Feb 28, 2010

Whistleblower Brendon O'Connell


Brendon O'Connell is a whistle blower on National Australian Security issues and is exposing Israeli's role in furthering the global 'terror' myths.

Please view this video, which started the action against him.



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Who is Ernst Zündel? A FREE man on March 1, 2010...


Who is Ernst Zündel?



Ernst Zundel, a German-born publisher, author and civil rights activist, is a towering figure in the worldwide Holocaust revisionist movement. For more than two years he has been held behind bars, first in Canada and now in Germany , solely for the peaceful expression of non-conformist views. 


Mannheim prison in Germany - Where Ernst Zundel is currently being held 

[Picture of what the cell is like that Zundel is in (outside cell) (inside cell)]

Metro West Detention Center in Canada, where Zundel was held in solitary confinement - underinhuman conditions


He is the most prominent political prisoner in the western world today. He is the author of countless booklets, newsletters and essays. He is a prodigious publisher, a one-man public relations firm, and an able public speaker and organizer. Energetic, tenacious and courageous, he is dauntless in struggle against apparently insurmountable odds and seemingly invincible adversaries.


Ernst Zundel was born on April 24, 1939, in a small town in the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany . He emigrated to Canada at the age of 19, where he soon married and became the father of two sons. His career as a graphic artist was successful, with his work appearing, for example, on the front cover of Canada 's national news magazine, Maclean's.


Setting aside his thriving career, he dedicated himself to the great task, as he saw it, of redeeming the sullied reputation of his fellow Germans. Through his Samisdat publishing house he distributed worldwide a prodigious quantity of books, booklets, leaflets,

Zundel family - 1944

newsletters, and audio and video cassettesSimon Wiesenthal, the well-known "Nazi hunter," called Zundel the world's number one distributor of allegedly dangerous literature and cassettes.


Zundel is probably best known for his central role in the "Holocaust Trials" of 1985 and 1988. He was brought to court in Toronto on a charge of "publishing false news," and specifically for publishing a reprint edition of a booklet entitled Did Six Million Really Die?.

Zundel's two lengthy trials - the 1985 trial lasted two months, and the 1988 trial lasted four months - have been the closest thing anywhere to full scale debates on the Holocaust issue. For the first time ever, "Holocaust survivors" and Holocaust historians were closely and critically questioned under oath about their claims and views.


Solving the six million riddle with Fred Leuchter, Dr. Faurisson, Ditlieb Felderer, - 1988

Zundel during 1988 trial


To wage the legal battle that was forced upon him, he brought together an impressive international team of revisionist scholars, legal specialists, researchers, and many others. From numerous libraries and archives in North America and Europe , this group assembled at "Zundelhaus" one of the most impressive collections of evidence anywhere on this chapter of history.


Among those who testified on Zundel's behalf in the trials were Robert FaurissonDavid IrvingMark Weber, William Lindsey, Udo Walendy, and Bradley Smith. As a result of the two trials, an enormous quantity of compelling evidence refuting the Holocaust extermination story was presented to the court and thereby was made part of the permanent public record. Perhaps the most important of this evidence was the historic testimony of American gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter about his on-site forensic examination of the alleged extermination gas chambers in Poland .


Read the Leuchter Report online


Zundel was found guilty in the 1985 trial, but the verdict was set aside by the provincial appeals court. It ruled that the judge in that trial had, among other things, given improper instructions to the jury, and had improperly excluded defense evidence. In May 1988, at the conclusion of the second Zundel trial, the jury declared him guilty. A few days later, he was sentenced to nine months imprisonment.


On appeal, Canada 's Supreme Court threw out the conviction, declaring on August 27, 1992, that the archaic "false news" law under which he had been convicted was a violation of the country's Charter of Rights. This was not only a personal vindication by Canada 's highest court; Ernst Zundel secured an important victory for the rights of all Canadians.


Zundel's next great legal battle was fought out before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in Toronto on charges, instigated by Jewish groups, of promoting "hatred or contempt" against Jews through the "Zundelsite" Internet web site (, operated by Ingrid Rimland from the United States. In this legal action, as the Tribunal's presiding Commissioner declared, the truth or validity of the supposedly "hateful" items was not a consideration. (Ultimately the Tribunal declared the "Zundelsite" to be unlawful, but because the site is based in the US , the ruling is unenforceable.)


