Jun 17, 2011

Freedom Flotilla II sets sail for Gaza


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Freedom Flotilla II sets sail for Gaza

- 17. Jun, 2011 

Freedom Flotilla II sets sail for Gaza

The inability of the world community and the United Nations to challenge Israel only frustrates hopes for a stable and peaceful world. America's inability to resolve the question of Palestine is one of the gravest tragedies of our times.

By Debbie Menon

Freedom Flotilla II sets sail for Gaza

Illustration: Carlos Latuff

Freedom Flotilla aid ship is setting sail for Gaza again.

The Palestinian message on the ground is clear, but no one's listening. They won't accept surrender for peace. They want nothing less than freedom and justice in their own unoccupied land.

By Debbie Menon

The aid flotilla is being organized by a coalition of pro-Palestinian groups, most of them based in Europe, the Associated Press reported.

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Ex-CIA Phil Giraldi…The Proper Place for Americans

Should Americans Focus More on our Enemies at Home

by Jim W. Dean


Phil Giraldi weighs in for us again with an 'all you can eat buffet' of third rail topics. He puts a harsh spotlight on critical issues that most of our minders would prefer a smoke and mirrors presentation. Fortunately he is not alone as Veterans Today is in lockstep on many of these same issues.

 The disconnect of Washington with the rest of the country is a familiar and bipartisanly accepted issue. But in the last few years there has been a significant shift taking place.

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Fun stuff to read, tell and watch:

FREE to watch all 91 minutes: "Defamation," from Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir. LINK:

Some of His Best Friends Are Jewish: The Saga of a Holocaust Revisionist By Nathaniel Popper. Link: Israeli lawyer has filed a class-action lawsuit against former President Jimmy Carter, seeking $5 million in damages because his book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" allegedly defamed Israel. Link:

"...when you have laws against questioning the Holocaust narrative, you are screaming at the other person to stop thinking!!!" ---Mike Santomauro. *Anthony Lawson's Holocaust Video "were the Germans so stupid"... Link:

An anti-Semite condemns people for being Jews, I am not an anti-Semite.--Mike Santomauro. Link:

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