members of the millennial generation do not share their parents' passion for the Jewish state; many are seeking some form of evenhandedness when approaching the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ... The grip of Christian Zionists over young evangelicals has been loosening for several years, according to observers within the community.

Christian Zionism
Mark Weber - Podcast
The fundamentalist and evangelical Protestant Christians in the US who fervently embrace Israel are the single most important block of non-Jewish American supporters of the Zionist state and its policies. But few of these "Christian Zionists" realize just what an odd minority they are among the world's Christians, and how out of step their views are with traditional Christian principles. Christian Zionists reject the ethical values of Jesus as laid out in the Gospels, and betray fellow Christians in Palestine who are victims of Israeli dispossession and oppression.


Michael Santomauro
Cell: 917-974-6367

Paul Findley at the First American National Summit Reassessing US-Israel...

The Mandel Law Firm

The Mandel Law Firm / Steven Mandel Review

 one star review
From the desk of Michael Santomauro: August 16, 2013: 

Dear Mr. Steven Mandel: 

You continue to refer to me in your motion papers and orders to show cause papers as a “hateful person.” You have referred to me in the courtroom in front of Justice Cooper in your oral arguments as “a man of hate.” You have been very successful. That it has caused Justice Cooper to scream at me that I am an “anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier.” Justice Cooper continues to refer to it with snide remarks like “unless you are a therapy denier,” or “talk about baseball, like Hank Greenberg, and not about Jewish soap.”: Unless there is a retraction or proof, just one proof, that I am a hateful person, or anti-Semite or a Holocaust denier, then this will have to continue to be addressed because the ethnic and the political sensibilities has emotional crippled Mikey's lawyer and the court which includes the law clerks.: What you have implanted with success in the past is controlling the current and future outcome that is detrimental to Mikey's future human rights to have a father in his life. You have violated Mikey’s human rights in court by falsely calling me a “hateful person” and the court should retract as well the claims it continues too have that I am an Anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier.: A “Holocaust denier” is someone who denies there is nothing to debate. Therefore, the the title of my book: Debating The Holocaust: A New Look At Both Sides. : Concerning what “hate” is, and your claims that I am an anti-Semite has to be corrected. Those who control the past, controls the future.: 


Michael Santomauro 


Letter from The Mandel Law Firm (Steven J. Mandel) 12-9-13

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