During the 42 years he lived in Canada , Ernst Zundel was never convicted of a crime. He was, however, repeatedly a victim of violence and hate. He survived three assassination attempts, including by arson and pipe bomb. He's also endured years of legal harassment and repeated jailings.



[Arson on Zundel-Haus (picture 1) (picture 2)]   [Poster advocating the murder of Zundel]

After more than four decades in Canada , including a failed effort to acquire Canadian citizenship, he moved to the United States , where in January 2000 he married Ingrid Rimland.



Ernst Zundel and his wife, Ingrid Rimland


His wife, a gifted writer and noted author in her own right, was born in an ethnic German Mennonite community in Ukraine . As a child she and her family were victims of Soviet rule and the ravages of World War II. After the war she lived for a time in Paraguay and Canada , and then for years in California . Ingrid Rimland holds a doctoral degree in education, and is a naturalized US citizen.


On February 5, 2003, Ernst Zundel was arrested at their quiet home in the mountain region of eastern Tennessee . He was seized on the pretext that he had violated immigration regulations, or had missed an interview date with US immigration authorities, even though he had entered the US legally, was married to an American citizen, had no criminal record, and was acting diligently, and in full accord with the law, to secure status as a permanent legal resident.


After being held for two weeks, he was deported to Canada . For two years -- from mid-February 2003 to March 1, 2005 - he was held in solitary confinement in the Toronto West Detention Centre, on the pretext that he is a threat to national security.


His arrest and detention generated wide media attention. A few Canadian newspapers, including Toronto 's prestigiousGlobe and Mail, and several independent analysts, acknowledged the injustice of his incarceration on an empty pretext.


Among those who protested Zundel's unjust treatment was Bill Dunphy, a veteran investigative journalist and editor for the daily Hamilton Spectator. He spent six years probing Canada 's "white supremacist" movement, and got to know Zundel personally. Although he has no sympathy for Zundel's views, in a hard-hitting column (Hamilton Spectator, May 14, 2003) he told readers:


"Our government has seized and branded Ernst Zundel, stripped him of his human rights, tried him in secret and found him wanting, and will now hand him over to a foreign government anxious to throw him in jail...


"... Zundel - who did this country a favour by wiping off the books our disgraceful False News laws - has never once been convicted of a criminal offence in this country, never once found to have violated the hate crime laws that rest snugly around the throat of free expression in this country.


"Calculating correctly that there was no political cost, no 'down side' to slipping on the jackboots to kick a reviled old man out of our country, our government cobbled together their best insults and innuendo, and Lord knows what secret 'evidence,' and branded Ernst Zundel a threat to national security.


"I know this man, his local and international contacts and I know this movement. And after reading the 58-page 'unclassified' summary of the government's case, I can assure you there is no justice here. Their 'evidence' is riddled with errors and misinformation, hearsay and inflammatory innuendo. Dead men walk again, and the shattered bits of shoddy secret networks long since collapsed under the weight of their own ineptitude are made whole and menacing once again. It is a shameful piece of dishonest, unreliable tripe."

The Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE), a free speech advocacy group, fought for Zundel's release. "Mr. Zundel is quite literally a political prisoner," said CAFE director Paul Fromm, who also served as Zundel's legal representative in his detention hearings. "He is being held in solitary confinement solely for the non-violent expression of his political views."


The allegation that Zundel might be a threat to national security "is mischievous nonsense," said Fromm. "Zundel has been politically active in Canada for 40 years. He's a public figure. His writings and speeches are available on-line. He's been investigated for years by the police. He's an open book. Zundel has never advocated or practised violence, nor have his followers," Fromm added. "He's a pacifist and a publisher."


The Canadian Association for Free Expression protests in Canada against the incarceration of Ernst Zundel




Zundel was held in Canada not because his views are unpopular, or because he was a "security risk." He was in prison there because Jewish groups wanted him there, and because he promoted views that the Jewish-Zionist lobby considers harmful to its interests.


This lobby is the decisive, critical factor in the decades-old campaign to silence him. The only sustained and institutionalized effort to imprison Zundel has come from this lobby, which includes the Simon Wiesenthal Center , the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association, and the League for Human Rights of B'nai B'rith (with the Anti-Defamation League, its counterpart in the US ).



