Jan 25, 2010

Fwd: Dear Prof. Alan Dershowitz...About CNN's Elizabeth Cohen


JAN. 25, 2010

Professor Alan Dershowitz helps me understand how the ethnic sensibilities got in the way of CNN's 
Elizabeth Cohen when she was reporting from Haiti

Dear Prof. Alan Dershowitz,

Thank you professor Alan Dershowitz for waking-up my brain. It's because of your column yesterday in the Jerusalem Post, Double Standard Watch: For bigots, Israel can do no right that I learned something new about myself. You rascal..! Could it be an inspection of your own brain that you think of me as a racist and a fascist? Are you sure you were not looking in the same mirror as Elizabeth Cohen's when you wrote that about me?

Your link to Elizabeth Cohen's video news report with the word "marvel", caused be to investigate the integrity of her reporting, due to your endorsement of her and your misunderstanding about me. Let's click on "marvel" and go to the video clip, before we continue with my discovery, thanks to you, of her propagandist reporting.

You wrote in your fist two opening paragraphs:

As most objective observers throughout the world marvel at Israel's efficiency and generosity in leading the medical aid efforts in Haiti, some bigots insist on using these efforts as an occasion to continue their attack on the Jewish state. Both the neo-Nazi hard right and the neo-Stalinist hard left cannot help but to demonize Israel, regardless of what Israel does.

The neo-Nazi Web site features a blog entitled The Zionization of Disaster Relief.  It accuses Israel of "exploiting the suffering of poor, defenseless Haitians on behalf of Israeli Triumphalism." It complains that Israel is rendering medical aid to Haiti only to deflect attention from its crimes against the Palestinians. 

Let's focus on your good friend Elizabeth Cohen 

On the earth shattered grounds in Haiti on Jan.14, Elizabeth Cohen on CNN reports that the nation of Israel would send a field hospital and it would be up and running on the next day on Friday, Jan.15. In the mean time, according to Wikipedia (see LINK) over 150 nations and territories responded to the Haitian earthquake crisis. It was not worth a mention by Ms. Cohen. When Friday arrives and still there is no Israeli field hospital, she repeats the same reporting on Friday night that the Israelis will have a field hospital on Saturday, Jan.16. Why was this more news worthy than the other nations who were on the ground with field hospitals?

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Tweeter reports, the Israeli field hospital and it's 40 doctors arrived Friday morning. With military personnel of 200 to set up the field hospital overnight and into the early hours of Saturday morning before 8:04AM the Israeli field hospital had an ICU, with patients that were brought to them from a nearby adjacent makeshift hospital that was monitored by a Dr. Jennifer Furin. Who we would learn about, from Elizabeth Cohen, in reports she filed the following days and ways on Jan.16 with a video clip, Jan. 17 with a written article, and then Jan.18 with a spliced video clip --- all in a very sneaky way for Zionist propaganda effect.

With all of her anticipation for two nights telling CNN viewers about the arrival of an Israeli field hospital, she does not file a report about the Israeli field hospital's functioning on Saturday, Jan.16. Stretching this story for propaganda purposes until -- Monday Jan.18. 


Monday is a bigger news day than a Saturday and definitly a Sunday when folks are watching sports, outside or at family functions. According to the IDF Tweeter reports the Israelis already had an operating field hospital functioning within walking distance from where her CNN crew was reporting unnecessary scary news.

Her live report on Saturday afternoon makes no sense and is contradictory. See my yellow highlights.

ELIZABETH COHEN, CNN SENIOR MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: Fredricka, this is day three for me at this makeshift hospital of about 300 patients on the U.N. compound near the airport. And I'll tell you, the screams have intensified. We hear them all the time.

These are people with broken bones they are trying to control with morphine, and it's just not cutting it any more. For example, the loudest screams we hear are from people with pelvic fractures where the bones are sticking out of the skin. They need surgery.

And to talk about this I have Dr. Jennifer Furin here with me from Harvard medical school. And Dr. Furin, tell me, what percentage of the patients here need surgery within the next 24 hours?

DR. JENNIFER FURIN, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL: Within the next twenty-four hours, approximately 30 percent of the patients in the hospital need immediate surgery or they are going to die.

COHEN: They will die of infections?

FURIN: They will die of infections, malnutrition, and metabolic derangements.

COHEN: The U.S. Department of Health and Human services does have a team that sets up operating rooms for patients like this. What are you hearing? Are they coming any time soon? FURIN: In any situation like this with downed communications, rumor and speculation are the norm. We hear every day that the team will be set up, we'll be able to send patients over there for life-saving and limb-saving surgery. Every day the expectation goes down, the hope, most importantly, of the patients are dashed as there is nowhere to send them for necessary, life-saving surgeries.

COHEN: Is there any hope at all? Is anyone setting up an operating room for these patients at all?

FURIN: I know there is a lot of talk and speculation about it. The only people we've actually seen on the ground doing things are the team from Israel.

COHEN: The team from Israel is building an operating room?

FURIN: Yes. They are building a functioning triage level and surgical field hospital. They are the first ones who will be operating.

COHEN: Thank you, Dr. Jennifer Furin from Harvard medical school.

The news media blitz on Monday (Jan.18)  kept reminding the public that the size of the Israeli field hospital would be able to help 500 patients a day compared to the typical field hospital of 140 patients a day. Yet at the end of the second day on Sunday Jan.17, it only helped 200 patients, this according to the Israeli Tweeter reports--short of 800 patients it could have helped, since it was built for 500 patients a day.


Elizabeth Cohen files an updated written report on her BLOG at 2:28 the next day Sunday Jan.17: "Furin said rumors and talk of setting up an operating room abound, but that nothing has materialized." But this is misleading! Dr. Furin had no need for surgical rooms since the Israeli field hospital was next door, to help (and was helping!) Dr. Furin and her staff for over 30 hours!!!

