Aug 10, 2014

Aug 10, 2014 
Oh the Humanity

       During the Gulf War we destroyed Baghdad's sewage treatment facility and in the subsequent blockade refused to allow Iraq to import the necessary machinery to get it back online. The disease infused water that Iraqis were forced to drink as a result was a major factor in causing the more than 1.5 million Iraqi civilian deaths, 500,000 of them children under five…the ones that Madelene Albright felt '' was worth it '' when asked about it by Leslie Stalh's of Sixty minutes. Now suddenly the United States is showing a humanitarian concern for a few thousand refugees stranded on a mountainside in northern Iraq.

       The Islamic World is undergoing a tectonic upheaval…to think we can impact events short of occupation by hundreds of thousands if not millions of troops is pure fantasy. If the current Iraqi government, that purportedly represents a nation of  some thirty million people can't muster a military force to repel an insurgent army of a mere 15 thousand then that government i.e. the one we support has some serious legitimacy problems.

       Should we decide to take on ISIS, would not that put us on the same side as Iran and Assad's Syria?

       Should we support Kurdish separatists whose territorial claims extend deep into Turkey a major US ally?

      We are told that  ISIS is evil because they cut off the heads of their enemies…how many Palestinians have had their heads severed by Israeli weapons…weapons which the US supplies.

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