Sep 8, 2011

The Myth of the Innocent Civilian


Topic: 9/11 Remembered

The Myth of the Innocent Civilian

How I Remember 9/11
by Michael Santomauro


I was just numb.

Later, newsman Dan Rather is interviewing former Clinton national security advisor Sandy Berger. After the interview, when Dan Rather thought he was off the air (he actually was, with no picture on the screen, but the microphones were still on) he says "Sandy that was great" and Sandy Berger says back "thanks Dan," which I thought was odd, considering Dan Rather's upbeat voice in saying "Sandy that was great" was so different from his somber voice when he was asking questions. Within a few seconds you hear a sad Dan Rather turn into a happy man. 'What was that all about?', I thought to myself. 

After that, I decided to go outside. It's now early afternoon. I thought it would be a good idea to stack up for food and water. As I'm in the elevator, a man who lives in the building steps in - it's just him and me in total silence. Then he burst into anger "this is worse than what I saw in Korea. We should kill the bastards." 

I walk the streets and there is a surreal quietness except for the loudest noise being the footsteps of thousands of New Yorkers coming back from an early day at work. Then I walk farther away from my apartment to a nearby school. I run into students laughing and giggling, knowing what just happened. I even saw one school teacher joining in on the laugher. The teacher and all the students acting that way were all African-American. I was confused! I was dismayed! I was angry to see such non-seriousness. It was happening next to a fire station, and I would glance at the firefighters faces to see their reaction to the teenagers behavior. They seem to take it in stride. 




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