Jun 16, 2011

Ron Paul Sues Barak Obama!!


From: Lou & Bob Wynman <>
Date: Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 1:02 AM

It takes nothing less than extraordinary courage to file a lawsuit against a very popular sitting president. Especially when the lawsuit doesn't have anything to do with falling on a sidewalk or getting hit by a car in the White House driveway. No, this suit filed against President Barak Obama today Wednesday June 15, 2011 has been filed to stop an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation, the nation of Libya. This act clearly violates the Constitution of the United States.

The suit was filed in Washington DC by Texas Congressman Ron Paul and 9 of his colleagues in the US house of representatives including  Rep. Tim Johnson. Ind., Dem. Dennis Kucinich, Ohio, Rep. Dan Burton, Ind., Rep. Jim Duncan, Tenn., Dem. John Conyers, Mich., Rep.Roscoe Bartlet, Md., Rep. Walter Jones NC, Rep. Howard Coble, NC, and Dem. Michael Capuano, Mass.

The suit contends that Obama violated Aritcle 1, section 8, clause V of the constitution, violates (NATO) North Atlantic Treaty (ratified by congress), contends that the President committed to war under the United Nations without consent of congress and that the President used funds for this invasion previously allocated by congress for something other than this invasion.

Meanwhile, the rest of the congress sits around grappling over the illegality of this action by the president and continue to make idol, useless threats like 'We're not gong to tolerate this", as the bombing continues. This is all happening as we remain mired in war within the boundaries of 5 nations and the rest of the world finds new ways to hate the United States while laugh while our nation crumbles under the weight of an oppressive regime in Washington DC, happy to continue paying for Europe's war, while the opposition party in Washington, sent to stop the socialist agenda continue their squeamish and sometimes treasonous behavior led by one of the worst house speakers in American history, crybaby John Boehner.

I ask, is this behavior just foolish fear or planned calculation?

In any case, Ron Paul and the others are bringing the fight to protect the constitutional law of the land to the courts and by doing so, not bargaining with war. Does anyone really doubt the motives of this true patriot, Ron Paul.

If this is not stopped, our state of the union will be totally bankrupt to the point of third world nation as the bodies keep coming home and the American people can then cry while the rest of the world. .......sits. ...... .........our people suffer its self inflicted fate, "total collapse". It is at that time, we will truly need to defend our borders with pitchforks while bankrupt and who will help us?  

Ron Paul Libyan War Is "About Commercial Business!"

Jote' Thompson - Author
The Chronicles of Freedom

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