Jun 2, 2010

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June 2, 2010

There is a new comment on the post "Erdogan Tells Turkish Parliament Next Gaza Aid Convoy May Have Military Escort".

Author: SimoHurtta

Fanatical pro-Israelis have mesmerized themselves to believe that the present policies of  Turkey (and Iran) are guided only by the religion and not by rational political thinking. That is extremely naive thinking and as naive as it would be to say that USA (or Israel) acts like it acts simply because of their religion.

Both Turkey and Iran act like big nations do when they want a bigger role which in relation to their history and size of population (and raw materials) and in that "activity" religion is a minor motivator. Can anybody seriously believe that Israel with its 5 million Jews' population could dominate several over 10 times more populous historical leading regional powers for a longer time than it now has succeeded to dominate. Israel's regional dominance has been one of the "miracles" of history  but it is unrealistic to believe that this anomaly based only ability to manipulate the western powers could continue still for decades to come. It is 100 percent sure that Israel will "shrink" to its natural size as a regional power. If Israel has still nukes after 10 years so will Turkey, Iran, Egypt etc have and there is nothing USA can do to avoid that development.


Dalton's Holocaust Radio Debate on April 24, 2010:


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