Oct 22, 2014

Prominent Israeli Scholar Renounces His Jewish Heritage

October 22, 2014

The Real Secret of Iraq's Germ Weapons 
Eric Margolis While covering Iraq in 1990 - just before the first massive US bombing campaign - I discovered the US and Britain had secretly built a germ weapons arsenal for Iraq to use against Iran in the eight year-Iran-Iraq War. This while both the US and Britain were fulminating with breathtaking hypocrisy against the alleged dangers of Iraq's supposed WMD's (weapons of mass destruction) that never existed ... Last week the widely read "New York Times" ran a multi-page exposé entitled "Abandoned Chemical Weapons and Secret Casualties in Iraq." ... Iraq had no nuclear weapons, as the US falsely claimed. But it did have an arsenal of chemical and biological weapons - delivered by the western powers. All were battlefield arms, not strategic, weapons.

A French Jew Gazes Longingly Back at Vichy 
R. Zaretsky - Forward (New York) Eric Zemmour's "Le France Suicide" has just elbowed aside Valérie Trierweiler's memoir ... as the country's best-selling book ... Zemmour, who is also Jewish ... has long polished his reputation as a provocateur by belittling the "political correctness" of the French left, with little love for the revolutionary trio of universal values of liberty, equality and fraternity. These abstract claims, Zemmour believes, have undermined the traditional values - work, family and nation - that made for France's former glory. The French, he concludes, "no longer recognize France as their own country." The toxin poisoning France, according to Zemmour's diagnosis, is the flow of immigrants from North Africa.

Obama's Grand Speeches on Par With Bush's 
The Washington Times Obama's oratory, once thought to be his greatest strength, turns out to be about as sophisticated as former President George W. Bush's speechmaking, according to a study. An analysis by Vocativ ... rated Mr. Obama's State of the Union speeches as more dumbed-down than Mr. Bush's. The Republican's addresses averaged a grade level of 10, and Mr. Obama's scored a grade level of 9.4 ... The firm used a Flesch-Kincaid readability test, a measure of reading comprehension, to grade speeches by every president ... The analysis found that, over the centuries, presidential speeches have grown longer and less sophisticated. Vocative said the level of sophistication has fallen as presidents try to reach broader audiences.

Prominent Israeli Scholar Renounces His Jewish Heritage 
Shlomo Sand - The Guardian (Britain) past was Jewish, but today he sees Israel as one of the most racist societies in the western world. Historian Shlomo Sand explains why he doesn't want to be Jewish anymore / ... At this point in my own life, in the early 21st century, I feel in turn a moral obligation to break definitively with tribal Judeocentrism ... Now, having painfully become aware that I have undergone an adherence to Israel, been assimilated by law into a fictitious ethnos of persecutors and their supporters, and have appeared in the world as one of the exclusive club of the elect and their acolytes, I wish to resign and cease considering myself a Jew.

Russian Documentary Shows Enduring Lenin Legacy 
RFE/ RL"Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will always live." It was one of the most deeply ingrained aphorisms of the Soviet period. And now, nearly a quarter century after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it's proving to be prophetic. That's the message of "Leninland," a 2013 documentary film by Askold Kurov ... A deputy director of the museum tells Kurov in the film that "the vibrations of Christ" are still felt on the territory of Lenin's estate -- ignoring the fact that this was the very place where Lenin, an atheist, dictated his instructions to the Politburo on the confiscation of church property and the mass persecution of priests ... There have been many signs of a resurgence of Soviet symbolism and nostalgia in Russia in recent weeks.

Communism's Death Toll, and the Jewish Role in Bolshevism 
Mark Weber - Podcast're relentlessly told that we must "never forget" the "Six Million." But we hear far less about the vastly greater number of victims of Lenin and Stalin, and the grim legacy of Soviet Communism. Some 20 million people perished as victims of the Soviet regime, historians acknowledge. Jews played a decisive role in founding and promoting the egalitarian-universalist ideology of Marxism, in developing the worldwide Marxist political movement, and in brutally imposing Bolshevik rule in Russia. With the notable exception of Lenin, who was one-quarter Jewish, most of the leading Marxists who took control of Russia in 1917-20 were Jews, including Trotsky, Sverdlov, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Radek.

Two Speeches 
Uri Avnery (Israel) [Israel prime minister] Netanyahu is always quick to exploit changing circumstances to promote his unchanging attitude. The latest hot issue is ISIS (or the Islamic State, as it prefers to be called now). The world is appalled by its atrocities. Everyone condemns it. So Netanyahu connects all his enemies with ISIS. Abbas, Hamas, Iran - they are all ISIS ... Netanyahu counts on the fact that most people do not know what he is talking about ... In the real world, there is no similarity at all between Hamas and ISIS, except their professed adherence to Islam ... There cannot be any similarity between ISIS and Iran. They stand on opposite sides of the historic divide: ISIS is Sunni, Iran is Shiite.

Why is the US Navy Practising for War With China? 
R. Wingfield-Hayes - BBC News Watching the US Navy close up like this, it is hard not to be slightly awed. No other navy in the world has quite the same toys, or shows them off with the same easy charm ... The US Navy has not assembled two whole carrier battle groups and 200 aircraft off the coast of Guam for a jolly, either. This is about practising what the Pentagon now calls "Air Sea Battle". It is a concept first put forward in 2009, and it is specifically designed to counter the rising threat from China ... From Tokyo to Taipei, Manila to Hanoi, there are governments that are very happy to see America's great carrier battle groups sailing these waters.

Bowing to Putin's Power 
Jackson Diehl - The Washington Post grasp how Vladi­mir Putin is progressing in his campaign to overturn the post-Cold War order in Europe, it's worth looking beyond eastern Ukraine, where the Kremlin is busy consolidating a breakaway puppet state ... Let's consider Hungary, a NATO member whose prime minister recently named Putin's Russia as a political model to be emulated ... Obama has been congratulating himself on leading a "unified response" by the West that, he claims, has isolated Putin. In reality, a big chunk of the NATO alliance has quietly begun to lean toward Moscow. These governments do so in part for economic reasons: Dependent on Russia for energy as well as export markets, they fear the consequences of escalating sanctions.

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