Aug 23, 2011

American government Mafia actively targets the weak: terminal cancer patients, little girls and the homeless


American government Mafia actively targets the weak: terminal cancer patients, little girls and the homeless

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Throughout history, the Mafia has run extortion schemes known as "protection rackets." These scams revolve around the Mafia coercing an individual or business to fork over money in exchange for protection services.  When the victim refuses to give funds to the criminals, they crack down to show the individual what will happen if they continue to withhold funds. This traditionally involves property damage or theft carried out by the same racketeers supposedly offering the "protection" to the victim.

The Federal government of the United States of America has now become no better than a group of racketeering Mafiosos, running a protection racket on the American people.  Of course, they hide behind the veil of "permits" and "city ordinances" in order to hustle American citizens into forking over their hard-earned cash in exchange for protection from so-called authorities.

In reality, the rackets run by police and the IRS are no different than the criminal Mafia operations that have plagued many countries for decades on end.

In one of the most disturbing cases of government harassment of the weak and helpless, earlier this week KATU, a local Salem news outlet, reported the story of a terminal cancer patient who was targeted for having a garage sale.
Jan Cline was an independent businesswoman supporting herself for years before she was diagnosed with a terminal form of bone cancer earlier this year.

Cline describes her ailment as "a bone marrow cancer that eats through the bones and causes holes in the bones" and thus "just by walking I can break a bone."

Clearly Cline's ailment is inhibiting her ability to work, thus making it impossible for her to pay for her costly cancer treatments.

Cline began selling some of her possessions in her backyard on the weekends in an attempt to raise the funds she so desperately needs since the horrific cancer she is afflicted with makes it impossible for her to work in order to pay off her massive medical bills.

She thought she would be fine as she was selling her own goods on her own property out of everyone's way, and as an American she likely thought that she wouldn't be harassed by thugs for attempting to take care of herself the only way possible.

Unfortunately, she was wrong.

Her garage sales were making her several hundred much-needed dollars each weekend, that is until one of her neighbors complained about a terminal cancer patient attempting to support herself.

The city showed up and promptly shut her down. Cline was not aware, but the city of Salem has a law mandating that an individual may only have three yard sales per year.

This kind of ridiculous legislation is, on its face, absurd. At least, it seems that way to me and likely anyone else who thinks that in the United States we are free to do whatever we please on our own property as long as we are not hurting anyone (within reason, of course).

However, the emerging "nanny state" in which everything must be legislated and every minutia of our lives must be approved by a bunch of life-long bureaucrats who wish only to bilk their fellow citizens out of as much money as humanly possible is completely opposed to such a notion of freedom.

In the nanny state you are only allowed to do exactly what the government permits you to, or else you are quickly targeted by the Mafia thugs known as "police" and "Federal authorities".

Cline says that she doesn't want special treatment; all she seeks is understanding and human compassion. In an interview with KATU she begins crying when talking about how she doesn't want to be nickel-and-diming all of her property in order to survive, and hopes no one else would have to do so.

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