Aug 9, 2011

Class Warfare In America


Class Warfare In America
The Effort To Dominate The Middle Class
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 111410

Since 1992, the bottom 90% of Americans have had their incomes rise by a mere 13%, compared with an outlandish increase of 399% for the top 400.

Under the Bush II tax cuts for the wealthy, the richest 400 Americans doubled their personal wealth, while at the same time cutting their tax rate in half.

In case you haven't noticed, there is a growing sentiment among a great many in this country, questioning the devastating economic collapse and how it is that so many incredibly intelligent people from the Federal Reserve, the central banks, the Wall Street financial sector, and the government, all failed to see this giant economic tsunami coming. With all of its close ties with the US government, you would think that the vaunted brain-trust of Goldman Sachs would have seen this coming. Well, perhaps I should maybe rephrase that a little... you would have hoped that Goldman Sachs and the other megalithic titans of the financial sector would have warned the government. By their own admission, they excel at the business of recognizing financial trends, yet we're expected to believe that these self-professed money masters didn't see this coming, until it was too late. ... (Read More)

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