Jul 16, 2011

Dear Folks from Jim Dean


Dear Folks, I have done another duet with Uri on his fabulous piece on these new horrendous laws the Likudite Zionists are passing to strangle their opposition. I don't expect much critical coverage here in the States.  I piggybacked the Murdoch espionage material onto it as that will be the big summer story, and mass media is not touching his world media operation being a major intelligence operation.
This is a magazine piece...lots of photos and media and 3000+ words due to covering so much. But to fill folks in on the hard news with some connecting the dots analysis always pushes the length up unless you want to just skim the surface.
The key to these major stories is digging down into them. We are finding readers understand that and will spend the time to hang in there with you on a longer piece as long as you make it worth their time.
I appreciate your passing this around. So far, we are the only media on the planet who is discussing the Murdoch empire as an Intel operation. The phone hacking is not even the tip of the iceberg. It is the tip of the tip. And I expect they will try to control the damage to that alone.
You see yesterday that Murdoch's advisors have him biting the bullet to take whatever losses on the 'phone hacking' scandal...and build a firewall there so 'other things are not looked into'.
I fear the politicians will play ball with him on this as Murdoch must have tons of dirt on all of them...and Brit Intel also, which had to know this had been going on along, but because of the top level political cover that Murdoch had...kept their heads down.
We at VT feel that the good folks should get to vote on whether they approve of handling it that way...keeping them in the dark while their countries elites dirty danced with Murdoch.
Jim Dean...editor, Veterans Today



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