Aug 27, 2011

Library Update


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Date: August 27, 2011 2:12:20 PM 


     A couple of weeks ago I informed the J&E list that my local library still had on its shelves the exposed fraudulent Holocaust memoir, '' Fragments of Memory '' by Benjamin Wilkomirski. Yesterday I again brought it to the attention of yet another librarian. I again expressed concern that the book had simply been reclassified as a novel. She defended the library's decision by pointing to a link in the book's description stating that it was revealed as a hoax. Interestingly the link was to an article that I had shown another librarian almost two years ago. It was by non other than Mark Weber, '' Holocaust Memoir Exposed As Fraud ''. I then asked her what was the Library's policy on books that were exposed as frauds. She said she wasn't aware of any policy so I asked her what do museums do with paintings that had once been displayed as the works of prominent artists that had subsequently been exposed as frauds...are they then reassigned to another wing of the library devoted to fakes...she got my point and said the book would be removed.  
ps While having this talk with the librarian I had a copy of the book '' The Man Who Broke into Auschwitz '' which I planned to take out. I told her that this book also had major issues with historians. She said she would look into it once I returned it.

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