Sep 23, 2011

1930 US Plan For Attack on Canada


September 23, 2011 

Palestinian President Makes `Historic' Plea For Statehood 

The time has come for a "Palestinian Spring," to join the Arab Spring in reshaping the Middle East, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told the U.N. General Assembly on Friday in a historic plea for support for his application for full membership in the international organization. "My people desire to exercise their right to enjoy a normal life like the rest of humanity," Abbas said. The speech provoked cheers and chants of "With all our souls we sacrifice for the state of Palestine" from flag-waving Palestinians who watched the address on a big-screen television in a square in Ramallah, in the West Bank. 

Palestinian Leader Abbas Makes UN Statehood Bid 
BBC News 

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has submitted his bid to the UN for recognition of a Palestinian state. To rapturous applause in the General Assembly, he called on the Security Council to approve a state within pre-1967 borders. He said the Palestinians had entered negotiations with Israel with sincere intentions, but blamed the building of Jewish settlements for their failure. Israel's PM is now responding to Mr Abbas in his own address ... "The time has come for my courageous and proud people, after decades of displacement and colonial occupation and ceaseless suffering, to live like other peoples of the earth, free in a sovereign and independent homeland," he said. 

War On The 'Red Empire': 1930 US Plan For Attack on Britain 
Daily Mail (Britain) 

Details of an amazing American military plan for an attack to wipe out a major part of the British Army are today revealed ... In 1930, a mere nine years before the outbreak of World War Two, America drew up proposals [known as War Plan Red] specifically aimed at eliminating all British land forces in Canada and the North Atlantic, thus destroying Britain's trading ability and bringing the country to its knees. Previously unparalleled troop movements were [to be] launched as an overture to an invasion of Canada, which was to include massive bombing raids on key industrial targets and the use of chemical weapons ... 

Secret 1930 American Plan For War Against Britain and Canada 
Institute for Historical Review (1992) 

American military officials drew up a secret plan in 1930 for war against Britain in which Canada would be the main battleground. "Joint Plan Red," as it was known, envisaged the elimination of Britain as a trading rival. Professor Floyd Rudmin of Queens University in Ontario, Canada, charges that the plan was a blueprint for an American invasion of Canada. According to the plan, the United States was prepared to invade Canada if political unrest brought on by Quebec's secession threatened American access to Canada's fresh water and cheap hydroelectric power. The war plan document was drawn up by the Joint Board of the Army and Navy in May 1930, when Herbert Hoover was President ... Its aim was to dismember the British empire on the grounds of "competition and interference with American foreign trade." 

US `Policy Coup' to Remake Middle East Planned Years Earlier, Says Wesley Clark - Video 

General Wesley Clark explains how US policy to "destabilize" the Middle East and impose American power in the region was planned as far back as 1991. "This country was taken over by a group of people with a policy coup," says the former NATO Supreme Commander in Europe in a 2007 address in San Francisco. The drastic change in US policy was laid out years earlier in the "Project for a New American Century" by men who "wanted to destabilize the Middle East" and "make it under our control." The 2001 Nine Eleven attacks were merely a useful pretext. 

Iraq: A War For Israel 
Mark Weber 

So if the official reasons given for the war were untrue, why did the United States attack? Whatever the secondary reasons for the Iraq war, the crucial factor in President Bush's decision to attack was to help Israel. With support from Israel and America's Jewish-Zionist lobby, and prodded by Jewish "neo-conservatives" holding high-level positions in his administration, President Bush - who was already fervently committed to Israel - resolved to invade and subdue one of Israel's chief regional enemies. 

US Desperate to Thwart Palestinian Statehood Bid 
Linda S. Heard 

... The Palestinians are doing nothing wrong. They are merely taking the only channel legitimately left open to them. They've abandoned armed struggle; they've spent decades talking to Israeli leaderships and have made generous concessions to no avail, they've tried peaceful protest only to be shot at or jailed. What's left to them other than an appeal to the international community? And why should such appeal elicit fear in both the Israeli and American corridors of power? The problem is if the US turns out to be the lone UNSC [Security Council] member state to flourish its veto to protect Israeli interests as it was earlier this year, Israel's diplomatic isolation will be highlighted along with Washington's slavish posture and its unsuitability to be any kind of Middle East broker let alone an honest one. 

Why The Middle East Will Never Be the Same Again 
Robert Fisk -- The Independent (Britain) 

The Palestinians won't get a state this week. But they will prove - if they get enough votes in the General Assembly and if Mahmoud Abbas does not succumb to his characteristic grovelling in the face of US-Israeli power - that they are worthy of statehood ... This vote at the UN - General Assembly or Security Council, in one sense it hardly matters - is going to divide the West - Americans from Europeans and scores of other nations - and it is going to divide the Arabs from the Americans. It is going to crack open the divisions in the European Union ... 

Obama's Opportunity To Do Good, Says Former US Diplomat 
Charles O. Cecil 

Just think for a minute -- what would happen if the United States abstained when the Palestinian question comes before the UN Security Council in the next week or two? The resolution would pass. The world would be stunned. The United States would enter an entirely new era in our relations with the Muslim countries of the world. The vision you outlined in Cairo for better relations with the Islamic world would take the largest step forward of your presidency. The United States would once again have regained the high moral ground we so often claim to occupy. The energies loosed by the "Arab spring" would continue to be devoted to their own domestic affairs rather than being diverted into condemning the United States. We are hypocrites when we claim to want justice for the Palestinians but we do nothing meaningful to help achieve this. 

Today's Europe Lacks Leaders, Says Helmut Schmidt 
Handelsblatt (Germany) 

... I would say that, in general, Europe lacks leaders. It lacks people in high positions in the national states or in the European institutions with sufficient overview of domestic and international questions and sufficient power of judgment ... Over the next 20 years, I think it is rather likely, at least 51 percent likely, that a hard core of the European Union will emerge. And it would comprise the French, the Germans, the Dutch - I'm not so sure about the Italians. I'm rather sure than the British would not be part of it, the same may come true of the Poles. 

Al-Jazeera Director Resigns After Ties to US Intelligence Disclosed 
The Associated Press 

The Al-Jazeera satellite TV channel has announced Tuesday that its director has stepped down after serving the network for eight years. Wadah Khanfar's resignation follows release of documents by Wikileaks, purporting to show he had close ties with the U.S. and agreed to remove some content in response to American objections. The leaked 2010 U.S. diplomatic cable indicated that Khanfar was in constant contact with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, responding to U.S. complaints of negative coverage and promising to tone down items on the station's website. 


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