Deportation to Germany from Canada. Right: Arriving at Mannheim


On March 1, 2005, Zundel was deported to Germany , just as Jewish groups had been demanding. Since then he has been held in the Mannheim prison were he faces years of imprisonment for the "thought crime" of "denying the Holocaust." ("Holocaust denial" is against the law in Germany , France , Switzerland and some other European countries.)


On June 29, 2005, the public prosecutor in Mannheim formally charged Zundel with inciting "hatred" by having written or distributed texts that "approve, deny or play down" genocidal actions carried out by Germany's wartime regime, and which "denigrate the memory of the [Jewish] dead.


The first and foremost of the writings cited in the indictment are texts posted on the "Zundelsite" website, which is registered and maintained by his wife in the United States, where all such writings are entirely legal.

The indictment warned that Zundel could be punished with four years imprisonment. Trial is set to begin on November 8, 2005.


Ernst Zundel, who sometimes describes himself as a "Swabian peasant," is an outgoing, good-humored man who is blessed with a rare combination of unflagging optimism and practical ability. He maintains this infectious spirit even under very trying conditions. He is an unusually alert and sensitive individual with a keen understanding of human nature. He knows how to persuade, cajole and encourage others to give their best for the greater good. He inspires confidence, loyalty and affection.


Of this remarkable man, Robert Faurisson wrote in 1988: "Zundel may once again go to prison for his research and beliefs or be threatened with deportation. All this is possible. Anything may happen when there is an intellectual crisis and a realignment of historical concepts of such a dimension. Revisionism is the great intellectual adventure of the end of this century. Whatever happens, Ernst Zundel is already the victor."



===== ===== =====

For more about Ernst Zundel, the injustice against him, and the worldwide campaign to secure his freedom, see theZundelsite, including "David Against Goliath".

See also:

"Ernst Zundel: Letters from Prison"

"American Rally for Zundel's Freedom" (Feb. 2005)

"Ernst Zundel: Prisoner of Conscience, Victim of Thought Crime"

 "Who is Ernst Zundel, And Why is He in Jail?" (Sept. 2003)



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Liberal Richard Cohen Advocates Craziness in an Israel First War Policy


Harvey Taylor Quits Institute for Historical Review


Feb. 28, 2010

Resignation as Director of IHR

Effective today, I resign as Director of  the Institute for Historical Review. I consider myself very fortunate for having met, read and listened to such a courageous group. Let us hope that as time passes more laymen will be encouraged to think critically about the received version of the past.

Harvey Taylor



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Feb 27, 2010



Feb. 26, 2010
Richard Silverstein


Rabbi Mordechai Elon, accused of sexual abuse

Yet another prominent Orthodox rabbi has been charged with sexual abuse. This time it is Rabbi Mordechai Elon, one of the foremost rabbinic leaders of the Israeli Orthodox movement and former rosh yeshiva at the flagship Yeshivat HaRav, where last year a Palestinian mounted an assault which left several students dead. The result was that students of the yeshiva and other far right Jews went on a rampage and tried to burn down the home of the family of the perpetrator of the attack. Elon's brother is Benny, a former MK for a far-right pro-settler party.

At one time the rabbi was so renowned he'd hoped to be named chief rabbi. Alas, that hope is all but dashed as he was charged several years ago with abusing boys at his yeshiva:

Takana, a rabbinic forum established in 2003 to clamp down on sexual misconduct by Orthodox educators, went public February 15 with allegations that Mordechai "Moti" Elon had taken advantage of his influence over male students and performed "acts at odds with sacred and moral values."

The panel later said that two people, whose complaints alleged acts from about 25 years ago, had been under 18 at the time. More recent alleged acts involved students of Elon who were 18 or older. Since its initial disclosure, the panel reports having received one more complaint of an alleged underage encounter…

What is unusual about this case is that a splinter group of the Orthodox community is taking the position that the entire prosecution is an attempt to destroy rabbinic authority and the Orthodox movement. It calls for refusal to cooperate with state authorities (or to deal with the charge through a beyt din).

