Aug 7, 2014

What actually is anti-Semitism?  Why the special term?  What's unique here? 
'Anti-Semitism' is actually a theory that originated among Jewish thinkers.  Modern anti-Semitic theory has been shaped and sharpened by intellectuals such as T.W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Max Horkheimer and Sigmund Freud.  Among its contemporary missionaries are proponents associated with the ADL, Simon Wiesenthal, SPLC, and multitudes of institutions now devoted to disseminating unique lessons gleaned from WWII.
Anti-Semitic theory concerns a unique madness and intolerance that is rife among Gentiles.  Jews, the theory asserts, are disliked and persecuted by non-Jews not because of their conduct or even their beliefs, but by sexual repression, emotional discord, and general intolerance.  Also, Jews got an undeservedly bad rap in the New Testament.  The story of Jesus is profoundly 'anti-Semitic'.
Anti-Semitic theory was invented by Jews and is managed by Jews today.  It is used to explain the persistent conflicts that Jews face on a rather constant basis.  The theory of 'Ant-Semitism' also renders the Jews blameless.  It is the outside world that is evil. 
Anti-Semitic theory is a very powerful political tool.  And it is being abused.  More:
'The Virtue and Necessity of 'Anti-Semitism'
by Mark Green

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