Aug 10, 2014

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From the desk of Michael Santomauro: August 16, 2013: 

Dear Mr. Steven Mandel: 

You continue to refer to me in your motion papers and orders to show cause papers as a “hateful person.” You have referred to me in the courtroom in front of Justice Cooper in your oral arguments as “a man of hate.” You have been very successful. That it has caused Justice Cooper to scream at me that I am an “anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier.” Justice Cooper continues to refer to it with snide remarks like “unless you are a therapy denier,” or “talk about baseball, like Hank Greenberg, and not about Jewish soap.”: Unless there is a retraction or proof, just one proof, that I am a hateful person, or anti-Semite or a Holocaust denier, then this will have to continue to be addressed because the ethnic and the political sensibilities has emotional crippled Mikey's lawyer and the court which includes the law clerks.: What you have implanted with success in the past is controlling the current and future outcome that is detrimental to Mikey's future human rights to have a father in his life. You have violated Mikey’s human rights in court by falsely calling me a “hateful person” and the court should retract as well the claims it continues too have that I am an Anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier.: A “Holocaust denier” is someone who denies there is nothing to debate. Therefore, the the title of my book: Debating The Holocaust: A New Look At Both Sides. : Concerning what “hate” is, and your claims that I am an anti-Semite has to be corrected. Those who control the past, controls the future.: 


Michael Santomauro 


Letter from The Mandel Law Firm (Steven J. Mandel) 12-9-13


michael santomauro said...

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michael santomauro said...

Stay away!!! I went to this firm to get help with a divorce. I had to take out a loan to pay the $5000 retainer fee. I told them I had no more money and needed to fast track the divorce, but that my husband was eager to settle. From the first correspondence, filled with typos and misspelled words, to the Statement of Net Worth that they NEVER did get right, this firm was unprofessional and inefficient. (I should have fired them right away, but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt.) For two months I kept asking what was happening, and they kept making excuses. Then they started asking for more and more money, trying to force me to file new court papers which would cause the divorce to drag on for a year. I finally called my husband begging him to cooperate, and he told me what my lawyer had been doing. I fired them immediately, and am now trying to get my money back. Since then I have discovered that they tried to sneak into my paperwork a request for another $15,000 without telling me. BEWARE!! NOT PROFESSIONAL!!! They should lose their license.


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