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, leading Orthodox authority on child sex abuse, himself charged with offense

One of the leaders of this group is Rabbi Shalom Aviner, rosh yeshiva of Ateret Cohanim, one of the most extreme of Israeli yeshivot. It is preparing the religious and priestly rite for establishment of the Third Temple, a development which could cause a holy war if the point is pressed too intensely. Aviner is known as an enthusiastic supporter of extremist settler politics, having called Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein "a saint." He declared that anti-Occupation Israelis who refuse army service should be executed.  He called settlement evacuation a 'illegal crime.'  Ironically (when you read what I'm about to tell you), Aviner has also suggested that women would be justified in killing a man who is raping them.  No word though on how they would do so unless he plans to provide them a weapon during the assault.  This advice shows the rabbi's complete ignorance of the circumstances of most rapes:

"In either word or deed, fight him off. Yell out loud so that everyone can hear you. If he touches you, slap him. If he attempts to do worse, and there is no other choice, you can kill him…yes, kill him," Rabbi Aviner wrote.

In many cases, such resistance might lead to the victim's death or severe beating.  One shudders to think what the rabbi would think of a woman who did not resist out of such fear.

Rabbi Aviner also calls for all Orthodox Jews to report any sexual abuse, which at first glance is quite an advance over the traditional approach, which has been to hush such charges up and avoid them like the plague.  But in light of what I'm about to tell you you'll find it odd that he suggests one enormous loophole:

"If the beater or the abuser is aware of his problem and is willing to receive the proper therapy, and in addition meets his commitment and goes to therapy, and is supervised by responsible elements, only in such a case there is no need to report…

So, all the abuser must do to avoid civil punishment is go to therapy.  You'll note there is no mention by Rabbi Aviner of the necessity of the abuser refraining from abusing once he is in therapy.  The reason why this distinction is important is that Aviner has become the leading defender of the non-cooperation movement regarding the Elon case:

"I am telling everybody — keep silent," the head of Jerusalem's Ateret Cohanim Yeshiva, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, told the Forward. He said that the affair must not be allowed to undermine the rabbis' authority.

No word on how Aviner squares this approach with his earlier pronouncement urging reporting abuse to civil authorities.  Apparently, Elon's agreement to pursue counseling convinced Aviner that reporting him was a sin.  But the Takanah rabbis disagreed strongly:

The[y] were very clear about why they chose to make the sexual-abuse allegations public now, several years after they themselves were made aware of them. When they were first informed about the charges, the rabbis said, they tried unsuccessfully to persuade the complainants to go to the police. In 2006, they also approached the attorney general at the time, Menachem Mazuz, who felt unable to probe the matter without the complainants' cooperation. The current attorney general, Yehuda Weinstein, has now told police to look into the allegations.

Stymied on the law-enforcement front, Takana rabbis said they demanded in 2006 that Elon cease face-to-face teaching, counseling and other rabbinic activities; he agreed. That year, he retired from his post at Yeshivat HaKotel and moved to the Galilee. But the forum rabbis say that Elon failed to honor his commitment, leaving them, according to a statement they released, with "no other way to protect the public from possible future harm" than by going public. The final straw was that the forum believed he had resumed counseling young men on sexual matters.

This points out the weakness of the Takana Forum.  It is entirely voluntary with the only threat or sanction the rabbis can use being public exposure.  Rabbi Elon has exposed this weakness and Rabbi Aviner is further undermining it.  What he doesn't realize is that he is harming Israeli Orthodox Judaism far more by endorsing impunity than a civil prosecution of Elon would.

Why might Aviner take such a position?  Well, it turns out he's likely to have his own sexual skeletons rattling in his closet.  Several websites whose goal is to track and report Jewish sexual abuse report Aviner himself has been accused of improprities with women he has counseled:

Back in 2002, serious allegations were made against Rabbi Shlomo Aviner of sexually harassing women both verbally and physically.

…In 2005, two women accused the Aviner of creating emotionally intimate relationships with them. These relationships included his expressions of his love for them during regular late-night phone conversations, extracting details from them of their sexuality and promoting an unhealthy emotional dependence on him.

Like in many other cases, those who tried to speak out where shunned and made to look as if they were crazy.

One wonders what the good rabbi would say if he sexually abused the women, would they have the right to kill him?  You can see how insane the situation is.

