Sep 29, 2011

New Robert Faurisson video documentary


[Dear friends, it's not in your language but surely it deserves a wide announcement in any language: the event of the season in France]

"Un Homme" 
(A Man) 

In French, language of a land where historical revisionism is effectively illegal and where the maker of this 90 minute video, the forthright and courageous historian Paul-Eric Blanrue, risks criminal proceedings for his efforts.

Finally the man who never has the right to speak his mind – outside the courtrooms where he is prosecuted under a law from 1990 (and not 1590) that forbids calling into question (sic) the "Gospel of Nuremberg" – talks freely. Responding to Blanrue's questions he talks about himself but above all of the fruits of his historical research that show, in irrefutable manner, that "the genocide of the Jews" or "the Holocaust" or "the Shoah" is but a myth and a fraud. 

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