Jul 14, 2011

Mike, this is a good example of bad archaeology. My comment:


Mike, this is a good example of bad archaeology. My comment:

The only problem with this article is that Garfinkle neglects to point out that buildings abutting city walls and the rejection of pork was in no way unique to this city or a "Judan" ethnic group--even if we accept the people once living here as proto-Jews. Many, many cultures in this area built right up to the city wall and in times of stress the houses were filled in to make the wall stronger (e.g., Dura Europa in Syria); the policy of both Egypt and Mesopotamia towards pigs was complex: forbidden for most deities but eaten as a food by the very poor. In Canaan, pigs had religious meanings; after 1400 BCE, the Hittites made them taboo for the gods and by 300 BCE, identical evidence from Phrygia and Galatia in Turkey appears. So the premise of "no pigs = Jews" is uncertain.

The olive pits: this makes no sense at all. Olive pits are found all over the place.

As for the inscription, one line of a few letters does not make an administrative archive make. We find complex archives in all the Mesopotamian empires. Massive archives of many languages were absolutely necessary to run an empire. And the architecture of empire was always certain building forms and styles. Among these was a palace/workshop/library center and scriptorium. Also, massive storage buildings for grains and trade good were required to support the economy. These are usually the first items identified in any excavation since they are large, well built and leave the most impressive remains, which the archaeologists go to immediately to justify their funding and impress their institutional backers.

It is of the greatest importance for Zionism, as with communism and other atavistic ideologies,  to cook the books of the past. Zionism needs to see their people ruling from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates and Damascus. But let's not insult the intellect of those who can read and know a bit of the bibliography.  Once again, Garfinkel offers very shallow evidence.


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