What's "crazy" is a religious community that bestows any respect on one of its leaders accused of the very crimes about which he makes moral pronouncements.  Only in such an insular environment can such a person not be viewed as hopelessly self-interested and suffering from an insurmountable conflict.

Not to mention that Aviner should be an embarrassment to his allies in the settler extremist movement.  Yes, the man is innocent till proven guilty.  But does that mean he needs to placed on a pedestal and his views about Baruch Goldstein or sexual abuse need to be honored as if they were halacha l'Moshe mi'Sinai ("the law according to Moses on Sinai")?

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Harvard Prof. Urges Genocide as Final Solution of Palestinian Problem


Mossad's Latest Blunder: The Dubai Assassination
Gwynne Dyer 

... The Dubai police say they are now "99 percent if not 100 percent sure" that [Israel's] Mossad was behind the murder, and most Western governments assume the same. Four Western governments are especially angry: Britain, France, Germany and Ireland, whose passports were used in the operation. Israel will doubtless promise once more never to do that again, and the fuss will eventually die down ... Many Israelis think they don't need to worry about this because everyone hates them anyway, but the wiser ones realise that the state's security and prosperity still depend heavily on the goodwill of Western countries. Actions like the Dubai operation, when they become public, erode that goodwill. But the wiser Israelis are not currently in the majority. 

The Mastermind Behind Mossad's Murder War 
The Sunday Times (Britain) 

... Mossad is now deeply embarrassed. Its use of the identities of British, French, German and Irish nationals as cover for agents to carry out the hit has angered western governments. In the ensuing diplomatic fall-out, sources close to Mossad said yesterday that it had suspended similar operations in the Middle East, mainly because of fear that heightened security would put its agents at greater risk. Dagan's job is also on the line. However, few believe that Mossad will give up the secret war it has long waged against Israel's enemies. 

Americans Concerned About Falling US Influence as China's Grows 
The Washington Post 

Facing high unemployment and a difficult economy, most Americans think the United States will have a smaller role in the world economy in the coming years, and many believe that while the 20th century may have been the "American Century," the 21st century will belong to China. 

Harvard Prof. Urges Genocide as Final Solution of Palestinian Problem 
M. J. Rosenberg - Huffington Post 

This has to be seen to be believed. Dr. Martin Kramer, a fellow at Harvard's National Security Studies Program, has posted a speech he delivered two weeks ago in Israel in which he urged solving the Palestinian refugee problem by population control, that is "stopping pro-natal subsidies to Palestinians with refugee status." In other words, starve the Palestinians so they don't have babies and, he seems to be saying, starving the babies so they don't grow up. That will help reduce the terrorist threat by preventing Palestinian babies from becoming "superfluous young men." It is, Kramer says, those "superfluous young men" who become radicals. 

Zionist Group Urges Donors and Student to Avoid UC Irvine
The Associated Press 

After months of growing tension between Jewish and Muslim students at the University of California, Irvine, the Zionist Organization of America is asking potential students to apply elsewhere and donors to stop sending contributions. The New York-based organization lambasted Chancellor Michael Drake in a statement Tuesday for not condemning anti-Semitic speech on campus and enabling a years-long history of "bigotry, discrimination and the violation of civil rights" by the school's Muslim Student Union. 

A Country of Serfs Ruled by Oligarchs
Paul Craig Roberts 

... The problems of the American economy are too great to be reached by traditional policies. Large numbers of middle class American jobs have been moved offshore: manufacturing, industrial and professional service jobs. When the jobs are moved offshore, consumer incomes and U.S. GDP go with them. So many jobs have been moved abroad that there has been no growth in U.S. real incomes in the 21st century, except for the incomes of the super rich who collect multi-million dollar bonuses for moving U.S. jobs offshore. 

Conspiracy Theories, History, and The State
Jeff Riggenbach 

On conspiracy theories, the impact of historical revisionism during the 1920s and 1930s, the role of Harry Elmer Barnes, and more. Audio recording of talk by a libertarian journalist, author, and educator. Runtime: 22 mins. 

I Am Israel 

Anti-Zionist video, made by Jihane Al Quds in Sept. 2009. Now available in a range of languages. Text by Hashem Said, an officer in the UW Palestinian student group Hayaat. Runtime: 6:27 mins. 

