Jul 31, 2011

The fraud of "equal sacrifice"


[NOBAMA]..   The fraud of "equal sacrifice"

Not having had a TV for 5 years is a blessing.  For Obama's speech, I did not have to look into the face of my President as he lied, nor listen to even more lies from House Speaker Boehner.  

Instead, I got the full impact by downloading transcripts soon after, and studied them carefully at my leisure, highlighting their false statements.  There was little white paper left. Both speeches were political frauds at every level.

There is NO Economic Crisis regarding the Debt Ceiling.  This false Crisis was manufactured in order to drive a hole thru the Middle Class of America from which it shall not recover.  Wall $treet Banksters intend that Americans shall be in debt to them now and forevermore, Amen.  DINO Republican President Obama is their tool to accomplish their goal, by pretending this invented Crisis demands it.  Every time Obama said he wanted a "balanced approach", he lied.

Take $100 from someone living on Social Security that they paid for, then balance the effect by taking a million from a multi-millionaire.  Even then, the rich won't feel the loss.

And Boehner's Cut, Cap & Balance is better know as Slash, Choke & Whack.

The "debate" in Washington about the Federal Deficit was rigged in advance. Everyone is supposed to take as Gospel that massive cuts must be made to Federal Safety Net programs that benefit working people of the Middle and Lower Classes.  Working people did not cause this, nor cause either of our 2 Economic Depressions.  But a massive transfer of wealth to our wealthiest Americans did. 

Most guilty are Congressional "Party of the People" Democrats who are selling out the Middle Class, as rapidly as possible.  Obama is holding the majority of Americans hostage while he meets his obligation to repay the Casino Bankers and Out-of-Control Corporations who put him in the White House to serve them.

Swept into the Presidency on the belief that he was the next FDR, Obama has been steadfastly proving that he is a Republican, not a Democrat.  No Democrat would touch Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other Safety Net programs to justify raising an ersatz Debt Ceiling.  Only a Republican would do this.  Wall $treet could not finish the job under Bush, so they hired Obama to do it.

Obama and the novice freshman tea party majority in the House are using an orchestrated Crisis to create false conditions for an unprecedented attack on the living standards and rights of working people of America.  Make no mistake about it.  This is a Class War, started by the rich 30 years ago, to dismantle the New Deal guarantees made to all Americans, which served us for a half century, keeping in check the excessive wealth that collapsed the Economy during the Great Depression.

There is NO benefit to ordinary Americans outlined anywhere in these 2 speeches.  There is NO connection between raising the Debt Ceiling and cutting Social Programs.  The Debt Ceiling was raised 18 times by Reagan, 7 times by GwB, 10 times in the past 10 years.  And no one was hurt by doing it.

So why is this fraud harming so many?  The former Republican Party became the tea party Conservatives, and Obama was drug to the right by his financial Masters, and became a Republican.  No Democratic Party is represented in the current White House.  Bush's financial engineers still run our economy.

The 2 parties in power represent the American Financial Aristocracy, on the rise since Reagan's Presidency was used to deregulate our Government for Wall $treet's benefit, and more under every President since, defeating Clinton's attempt to bring the excesses of the Healthcare Mafia under control.

The wealth, income and power hoarded by this obscenely corrupt Aristocracy has been built by systematically destroying the Middle Class in America, and blaming it on anything but the real causes:  more Wars for profit of the rich, less Taxes for the rich, and endless Deregulation of Corporations which are robbing America blind, shipping jobs overseas as rapidly as possible.

Obama delivered a speech intended to con Americans, using FEAR, the standard weapon of Rethuglicans.  He hinted at not sending out Social Security checks to frighten seniors, when Obama knows there are several easy solutions to avoid this fake "Crisis" -- without involving a gridlocked Congress -- which he neglected to mention.  

Obama refuses to face this corrupt Attack which demands his adamant protection for Americans.  Instead, he sees it as an opportunity to dismantle FDR's Safety Net, the wet dream of the Wealth Aristocracy, using his false "balanced approach."

Obama's speech was a profound lie, calculated to fool and mislead the American people.  This is no FDR Democrat.  Obama proved beyond any doubt that he is a Wall $treet Republican.

Somehow in his trickle-down mind, Obama thought he could con the American people into supporting spending cuts to social programs which are NOT the problem, driving millions more toward poverty, while leaving the gargantuan riches of the Wealth Aristocracy untouched, financing the deficit fix on the backs of those he is robbing.

Boehner was expected to lie to his tea party base.  But virtually every sentence in Republican Obama's 15-minute address was also a lie.

There is NO "equal sacrifice" proposed.

So what did Obama's 'fireside chat' accomplish?  It was the grease applied to Americans' backsides for the Republican screw job that is about to be delivered to them.



Disaster Warning on 'Gang of Six'

By Sen. Bernie Sanders, Reader Supported News  20 July 11
Disaster Warning: 'Gang of Six' deal sacrifices Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid to GOP madness.

he latest idea to emerge in negotiations over a deficit-reduction package came from a group of senators that calls itself the Gang of Six. The proposal would be a disaster, Sen. Bernie Sanders warned. "The plan would result in devastating cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and many other programs that are of vital importance to working families in this country. Meanwhile, tax rates would be lowered for the wealthiest people and the largest, most profitable corporations."