Here in its entirety is the updated written report she filed at 2:28 on Sunday Jan, 17. Keep in mind, she filed a video report on Jan.18, with Dr. Jennifer Furin, who she interviewd on Saturday Jan.16, saying that since she has been in Haiti she has been sending the most serious cases next door to the Israeli field hospital, and it was done immediately on Saturday morning at 8:04AM or earlier, according to the IDF Tweeter reports.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) -- Nearly a third of the patients at a makeshift hospital in earthquake-ravaged Haiti will die without immediate surgery, a doctor warned Saturday.

"Within the next 24 hours, approximately 30 percent of the patients in the hospital need immediate surgery or they're going to die," Dr. Jennifer Furin, from the Harvard Medical School, told CNN of the roughly 300 patients at a makeshift hospital on a United Nations compound near Port-au-Prince's airport.

"They will die of infections, they'll die of dead tissue, they'll die of malnutrition and metabolic derangements," she said.

The screams at this temporary hospital have crescendoed since Tuesday's earthquake, and medical workers futilely tried to ease pain with morphine. The loudest cries came from those with pelvic fractures so severe that their bones protruded through their skin.

Video: Medical facilities scarce
Video: Baby pulled from rubble

Furin said rumors and talk of setting up an operating room abound, but that nothing has materialized.

"Every day as the sun starts to go down, the hope, most importantly, of the patients are dashed, as yet again there's nowhere to send them for these necessary life-saving surgeries," she said.

One team, from the Israel Defense Forces, began setting up a surgical field level hospital at an abandoned athletic field.

"They're the first ones who are going to be operating," Furin said.

The Israeli delegation of 220 arrived at the Antoine Izmery soccer field Friday to begin setting up tents and equipment. Its doctors and other medical personnel anticipated treating about 500 casualties a day. Much of the aid will be focused on helping any survivors of the destroyed U.N. headquarters in the capital, Port-au-Prince.###

Facts that Elizabeth Cohen did not want to report, the nations from the same region as Israel were not noted and also may, may explain why the Israeli field hospital was so underutilized. 

From Jan. 14-16 the same time frame of the Israeli arrival to Haiti this was not reported by CNN:

Jordan: A Jordanian air force plane carrying a military field hospital and 6 tons of food and supplies left Amman on January 14. A second plane carrying Jordanian medics left the following day.

Iran: Iran's Red Crescent society sent 30 tons of humanitarian aid, including food, tents and medicine, on January 16.

Kuwait: Kuwait donated $1 million to relief efforts; the Red Crescent is preparing 100 tons of food, medical supplies, tents and blankets to fly to Haiti.

Lebanon: Lebanon is loading a plane with 25 tons of tents and 3 tons of medical supplies; it leaves tomorrow.

Morocco: Two planes carrying 24 tons of aid left the city of Kenitra on January 16. The Moroccan government has pledged $1 million in aid to Haiti.

Qatar: A Qatari C-17 aircraft loaded with 50 tons of aid left for Port-au-Prince on January 14. The Qatari government also sent a rescue team to set up a field hospital; the Red Crescent will sent another $100,000.

Turkey: Three cargo planes -- carrying search-and-rescue teams, a mobile hospital and aid materials -- left for Haiti on January 16. Another two planes left yesterday. Turkey has also donated $1 million in cash.

United Arab Emirates: The UAE sent two planes loaded with tents, and a team from the UAE's Red Crescent will arrive in the Dominican Republic tomorrow to buy $500,000 worth of supplies and truck them to Haiti. Another 50 tons of emergency supplies will be air-lifted from Abu Dhabi tomorrow.

See how FOX News filed a fair and balanced report (I can't believe I am saying this about Fox News). The report they aired on the same Monday as Ms. Cohen's aired on Jan. 18:

Treating Survivors

Compared to this propaganda news item that you drool and marvel over:

Elizabeth Cohen filed this video report on Monday morning, Jan.18. As you can see she did not air the entire interview with Dr. Furin on Jan.16 or she went back to her on Sunday to interview her with staged questions. She did not want to air the entire interview until Jan.18, for propaganda purposes. Let's "Marvel" at the MARVELOUS clip--again. It is self-explanatory how she spliced the news piece and asked coached and leading questions for the doctors to answer with the kind of answers she wanted. all about it...

01:50  CNN Elizabeth Cohen: 
Haiti Day 6 - No one but the Israelis have come to help any of ...interviews makeshift medical tent personnel on January 18, on Monday morning. Asking Harvard Medical Dr. Jennifer Furin, "Have the Americans set up a field hospital ...(Like Ms. Cohen does not know the State Department passed the baton for Israel to milk the publicity that she helped facilitate.)

Yes have a rabid Zionist (like yourself--you rascal) reporter doing what she is supposed to do...make sure the Israeli effort goes to the front of the media bus and everybody else to the back. Nothing new. That's standard operating procedure and the network editors know that. And the name of the game is holding the viewer for the ads to run. The big ad companies who do the Fortune 500 company ad buys are mainly Jewish owned and run, so Jewish Power in the USA have a kind of vertical monopoly. Re-read JJ Goldberg's book: Jewish Power to remind yourself. Or re-read your own books that you allege you wrote.

But with all the mess there is out there, Alan, the general public is not going to care about PR wars. About who did what, or what you think of me and 

Maybe the real story is/was the under supply medicines and supplies for the hospitals that were functioning. We may learn that the orthopedic supply chain may not have a ton of excess capacity in it for tens of thousands of victims at one time. Where, like a Walmart warehouse, it could be loaded and shipped down in 12 hours.


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