Apr 18, 2011



On April 19th , 20th and 27th on WPTR, , Mark Weber, the current Director of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR),  will be exposed for his role in the demise of the IHR. This exposure will be done as follows:

1.      Syed Saboor, Host of America in Focus, will interview Mark Weber confronting him with questions regarding his role in the IHR and ousting of Willis Carto.

2.     This will be followed by an interview with Michael Collins Piper, where Michael will detail exactly Mark Weber's actions in causing the demise of the IHR.

You don't want to miss this!!!

The days and times of the interviews are as follows:

Tues-Wed                      Sat
12 AM EDT                   9 AM EDT 
12 PM EDT                   9 PM  EDT

Please listen on WPTR,


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