Sep 20, 2011

Bradley Smith: Letter to the Editor of The Trojan


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Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

The Daily Trojan

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17 September 2011


To the Editor


The Daily Trojan does indeed provide protection. Its General Ad Policies recite the goal of "safeguarding USC's Principles of Community," in the copy kindly provided to the Committee for Open Debate of the Holocaust (CODOH) in rejecting the paid advertisement we sought to place in its pages.


In providing this protection, it also provided (unsought) protection to the student body from Open Debate of a body of history much called upon by the only nuclear power in the Middle East to claim over $3 billion per year of American taxpayers' money, plus the additional billions paid to repressive client regimes in neighboring countries to bribe them to protect this invader in an area previously populated by Muslim Arabs.


And thus, it protects the USC community from the MTD (Mentally-Transmitted Disease) of an accurate understanding of the history upon which Israel excuses not only the bloody process by which it established itself in Palestine, but of the still-bloodier process by which it expands and tightens its hold on peoples (Jews and Arabs alike) under the guns of its American-supplied military supremacy.


Principles of Community? USC is home to students from Israel. It is home to students from Palestine and other Arab countries whose citizens appear to sympathize with the plight of Palestinians displaced (or slaughtered) by the Zionist project in Israel. USC is home to thousands of American students, many Jewish, most not, thoroughly schooled in the sanctity of this very "controversial" novelty on the soil of Palestine. Their schooling likewise, pursuant to the law in many of their states, instructed them prejudicially on Germans before and during World War II and Germany's National Socialist regime that America and its allies "changed" through devastating force of arms. And it is home to Steven Spielberg's monument to retributive hatred, the Shoah Foundation.


What Principle of Community, then, might it be that the Trojan is protecting by rejecting a text link that reads, "The Holocaust. The Power of Taboo" The link, of course, goes to the Web site of CODOH. Below you will find the link to the ADL/Hillel Manual For Action detailing how to prevent or punish college student newspapers for carrying ads from  --   CODOH


I trust USC would-if it were aware of it-be grateful for the protection its Daily Trojan affords it. The young need protection. So they'll march off to war when we tell them to.

On Principles of Community, of course.


Jett Rucker (American veteran, age 68)

             for CODOH





Fighting Holocaust Denial inCampus Newspaper Advertisements





The ADL/Hillel Manual for Action:A Crime against Thought


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