Sep 27, 2011

A Lingering What? A Review of The Wandering Who?



Atzmon's basic thesis will be familiar to those who follow his writings.  Although he has long railed against Zionism, he considers it to be merely one manifestation of "Jewishness" – what Atzmon calls an ideology of chosenness – that is the root of the problem.  For him, therefore, Jewish anti-Zionism is merely another face of the same problem.

Atzmon, who was born Israeli to Jewish parents, therefore considers himself anti-Jewish, which obviously invites charges of anti-Semitic racism.  He rebuts such charges, however, by distinguishing between "anti-Jewish" (which he is) and "anti-Jew" (which he is not).  A philosopher and logician by training and education, he embraces anti-racism, but objects to the Jewish way of thinking that distinguishes people who call themselves Jews from the societies in which they live.  To him, this is a pernicious ideology that is a cause of misery wherever it is found, even in "anti-Zionist" circles.  (I should also point out that Atzmon does not object to Judaism as a religion per se.)


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Some of His Best Friends Are Jewish: The Saga of a Holocaust Revisionist By Nathaniel Popper. Link: Israeli lawyer has filed a class-action lawsuit against former President Jimmy Carter, seeking $5 million in damages because his book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" allegedly defamed Israel. Link:

"...when you have laws against questioning the Holocaust narrative, you are screaming at the other person to stop thinking!!!" ---Mike Santomauro. *Anthony Lawson's Holocaust Video "were the Germans so stupid"... Link:

An anti-Semite condemns people for being Jews, I am not an anti-Semite.--Mike Santomauro. Link:

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