Jun 19, 2011

'' Amon Goeth, A Real Soup Nazi ''


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      Apparently if the alleged perpetrators are Germans and the alleged victims are Jews, no matter how absurd, gruesome and unsubstantiated the story, the Times will put aside all the accepted practices of journalism, and print it. Today's obituary of '' Mitek Pemper, 91, Camp Inmate Who Compiled Schindler's List '' is no exception of how the nation's self described '' newspaper of record '' ignores its responsibilities and becomes a shill for history's greatest fraud. According to the obituary, Amon Goeth, the commandant of the camp where Pemper spent most of the war, '' personally murdered hundreds '' of inmates. One of these murders we are told occurred while Goeth was dictating a letter to Pemper, '' Goeth glanced out the window and saw that a worker did not have a full load of stones in his wheelbarrow. Groh walked outside and shot the man to death , then returned to his desk and said, '' Where were we in the text ? ''  Pemper also tells us that Goeth kept two Great Danes which he saw tear inmates to death. Goeth also shot an inmate to death who had served him soup which he felt was too hot. Now that's a real '' Soup Nazi ''.


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