"This is an approach that should be rejected by the American people. At a time when the rich are becoming richer and corporate profits are soaring, at least half of any deficit-reduction package must come from upper income people and profitable corporations. We must also take a hard look at military spending, which has tripled since 1997."

Summary of the "Gang of Six Plan"

Provides Major Tax Cuts to the Wealthy and Large Corporations.

  • The Gang of Six plan reduces the top marginal income tax rate for the wealthiest Americans and most profitable corporations from 35 percent to as low as 23 percent (about 34 percent lower than the top tax rates under Bush).

  • Instead of reforming the Alternative Minimum Tax, it abolishes it altogether providing a major tax cut for the wealthiest Americans.

  • It reduces the deficit by about $3.7 trillion over 10 years, while providing a net tax cut of $1.5 trillion that will mainly go to the wealthiest Americans and most profitable corporations.

  • In other words, 100 percent of the deficit reduction achieved by the Gang of Six plan is through spending cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, education, child care, Head Start, LIHEAP, the environment, and other programs that the sick, the elderly, the children, and working families need.

  • Any tax revenue that is raised by closing tax loopholes for large corporations must be used to lower tax rates.

  • Revenue raisers cannot be used to increase spending at all. Revenue raisers can only be used to lower tax rates or reduce the deficit.

Reduces the Deficit on the Backs of the Elderly, the Children, the Sick, and Working Families.

  • It imposes undefined spending caps to be in effect until at least 2015 that could only be raised by 67 votes in the Senate.

Immediately Reduces Cost of Living Adjustments for Social Security Benefits.

  • Even though Social Security recipients haven't gotten a COLA for 2 straight years, the Gang of Six believes that the formula for calculating COLAs is too generous.

  • Under their plan, they would ensure that seniors never get a fair COLA by shifting to the Chained-CPI which would significantly understate inflation for seniors.

  • Under the Gang of Six plan, ten years from now the typical 75-year-old will see their Social Security benefits cut by $560 a year, and the average 85-year-old will see a cut of $1,000 a year.

Slashes Medicare.

  • Cuts Medicare by at least $298 billion over 10 years.

Holds Deficit Reduction Hostage to Cutting Social Security Benefits.

  • If the Gang of Six deficit reduction plan receives 60 votes, it will not be sent to the House until and unless the Senate also adopts a plan to reform Social Security so that it is solvent for the next 75 years.

  • If 60 Senators don't vote to approve an undefined 75-year Social Security solvency bill, the deficit reduction plan dies, even if 60 Senators voted to approve it.

  • Social Security is solvent for the next 25 years. No other government program can make that claim.


A personal observation from having lived thru it:

Once we had a progressive tax code, which served to protect us ordinary folk from criminal excesses caused by obscene accumulations of wealth among those who did not have the wisdom to use it well.

The more you earned, the larger was your fair share paid back to this Great Nation which allowed you to accumulate your wealth, which went as high as 90%.  I grew up with this notion, and it seemed sufficiently fair to me.  If Uncle Sam allowed me to earn a lot, I owed a lot back.

Until the Global meltdown in 2008, which soon took out my 30-year small business, and now forces me to live in poverty on Social Security, I had not noticed, nor had reason to notice, that the filthy rich were rigging the game to pay less and less in taxes, so that now, those who caused the Global Economy to collapse, such as the Derivative & Hedge Fund criminals, pay the leastest on the mostest. 

I had no reason to notice, because I was taught, and I trusted, that my Government had been organized to protect me from criminals.  Which, it had been.  But the criminals kept sneaking thru the cracks and kidnapping the lawmakers.  And what had been built for half a century as a defense to protect me, was stolen, leaving empty shell laws, designed to make rich people richer at the expense of the rest of us.

And now, in this first decade of the 21st century, criminals in Congress are focused on stealing more from me, you, and our working friends of the Middle Class, to make the filthy rich filthier.  Rethugs want the richest to be taxed at 24%, or 15%, or for Corporations, not at all.

All of this is to make them richer, which makes them more dangerous to democracy.

Yes, excessive wealth is an absolute danger to any democracy.

How did the America Dream of my youth get turned on its head while I quietly went about doing my simple task, making folks happy by teaching them how to make thing of glass?

In the package which criminals in the current Congress are demanding for their greed-driven Masters, they want their wealth taxed even less, so they can abscond with more of what they steal here in America, moving more of it off-shore to avoid more taxes.  

Where and when was it ever written that anyone had a right to be a billionaire on a planet with too many people for its finite resources?  How much is a fair share of an ever limited pot?

If it were up to me, I'd balance the budget by taxing everything over a million dollars at 100%.   You get the glory of earning it, but in fairness to the rest of us who make your wealth possible, you do not get to keep it.

And Corporations?  They are legal fictions invented by the Government to serve the Government by providing good employment to people and to pay taxes, and therefore have no right to avoid taxation (like GE having a hundred tax-avoidance attorneys and accountants, all tax deductible).  Nor should legal fictions have any right to influence any vote anywhere at any time.

In a democracy, or Democratic Republic as the Baggers insist on saying, only live human beings can vote, and therefore, only they should be able to contribute money to any Candidate.  No legal fictions allowed.

Sounds more like one person, one vote to me.  

And the first step to accomplish this is to remove a Republican masquerading as a Democrat.



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