Mar 8, 2011

Hogan's Jews


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Those who have been here for awhile have probably perused this Propagander page, but for who have not done so, or those that are new:

Whether you find it to taste or not (and many do not), Hogan's Heroes is an extremely interesting television show for many reasons. Not only did this rather silly situation comedy (set in Germany during World War Two) run for 6 successful seasons and 168 prime-time episodes, but it did so during a time (September 17, 1965 - July 4, 1971) when anti-war sentiment in America was growing daily due to the involvement of the US in Vietnam.

The show was broadcast in West Germany for one week in 1974 on the US Armed Forces Network, but the German Government strongly insisted on its immediate removal from the airways. Hogan's Heroes didn't reach Germany directly until the early 1990's. Initially titled Barbed Wire and Turning Tail (Stacheldraht und Fersengeld), it flopped. Eventually re-worked and run under the name A Cage of Heroes (Ein Käfig voller Helden), it became a smash hit. The German version is actually funnier [I'm told] by a good margin than the original English-language episodes. This is due to clever translations that make imaginative use of various German dialects and regional accents. The greeting 'Heil Hitler' in today's Germany is illegal, so when the characters give the party salute, the German voice-over says: 'How high is your corn?' They even managed to introduce a new (off-screen) character into the mix; Kalinke, Klink's mistress and personal maid.

But the aspect of Hogan's Heroes that is intrinsically intriguing is the fact that five of the cast members, including the major German characters, are of Jewish extraction. The Jewish actors involved were: Werner Klemperer as Colonel Oberst Wilhelm Klink, John Banner as Sergeant Feldwebel Hans Georg Schultz, Leon Askin as General der Infanterie Albert Burkhalter, Howard Caine as Major Wolfgang Hochstetter, and Robert Clary as French Army Corporal Louis LeBeau. Each has more than a bit of triumph and tragedy in their histories, and will serve to highlight questions that remain important to this day. 


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