May 26, 2011

From Jim Dean Re: Iran working on trigger for nukes, U.N. agency reports


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Date: Wed, May 25, 2011 at 11:06 PM
Subject: Re: Iran working on trigger for nukes, U.N. agency reports

Michael, This is an Intel shadow boxing game going on here...totally for public consumption. Look at the timing. The Iran nuke hype as been out of the news for ages. It just disappeared.
Do you think this would have been released a month or two ago???? No. Bibi has been to town. AIPAC has been to town. It' s crank up the threat to Israel time again. And all this stuff is just pitiful.
The Syrian gig was right out in the open, above ground, fully covered by Sat Intel. Light spectrophogy is so advance now that they can get a read on the exhaust venting and tell you what is going on inside.
Why would Syria want to do something this exposed?...when Iran as all those mountains to dig into....dummy targets they can construct and seed with a gram of bad stuff in the vents??
The IAEA report also stated the 'no diversion has taken place from the peaceful use stockpiles. It also confirmed they were still using first generation old tech centrifuges...and 'thinking about' using advanced ones in the future. So what is there left to build a threat on???
Enter stage left...'working on new nuclear trigger technology". Why do this when you have no weapons grade stuff...or any on the way? And why not use the older trigger technology? It works, right...and must be easier
This is all sock puppet stuff. I will call my nuke guy here in Atlanta and get his input.
"It is very likely that the building destroyed at the Dair Alzour site was a nuclear reactor which should have been declared to the agency," the report reads, according to the Post.
The report also criticizes Syria for blocking access to the site and giving false information about the site for much of the last three years.
The new allegations place even more pressure on Syrian President Bashar Assad, who has been working to quell a nine-week uprising, in which a reported 1,000 protesters have been killed.

Was Syria trying to pull a make folks think Assad might have at least a dirty bomb deterrent???

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