May 1, 2010

Thomas Dalton responds to Roberto Muehlenkamp and Andrew Mathis




Roberto says:

Before I move to the next part of my comments about Mr. "Dalton"'s response to Andrew Mathis and me following our radio conversation with Kevin Barrett on American Freedom Radio, I shall publish what my fellow interviewee Andrew Mathis has to say about item (4) of said response, which was discussed in my previous blog

In an e-mail sent to Kevin Barrett with copy to Roberto, Andrew Mathis wrote: 

Hello, Kevin,

Well, you have a Ph.D., so I assume you've done a literature search. I did one just now. Took all of five minutes.

So "Dalton" asked me to check the New York Times and find references to six million Jews vs. references to other sums of millions. He suggested a date range from 1900 to 1945. I thought it more wise to end my search on August 31, 1939 -- one day before World War II began.

These are standard Boolean searches and can be replicated on the ProQuest NYT Historic databse. Here are the results:

5 documents found for: ("6 million Jews") OR ("six million Jews") AND PDN(>1/1/1900) AND PDN(<8/31/1939) 220 documents found for: ("million Jews") OR ("millions of Jews") AND PDN(>1/1/1900) AND PDN(<8/31/1939) AND NOT ("six million Jews") AND NOT ("6 million Jews") Not to put too fine a point on it, this is five references in the Times to six million Jews before the war began vs. 220 references to other sums in the millions. I.e., there are over forty times as many references to other figures. I think I made my point. Please publish this to the Web site. Roberto, you may do the same. -Andrew
After Andrew has thus struck another nail into the coffin of Mr. "Dalton"'s credibility, I move on to what this author wrote in items (7) and (8) of his response. 


Dalton's Holocaust Radio Debate on April 24, 2010:


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