Jun 9, 2011

My latetst VeteransToday piece...I stand with Phil Giraldi all the way on this problem

Veterans Today
Dear folks,
Phil Giraldi was an early leader in coming public on this ugly story. I have been a long time admirer as there should be more in the community doing it.

This is the first time to my knowledge that a number for these suppressed investigations (which were actually criminal obstruction of justice incidents) has ever been printed, even by someone with Giraldi's Intel credentials. But you notice he was careful to quote a public source John Cole, that most folks have not heard of.
So I pitched in to stand beside him and added some things he might not have wanted to. But the public needs to know how bad this is, and how it has corrupted our security efforts up and down the line as eventually even the new folks learn about the 'outside forces' at work that can cancel out everything they are doing with one phone call.
We have the numbers, and all the proof to hang these folks out to dry...but as I mention in this piece...the fix is in at Justice. The Zios saw that vulnerability and plugged it up...and we are short on Constitutional or law enforcement remedies. It was a really smart move by the Israelis. They really know the business...and they take no prisoners.
In almost all my off the record interviews on this...whether it was the brass, Congressman, etc...they generally are just totally apathetic to it....similar in a way to illegal immigration. They are defeatist in that they just say there just isn't anything you can do about it...they are just too powerful and have their blocking forces all in place, and have for a long are just jumping off a bridge to take them on.
The conflict with their oaths of office does not seem to come into play, mainly because so many before them have done they think 'why me?'.
From a purely professional stand point I have to salute the Israelis, as they have accomplished one of the major intelligence coups of all times.
But unfortunately for them, I don't work for the Israelis...and never will.
We need everybodies help on this. Please spread the word. More will be coming. We have mountains of this stuff.
Jim Dean
Veterans Today


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