Mar 22, 2010

Jeff Gates: "Anti-Semitism - What is it?"


Several of us among the incurably curious asked ourselves a simple question: what is anti-Semitism? That it must be written with a capital "S" says a lot.

Then we realized it also morphs. To that feature I can attest. In November 2002, I met a "John Doe" in London who proposed a research challenge. While meeting that challenge, I encountered various versions of anti-Semitism.

A colleague advised against this challenge. First he fretted at the criminal nature of what the research has since confirmed. Then he inquired about my safety. That said a lot. 

The colleague was M.I.T. Professor Noam Chomsky. For his criticism of Israeli policy, he was attacked as a self-hating Jew. Were he not Jewish, doubtless he would have been an anti-Semite. For critics of Israel, those are the only two options. He cautioned me:

You'll get the same thing: anti-Semitic, Holocaust denier, want to kill all the Jews, etc. It doesn't matter what the facts are. Bear in mind that you are dealing with intellectuals, that is, what we call 'commissars' and 'apparatchiks' in enemy states.

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Editors --

Attached is my contribution to a series on What is Anti-Semitism? This was written as a sequel to a What is Zionism? series that went viral online. This series is a prologue to a forthcoming series on Delegitimization beginning April 1st. Please urge your networks to focus their writings, interviews and such around that theme during the first week of April.

Is this anti-Semitism analysis relevant and topical? Note that Benjamin Netanyahu's brother just accused Barack Obama of anti-Semitism. Keep in mind that Clinton White House counsel Abner Mikva described Obama as "the first Jewish president."

I recently returned from ten days of briefings and interviews in Pakistan based on a 7-part series launched on Opinion-Maker, an influential Pakistani website. The first commentary generated 25,000 reads in the first 24 hours. Those of you unfamiliar with the back story to Guilt By Association may want to review two commentaries (here and here) as they identify the "John Doe" off whose multi-decade experience inside this trans-generational criminal syndicate the past seven years of research has pivoted.

Also urge that you review How Israel Wages War on the U.S. for a chronicle of the "how" of today's "field-based warfare." When waging mind warfare, the relevant battlefield is the shared field of consciousness where one of the most powerful weapons is the power of association. Note how the credibility of Colin Powell (a field-based property) was appropriated to displace facts with false beliefs about Iraqi WMD in plain sight and, to date, with impunity. 

While in Islamabad, I briefed cricket icon Imran Khan on the appropriation of his celebrity (another field-based property) so that, in practical effect, a sophisticated psy-ops campaign could breach the literacy barrier to inform and outrage tens of millions of Muslims with a classic agent provocateur operation that set off anti-U.S. demonstrations worldwide, including riots that killed 17 in Pakistan. Note the consistency with which the U.S. is made to appear the villain in these Israeli operations. Under ended, this relationship will continue to make us appear guilty by association.

This problem cannot be solved with hate any more than you can fight fire with fire. This war (and it is a war) must be fought with transparency, accountability and better design. The U.S. military may be recovering from its denial and reticence to press elected officials on the danger that Israel poses to U.S. interests. Perhaps we yet may see some semblance of representative government. See, for example, "How the Israel Lobby Took Control of U.S. Foreign Policy".

Informed Americans will look back on this period as a Dark Age when the facts required for informed consent were systematically displaced by Israelis and pro-Israeli operatives with the false, fixed and outright fabricated intelligence that enabled an enemy within to deploy our military to pursue what the Joint Chiefs cautioned Truman in 1948 was an agenda by "fanatics" determined to gain hegemony in the region. Make no mistake about it, what's being chronicled in these accounts is ongoing treason, a capital crime. With one honest U.S. Attorney willing to convene a grand jury, this systemic criminality could be exposed and the requisite criminal indictments issued to commence the accountability process.

Attached is a word doc version of the commentary. Note that it appears with graphics on Intifada-Palestine, Veterans Today and Opinion-Maker.

Editors: length is 1200 words plus byline. Please include a link to Criminal State. Please include links to two related articles: Are Hate Crimes Legalizing Treason? and Treason in Plain Sight.

Thanks for whatever you can do to educate a long-misinformed public both here and abroad. This was a big week for good news among those of you who are beginning to realize the common source of this trans-generational criminality and ongoing treason. We here at Criminal State have long advocated that our top military leaders are obliged to inform "our" president that Israeli behavior is endangering U.S. troops. That's a good start. Here's an account of that initiative by Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff with whom I traveled in Pakistan.

Please keep an eye on Criminal State for topical analyses as Israel and its supporters scramble to obscure and cover-up their ongoing criminality.

Best regards,

Jeff Gates

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