Jun 29, 2010

Dr Tom Sunic/Dr Richard Lynn, VOR Interview/ Part 1, Tues. June 29, 2010, 9PM Eastern (IQ, race, “Christian gene"," Marxist gene" , “criminal chromosomes,” miscegenation, "aristocide," etc..)


The Sunic Journal

An Interview with Dr. Richard Lynn, Part 1 of 2

On Tue., Jun. 29, 2010, at 9 PM Eastern US time, Tom will interview Dr. Richard Lynn, a British Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster who has published several books on racial and ethnic IQ differences, eugenics, & dysgenics.

For directions on how to download and listen to this show, see the instructions at the bottom of this post.

Topics for part 1 of the discussion will include:

  • The political and cultural forces that deny or ignore well-established IQ differences among the races

  • The positive correlation of a nation's IQ to its economic productivity

  • Some phenomena that affect IQ, such as the celibate priesthood, city-migration, & race-mixing

  • Some thoughts on the relationship between IQ and religion, and between IQ and Leftism/Marxism

  • The "criminal chromosomes" of certain non-White groups in the US

About Dr. Richard Lynn

For more information on Dr. Lynn's life, and on Dr. Lynn's books and other work, please visit his Web site at

Listening and download instructions:

It will air on the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network.  To tune in to the live feed for this and all VoR programming, click here to use Windows Media Player or here  for Winamp.  For iTunes:  open iTunes, press Ctrl+U on your keyboard, copy/paste into the Open Audio Stream dialog box, then click OK (you will now be able to listen to VoR live on iTunes any time by clicking on 'Voice of Reason Broadcast Network' in your music list).  If you cannot catch it as it airs on Tuesday, the interview will be archived in mp3 format for download on Tom's page at the VoR site soon after the show ends (archived shows are listed on the right side.

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