Sep 16, 2011

Re: The Feds Say The Financial Crisis Is Over - But They're Lying Through Their Teeth!


How can the financial crisis be over when China, alone holds Trillions of our debts....Americans must stop purchasing imported products and insist that the government bring back the manufacturers and industries it sent away by stopping its unfair regulations and taxes...We did before and can again, produce all what we need at home, if businesses and industries return... yet prices on the  cheaper imports remain high while these producers are making huge profits which do no help our nation as our standard of living goes downhill and the standards in the poorer nations   go up...all to make the merger of the nations  under one world government successful...
For the coming elections in 2012, each Congressional District must find truly patriotic Americans who will not pledge their allegiance to any foreign nation before our own country, and then work in a concerted effort to elect such a person--- it will take more work then money  for such a campaign---keeping out the foreign intruders controlling our ballot boxes.
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Subject: The Feds Say The Financial Crisis Is Over - But They're Lying Through Their Teeth!
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The Feds Say The Financial Crisis Is Over —
But They're Lying Through Their Teeth!

Regardless of the rhetoric coming out of Washington lately,
America is in serious trouble.

U.S. banks continue to fail in record numbers... Washington's
reckless spending has racked up $13 trillion in debts... and the
dollar is poised to take a tumble — all setting the stage for round
two of the worst global financial crisis ever.

You're not going to hear a peep about this on the evening
news. To find out what's really going on in the economy — and
to discover how you can protect your wealth, savings and future
from disaster — just Click Here to watch this eye-opening


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