Jul 27, 2011

'' Israelier Than Thou ''


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According to today's Times the major concern of the candidates who are seeking to fill the  seat in Congress left vacant by the disgraced Anthony Weiner is '' who can be be more pro Israel ''. ( ''Weiner's Exit Sets Off a Race To Be Israel's Better Friend " NY Times 9/27/11).

This is explained by the fact that the district is '' heavily Jewish ''  although no statistics are given. Both the Times and the candidates apparently think that there is nothing wrong with ignoring the concerns of those constituents who are not jews and who might just be interested in such things as the taxes, the federal deficit, social security , medicare, education, two plus wars etc. Once again the jews are allowed to dictate the political agenda

Even if every constituent in this district was a jew, this kind of political posturing would be an absolute is every bit as disgusting as the recent twenty nine standing ovations given by the United States Congress to Benjamin Netanyahu. And jews still get upset by the charge that they  have '' dual loyalty ''.  Dual loyalty...that would seem to suggest that they have at least some loyalty to the United States.
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