Jun 6, 2011

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From: Jim from New York City
Date: June 6, 2011 6:48:18 PM EDT
Subject: Re: "Stick Together"

Aside from being simplistic and divisive, this ad is deeply offensive. Demographics indicate that in 9 short years, US citizens of full European extraction are going to be a minority. So what does this mean?
It means that the cultures which planed and built this country, making it the most successful in history, and who have millennia long traditions in human rights (from Roman law to the Magna Charta & onwards), science, culture and the amelioration of the human condition, are no longer in a position to control. This is not to say that the British/German stock of 2011 is the same as 1776, or the descendents of the wave of Italians seeking a better life in 1900 hold the same values and are their prodigy do today, But what it does mean is that Asians, coming from cultures with no experience of the political values we hold dear, and whose largest group, the Chinese, had their curiosity about the world shut down under the Mings after 1644; and Latinos, coming from cultures ruled by authority and ecclesiastic interpretation; and Jews, who under the most generous reading could only forge a nation lasting less than a century, and who certainly take the prize from even the Greeks as being the most quarrelsome peoples of history; and Muslims, who haven't experienced an open society which for all purposes fosters scientific progress since the 1200s; will be in ascendency.   In short, to use a biblical metaphor, the writing is on the wall.
This is a textbook case fostering demagoguery, where one group amplifies the perceived wrongs of others and seeks to be their savor. It is the background for an unstable political system where the former hegemonic group is villanized and scapegoated. And worst of all, it is a platform for one clever, immoral and Machiavellian group to gain enormous control over poorly organized or numerically overwhelmed secondary groups, thus seizing the prize of a preferential position for themselves as well as control of common resources. 
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