Dec 11, 2010

'Unfinished Victory"



Arthur Bryant is a die-hard, reactionary Tory, biographer and admirer of Stanley Baldwin, opponent of free trade and of economic liberalism, sympathizer with Hitler's racial dogmas and doctrine of "Blood and Soil." A few quotations from "Unfinished Victory" will illustrate: 

"Adolf Hitler, unknown to all but a few, was still in the early stages of his struggle, yet it may be said that Germany was already seeking him." 

"Hitler was acute enough to realize that the Marxist did not stand for freedom but for a despotic uniformity, enforced by terror and the annihilation of all who opposed them." [Hitler, in Mr. Bryant's opinion, obviously stands for freedom and individualism.] 

"Hitler's real quarrel with the capitalist and Marxist system alike was that they stopped things from growing. They were concerned not with creation, but the one with making quick profits and the other with establishing an unnatural and sterile uniformity." [Note the mystic nationalist's hatred for the merchant, the trader.] 

"This damning indictment of modern society and 'its original sin of racial corruption' constitutes the central theme of Hitler's political philosophy. It has never been properly answered." 

"The dreamer of Munich [Hitler] outlined a now organization of society to undo a century's neglect." 

"They destroyed because they were shocked ..." [Referring to the righteous moral indignation of Hitler's storm troopers.] 

"To the dispossessed millions it [Naziism] offered something even more attractive status and responsibility."

And Bryant approvingly quotes a German as writing: 

"A conquered and oppressed people has no place for an internationally-minded and internationally-organized commerce ..."

Now let us select a few choice anti-Semitic morsels from Mr. Bryant's heavily-laden tray. 

"Few of the Jews who set the spiritual and cultural fashions for Germany in the 'twenties had any comprehension of a countryman's point of view. They were not themselves countrymen or producers, but by … middle men: the descendants of men who had been forced to live for centuries as exploiters [though never landowners like Prussian Junkers or British Tories, M.J.B.] rather than as creators. …Their inherited instinct was to skim the cream rather than to waste vain time and effort in making enduring things. …They were exponents of the get-rich-quick philosophy … lovers of the flamboyant and the arts of advertisement…" 

"... Who [the Jews) in the nineteen-twenties seemed, with all the invincible vitality and opportunism of their race, to be making of a broken nation their washpot." 

"The lack of common purpose, the treachery of the Jews [Emphasis mine M.J.B.] and the stranger within her too-open gates, above all, the lack of consistent purpose in her leadership, had consigned Germany to the lowest hell of even her unhappy history." 

"And the dispossessed the lonely and dispirited men and women who had seen their homes, their savings and their livelihood sacrificed to the Jewish speculator when the currency collapsed turned also to the new creed." 

"To the peasant he [Hitler] promised the freedom of his land, now mortgaged to the Jewish usurer ..." 

"If one had the money, one could stay at luxurious hotels and sit among well-dressed people -- rich Jews from Galicia or native profiteers eating and drinking fabulously expensive food and wine." [This refers to the blockade-caused famine right after the War.] 

"Authorship in Germany almost seemed to have become a kind of Hebrew monopoly." 

"The perversion [homosexuality M.J.B.) which has always been a major German failing was now exploited and stimulated by Jewish caterers who, while seldom sharing such tastes, did not hesitate to turn them to their profit."

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