Jun 14, 2011

A Fritz Berg essay: Steve Jobs Holocaust Victim


The above photos of Steve Jobs were taken over the last few years
A young, handsome, healthy Steve Jobs from more than ten years ago

Steve Jobs is one of the wealthiest and most successful people on the planet with access to the best medical care and nutrition. For several years he has been sick with cancer but he manages to "survive" somehow--and even makes occasional public appearances to promote the great company which he manages, Apple. Investor confidence in his company is directly tied to his presence and so he endures what must be terrible public ordeals. The vast majority of people in his situation simply avoid any public appearances and retire  to nursing facilities of some sort. One result is that the American public does not generally even know what sick people really look like. When they do visit a hospital to see a sick or dying relative, that person is wearing a pajama and is well-cared-for in a well-made bed with neat and clean surroundings. When the relative dies, the corpse is quickly scooted off to a funeral parlor where well-paid and highly trained cosmeticians do their best to make the corpse appear in the best of health--but, merely asleep and at peace with the universe. Billions of American dollars are spent every year on such outright fraud and deception. And so, Americans especially, have a thoroughly false impression of what death looks like. The sad fact is that we all do die and that a good proportion, perhaps a third, of us will be literally reduced to skin and bone before our demise. Cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis are just some of the diseases that have such effects on their victims. Military combat, by contrast, tends to kill people who are quite healthy, even in great health, until they are killed. And so, the claims that so-called "battle-hardened soldiers" were deeply shocked by what they saw in German concentration camps near the end of the war has some credence.

Many years ago I was confronted by a Czech doctor who refused to believe for an instant that there could be any merit to revisionist claims about the "holocaust." I suggested that he let me go to the major hospital where he was a proud director and let me photograph those patients who were likely to die in the next few days--but, with the tops off their pajamas. At that point, he understood me perfectly and declined my challenge. Even with the best of care in the most modern hospitals today, people still do die and look horrible at the end. It is shocking but so true!

Another example of a sick but public person is Stephen Hawking. His sad appearance shows that a person can look quite horrible and still be quite functional, at least mentally, and in no way the product of gratuitous mistreatment at all. No doubt, there are many more such cases but the pictures are. for most purposes, hidden far away from any public viewing.

The picture above is from one of the most widely read photo magazines and makes no secret of the fact that America had conducted horrible medical experiments on its very own citizens--shock, horror, awe! No doubt any Germans who dared to even try to educate the victors as to how similar horrors arose in the German concentration camps would have merely put his neck in a noose or would have been shot outright. 

It was the cowardly British who had been trying to starve all of Germany to death from the moment they declared war on Germany in September of 1939. When the British actually did have a chance to "fight" the Germans in April and May of 1940, they quickly ran away, literally--first from Norway, and then from France and Belgium. By the end of the war, however, with the help of the US, their cowardly strategy to murder and starve as many civilians as possible had to a great extent succeeded. So long as the victims were merely German women, children, babies--there was no moral problem at all. But, the discovery that some of the victims were Jews was so embarrassing. What to do? Well, just blame the Germans!

Most of the "evidence" which revisionists refute is totally unknown to the vast majority of people. It is the grossly misused photographs of the sick and dying in the concentration camps which deserve more of our attention. The real mass murderers and genocidal maniacs were, and still are, the Allies--especially the Americans. Holocaust propaganda is the continuation of their insane war against countless totally innocent people--especially the Germans.

Friedrich Paul Berg
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