Liquidating the Empire 
Patrick J. Buchanan 

... We spend more on defense than the next 10 nations combined. Our Navy exceeds in firepower the next 13 navies combined. We have 100,000 troops in Iraq, 100,000 in Afghanistan or headed there, 28,000 in Korea, over 35,000 in Japan and 50,000 in Germany. By the Department of Defense's "Base Structure Report," there are 716 U.S. bases in 38 countries ... Is it not absurd to borrow hundreds of billion annually from China -- to defend Asia from China? Is it not a symptom of senility to borrow from all over the world in order to defend that world? 

Grandson of Israeli Prime Minister Rejects Zionism 
The Palestine Telegraph (Britain) 

"Murderous blood flows in Israeli arteries," says the grandson of former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Avindav Begin, who is also the son of the current Likud Knesset member Benny Begin, refuses to stand during the Israeli national anthem "Hatikva" and participates in protests against the Apartheid Wall. He does not see himself as a Jew or a Zionist ... 

New Issue of `Inconvenient History' Now Online 
Inconvenient History 

The new Spring 2010 issue of "Inconvenient History," a serious online "Journal for Free Historical Inquiry," is now available. Contents include: An analysis by Thomas Dalton of Joseph Goebbels' statements and diary remarks about Jews and Germany's Jewish policy; Paul Grubach on the non-Jewish stake in supporting Holocaust mythology; Joseph Bishop's consideration of the US atomic bombings of Japan as war crimes; Richard Widmann's review of David Irving's prison memoir. 

Eva Braun: Hitler's Devoted Companion 
The Observer (Britain) 

For decades she has been seen as a decorative companion to Adolf Hitler, an apolitical "dumb blonde" whose attentions served as an occasional diversion for the Führer. But the first academic biography of Eva Braun draws a different picture of the dictator's long-standing girlfriend, claiming historians have hugely underestimated the role she played in his life. Berlin historian Heike Görtemaker reveals her as a politically committed woman who won Hitler's affections, enjoyed a healthy sex life with him, sympathised with Nazi politics and gave him psychological support. Görtemaker spent three years researching her book, Eva Braun: Life With Hitler, due out this month. 

Eva Braun: Hitler's Devoted Partner
BBC News 

Interview with Heike Gortemaker, author of the much-discussed new book, Eva Braun: Life with Hitler. Runtime: 4:06 mins. The woman who was Hitler's lover, companion and wife has been portrayed for decades dismissively as an uninteresting, dumb blonde. This new book says that Eva Braun was anything but passive, and that historians have greatly underestimated her role in the German leader's life. 

Zionist Group Protests Romanian Film at Berlin Festival 
Der Spiegel (Germany) 

The Elie Wiesel National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania has protested against the inclusion of a Romanian film about anti-communist partisans in the Berlinale festival program. They say the main character was fascist and anti-Semitic ... The Romanian film "Portrait of the Young Man as a Fighter," which deals with anti-communist partisans in post-World War II Romania, has been accused of glossing over the anti-Semitism of its main character. 

Third Reich Film `Jew Suess' in Focus at Berlin Festival 
Agence France Presse 

A big-budget German movie about the Nazis' most successful propaganda picture and the pact with the devil sealed by its lead actor premiered to boos Thursday at the Berlin Film Festival. "Jew Suess - Rise and Fall" by Oskar Roehler tells the true story of a little-known actor who is offered the lead role in the main anti-Semitic smear film commissioned by propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. The new picture had been one of the most eagerly awaited at this year's Berlinale but a press preview drew scornful howls as the credits rolled. 

Myths of the `Good Wars': Three 'Holy' Wars
Howard Zinn - Video 

A noted dissident historian presents a critical view of three wars that most Americans have long regarded as "good" or "holy": the War for Independence, the Civil War, and World War II. Runtime: 67 mins. 

Israel Is Waging A Covert War Across the Middle East
The Times (Britain) 

Israel is waging a covert assassination campaign across the Middle East in an effort to stop its key enemies co-ordinating their activities. Israeli agents have been targeting meetings between members of Hamas and the leadership of the militant Hezbollah group, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. They are also suspected of recent killings in Dubai, Damascus and Beirut. While Israel's Mossad spy agency has been suspected of staging assassinations across the world since the 1970s, it does not officially acknowledge or admit its activities. 



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