Sep 2, 2011

Gilad Atzmon: The End of Innocence Revisited


1. Gilad Atzmon: The End of Innocence Revisited 

Introduction: The following piece is a commentary I wrote and circulated amongst friends on the 15th  of  September  2001, just four days after9/11.   At the time I didn't regard myself as a writer. I was a jazz musician preparing for the publication of my debut  novel.

During that time I didn't know a single editor, journal or media outlet. My commentary was circulated on the net via emails.  Eventually, nine months later, it was published by Counterpunch.  This commentary was, in fact, my first attempt to comment on world affairs, ethics and politics.

I am slightly embarrassed about some of my early formulations. I want to believe that I am a better writer now.  I am certainly more succinct and yet, I somehow managed to predict, already then, in September 2001,  that the fate of the west was doomed and the collapse of  Anglo-American strategy was inevitable. This paper is ten years old but its message may even be more devastating today.


The End of Innocence by Gilad Atzmon

15th September 2001

In the light of the tragedy and the devastating images from New York City, in the shadow of embarrassingly stupid remarks made by the major western 'free world' leaders and in the light of the call for a western jihad against a faceless enemy, I feel obliged to expose the lie that stands in the center of the current liberal democratic militant enthusiasm.

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